Knox Jr. High School

Almost every kid in Johnstown went through this school. It had one of the best fields (baseball, football, track, tennis, swimming) in upstate New York.

In my estimation one of it's finer Principal's was Albert Jewell - Here's why:

We had a certain bully at school. In fact he'd been "bullying" many kids years before we attended school at Knox.

One Friday night, at a school dance, he deliberately kept bumping into me and the gal (Cathy Leotta) I was dancing with. Anyway, keeping my cool, I politely asked him to step outside in front of the school. Lost it the second I got him outside and, before he knew it, I was pounding him pretty good with both fists. In a few minutes almost everyone at the dance was outside watching the fight. I busted him up pretty bad as my shirt was covered with his blood. Of course when I got home and momma mia saw my bloody shirt, SHE busted me up! :)

Anyway, the next Monday as I was walking up a flight of stairs at Knox I noticed a pair of cowboy boots on the first landing. In those boots, to my horror,  was Mr. Jewell standing there with a VERY stern look on his face.

 He said, with almost a growl,  "Ermie come over here I want to talk with you." I started shaking like a leaf, as I figured he heard about the fight and was ready to kick my butt out of school or, worse yet, tell momma mia that SHE should kick it. 

Grabbing me by the shoulders he spun me around facing him - at the same time pushing me into a little alcove out of sight of the hallway and the other students.

 He then put out his hand,  shaking mine and said, with a huge smile,  "good job Friday night, he needed it." I almost fell over from shock. He then, with a very stern look, said "now get to your class and stay out of trouble."

How could you not like and respect a guy like that. He was aware of the fight. Got my attention. Realized that, for a Jr. High kid,  it was a "necessary" fight. Let me know he was in control and that he knows what is going on in his school. Then left me with the distinct impression that I might not be so lucky next time. Great guy that Albert Jewell, and fair. 




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