Frank Sherman (9/27/2000)

Here he is with his life's work literally behind him.

Frank had just celebrated his ninety-first birthday September 4th, 2000. His retirement home is but a few feet behind the camera.


I stopped over to see him and explained that a number of people had emailed me asking about him, or asking to see a picture of him on the "Caroga Times" web site. He, as is often the case, was not in much of a mood to talk, but did allow me to take a few pictures of him.

In a minute or two he just walked back into the house. There were so many questions I wanted to ask him, but the timing wasn't right. I thought I would never get an opportunity to get him to talk of the beginnings of Sherman's.

We were leaving for California the next week and I had little hope of this quiet, private man even answering the few questions I had for him, but I was in for a remarkable surprise just four days later.




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