The "Mayor" In His Office
(Joe Marchetti)

I remember one time two guys from Albany came in and told the "Mayor" he had to pay for his taxes (beer tax). He said "I know'a use'a  the taxi. I walk'a."  

They said you got'a pay, Joe, just like everyone else. His reply, "I walk'a! YOU pay'a for the tax'a." I know'a ride'a -  I know'a pay'a!  Almost bit my tongue in half to keep from laughing when the two tax guys looked at each other in total exasperation.

 Finally, they THOUGHT they got through to him as he started to act like he understood they were talking about taxes, not taxi's. He rummaged around behind the bar for a few minutes and came up with a  brown bag with about $45 worth of dimes in it and said, "this'a for'a my tax'a."

 Would you believe they took the money and left! He probably owed ten times that amount! They were lucky he didn't sell them the "broom."!




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