Jackson gave us more laughs than anything we've seen on this visit to Caroga. Here he is crossing the road from his previous perch to "ride herd" on the two horses.

He's a riot to watch. When the huge white horses started trotting around the pasture - there was Jackson proudly trotting behind them. Most times he would lead them around the pasture. He even seemed to snort like a horse!

One time both horses were laying down. Jackson didn't like that one bit. He proceeded to jump on them like he was bouncing from one huge white rock to another. When that didn't get their attention he started head butting them. 

Wouldn't you know it,  he got his one horn (he already lost the first) caught in the bridle of the big one while head butting him. The 2500 pound horse reared up with Jackson dangling and kicking until the horn snapped right off his head!

The big guy is trying to console a ticked off Jackson  who is nursing a huge headache!


Jackson finally flipped out and head-butted a mobile home up on the Hohler Road, totally wrecking it!

Jackson died a few years ago. Think he tried head-butting a truck.

 Dick Putman told me he buried him up on the hill in the South East pasteur. Wouldn't you know it, those two gray draft horses hung around his grave for 3 days, no doubt remembering their ol' fearless leader who thought he was a horse. He probably was a horse to them, only a smaller more fierce one!




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