Harry Brand (Johnstown - retired firefighter), Dead Deer (in case you wondered what is hanging by its neck) :) me, and Joe Simone. (around 68-70)

You'll laugh your head off about what happened to Harry on this hunting trip.

Notice his rubber boots. They're the key. Right after I shot the deer Harry had to go into some bushes to squat and relieve himself. Well, if you remember anything about those rubber "Korean Boots," you'll know if they're not laced tightly when you bend over, or in Harry's case, squat, they pull away from the back of your leg.

Yep, you guessed it! A few minutes later Harry came through the bush cussin' a blue streak. With every other step he took you could hear SQUISH! ________ SQUISH!_________SQUISH_______

Harry Pooped In His Boot!!

 I'm about to fall on the floor laughing as I type this!! 




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