Johnstown's Band Concerts
Joe Walsh - Concert Master

Recognize Anyone?
Well, if someone would send me a better picture, you might be able to! Hint, hint.


Jackie Burns & Maestro Joseph Walsh (1993)

One of the highlights of our last family reunion was going to these Band Concerts. The last time we were there Jackie Burns did a "soft shoe" for everyone. 

As the dance ended Jack opened his sports-jacket wide. Inside the jacket it said "Vote For Papa." Thought it was great! Pure Americana. That's Italian for American. :)

There was almost something historical about sitting listening to the concert with the St. John's Church, the old Colonial Court House, and the flag waving in the town square.

Our Gang

Kathy, Paul, Michelle, Kelly and Steve, and me.

 A warm summer night could not be spent better anywhere. Well, outside of an Adirondack camp fire.




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