Frank Mowing (10/2000)

It was four days later, Sunday, October 1, that I spotted him out mowing his lawn. As I was taking these pictures.......



He stopped the engine of his mower and said "after I'm done mowing, come on over. I've got some things I'd like to show you."

What transpired next was the most fascinating two hours I've ever spent with him as he told of the beginning of Sherman's.  Stories, heartaches, bitterness, joys and just plain fun.

Little did I know it really wasn't the "things" he would show, but the deep, emotional, stories of his life and loves.  Sherman's and Rose. 

I won't go into everything he said, but you'll get some insight into a man some like; some don't like; and some don't care. For Frank, he fits into the "I don't care what people think of me" as he told me the other day.


Summer of 1999

Larry D'Alessandris and Frank

My cousin, Larry D'Alessandris, owner of Nestorest, thinks he is a tremendous neighbor as Frank noticed a tree that was blocking Larry's view of the lake and offered to cut it down for him. Larry thanked him for the offer and by the time he got over to Frank's house to help out, he had the tree down. What a great neighbor that Frank Sherman!

All I can say is this quite, private, sometimes bitter man, opened up in ways I've never seen from him. I've known him for almost 50 years, since I was a young kid. I've had many brief conversations with him over the years, especially when he became our neighbor. 

The conversation in the garage, which I'll get into in the next few pages, was pretty much one sided as we watched him laugh, almost cry, and sensed his inability ("I can't get rid of the thoughts") to forget the times he thought, rightly, or wrongly, he was wronged by people.

After showing us all the implements he made he reached back in the depths of time and told much of his story about the park and the love of his life, Rose.




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