The "Mayor (Joe Marchetti) and "First Lady" of Clinton St.

 Notice Ralph's Grocery Store sign.

I remember him saying to guys in the bar how he sweeps'a up'a money with'a the broom. I thought it was just another Joe Marchetti'ism. 

Well, one day when I was in the grocery store I noticed a new broom leaning on the checkout counter and asked if he wanted me to put it with the others. "No!  you'a leave'a the broom right'a there."

I found out why when the next person came in and was paying for some groceries.  He would ring up the broom with the other purchases customers made and if he got caught he would say "I thought'a the broom'a was'a for you."  He sold that ONE broom dozens of times!

Joe Marchetti in front of Bar




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