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Favorite Fall Picture of 2010

Taken from our boat as we left the wilderness area of Canada Lake

Probably My Favorite Fall Picture of Canada Lake and the Camel Humps ever

"Caroga Times"
Memories of Sherman's -  Willie's - Pine Lake - Caroga
Don't Miss It!

Frank Sherman
 The Walt Disney of the Adirondacks

Pictures and Interesting Insights into the Man Who Built Sherman's

Arcade Style Caroga Museum Completed
In Memory of Frank Sherman

 Barbara McMartin (2004)
Caroga Times' Tribute to This Indefatigable Author

Holton Seeley (2006)
"Top of the mornin' to ya"

 "Great Camps of Canada Lake" (2004)
Some interesting peeks into camps/homes you have always wanted to see
(Just getting started on this 9/1/04 to 9/25, so there won't be many camps listed until next fall)
Ruptured my Achilles tendon in early July, so unable to add to the "Great Camps....."

Some of My Favorite Pages
  Stories of Caroga
 A Must Read and See!

Updated!  Messages From Our Friends & Visitors 
Leave a message, or "hear" from people you know!


Our Family's Caroga Times
Almost Fifty Years of Family and Friends at Camp Nestorest
You'll know many of the people pictured

The Floyd Chappell Collection (2004)
Rare pictures of Wheelerville, Pine, Caroga, and Canada Lakes - Also Johnstown, Gloversville, and Sacandaga Park
The Best Collection of Post Cards of the Area I've Ever Seen

Summer - Fall 2003
Some interesting misc pics - more to come

Caroga Pictures - May 2002

Guy Parenti's restoration of the Merry-Go-Round. Some great pictures of the behind the scenes of the Merry-Go-Round

 Fall 2000
Some great shots of 10/2000 trip to Caroga
You'll know many of the people, places and things. 

 Walter J. Hogan Collection
Great old pictures of Sherman's from the owner of "Hogan's."
Rare Pictures of the Flood at Sherman's

 Lil Joe's "Caroga Lake Museum"
Joe Riccardi's Collection of Hog & Caroga Collectibles

Caroga Remembers Its Past
 Nostalgic Pictures and Dialog of Caroga's Early Days 
From "Caroga - An Adirondack Town Remembers Its Past" by Barbara McMartin

 Caroga Pictures from Our Friends & Visitors
Many Great Miscellaneous Shots and Dialog
From the 1920's to Present

Caroga & Fulton County Area Scenery
Fabulous Shots and Dialog of the Area

 Some Familiar Caroga "Places"
Just s potpourri of pics of places and things

The Red Hat "Ladies of the Lakes"  (2004)


 A Brief History of Peck’s Lake
By: John W. Peck
Updated: July 2003


Heart Song Moments..

A Moving Musical Pictorial of Family, Friends and the Caroga, Johnstown Area
Be Sure To Turn Up Your Sound!

 Heart Song Moments can be viewed with Windows Media Player which everyone, who runs Windows Operating System, has available to them. Just "turn up your sound" and click on the above link - That's it!

Note: You will need Microsoft Media Player enabled. If it isn't you'll be asked to get the "codec" when you click on the above link. Also, if the resolution is bad, just "right click" on the screen (after "video" has started) and reduce the video to 50%. Enjoy!



 "Memories of Johnstown"
Some neat pictures and stories
Send me some pictures!!

My Favorite Johnstown Pages

 Images of America - Johnstown
by Lewis G. Decker
Old Shots of Johnstown (1800's - Early 1900)

Johnstown's School Museum
A preview of what you can see at the new museum


Ermie - Marchetti Family Pictures and 1993 Reunion

Kelly and Steve's Wedding 1/13/90)

 Michelle and Matt's Wedding (11/02/2001)

 Paul and Andrea's Wedding 5/24/03

 A "Woodchuck Wedding"
at Nestorest for Paul and Andrea

Some Great Links

Adirondack Links
Adirondacks Today

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Caroga Lake Historical Museum
Caroga Lake Marina
"New" Caroga Museum
Freedom's Fight
Fulton County Roots
Heart Song Moments
Institute of Creation Research
Kathryn's Korner

"New" Nick Stoner Trailers Snowmobile Club
Peck's Lake
"New" Pine Lake Park




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