Memories of Johnstown

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Main & Market

This old fire alarm box could tell a plenty  of stories.  

This box has been there for over 60 years!  Now it needs a sign that says "FIRE"! Guess some governmental ("mental"?) agency figured someone might think it's a parking meter, pay phone, or satellite dish.  Duh!

God help us when government has to dumb down a fire alarm box that's been around as long as this one. In the same place to! Now why'd ya get me started on this? :)

It sits on the corner of Market and Main, next to Henry Causse's old policeman's booth (remember him?). He sure kept his eye on us kids.  Sometimes it was the back of his hand. We, usually, deserved it. We never messed around when ol' Causse was around.

I'm just starting to put this site together.  Many, many more pictures and stories to be added, but it will take time. There's no special order to the pages, so ya never know what you'll be seeing next. Makes it more fun for you and easier for me! 

You'll see and read about the little things like the above. For, after all, isn't a small town life made up of the little things. The "little things" are what made this place we call home so special.

So, join us as we attempt to go down the "Memory Lane" of Johnstown. 

While I'm thinking of it you might contribute some pictures and memories (stories) of your own. We would prefer pictures from the 50's, and up, as Lewis Decker's section covered much of the previous history. Of course we will consider any pictures you have.

Can't promise they will all get in. The best will make it. "Best" = of interest to most people, or me <grin> - not necessarily clear, sharp photos. 

 Scan and email pictures to: or
snail Mail: Tony Ermie, PO Box 385, Caroga Lake, NY 12032

All pictures will be returned in five days.
 No, not the ones you scanned, the ones you send snail mail. :)





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