My wife, Kathy, and I, along with my cousin Larry were sitting on the porch of Nestorest waiting for Frank to wave us over.

The handsome guy <grin> on the left is me, with my cousin Larry, his dog Abby,  and Kathy. 

Suddenly I heard a monstrous roaring sound that I hadn't heard in almost 40 years. It was Frank firing up his "Bloz It"  snow blower. We rushed on over to his garage and Frank commenced to explain how he built it.


It has a Jeep transmission and develops over 100 horse power at the blower end! It's one of Frank's pride and joys. Looking it over closely one could see it took an amazing amount of engineering and hand fabrication.


He cut down a Model A axle and welded the wheels to it. 90% of it is hand-made. Even the chute and the blades for the blower. You can get at the engine and transmission by sliding up the plexi-glass windows on the sides. He told us "it took me two years to build it."

Here's the interior of "Bloz It's" cab.

Frank's a mechanical genius. The workmanship and engineering one can readily see in the different things he's made is superb!




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