Here's Some of My Favorite Pictures and Stories...
of Johnstown

Would love to have yours here, but ya gotta send them to me first!


Grandpa Tell Me 'Bout the Good Ol' Days

Bonfire On William Street

The "Little Arietta" Meeting

Johnstown's "Women Only" Parking Lot

Politicking at the Band Concert

At'sa Not Your'a Broom'a?

Taxi's or Taxes?

I'm Just Wild About Harry

Coal Fight at the Knitting Mill


"Pete the Greeks"

Saturdays At Russo's Barber Shop

Touring Johnstown with the Former Mayor

Johnstown's Blue/gray Sidewalks

"Choke and Puke"

Choo Choo in the Cellar

Fisticuffs and Fairness

Psycho Dogs

The "Great Escape" and the "Candle Snuffer"

The Lost Fifties

"The Tracks"






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