June 2001

Left to Right: Barb Palumbo, my wife Kathy Ermie, and Mayor Bill Pollack

While having lunch in the Vintage Cafe on Main St. Mayor Bill Pollack came in. He said he was working as a tour guide that day and invited us into his convertible for a tour of town. After emptying the back seat of shovels, paper spears, and garbage our tour began. His Honor often does duty as a garbage man to!

We had a great tour and although I was born and raised here I learned a few things. I was carrying a paper soda cup and thought I'd check to see if His Honor's really serious about keeping the city clean.

Well, let me tell ya, when I pretended to throw it out I thought he was going to have a stroke! He hit the brakes so hard the two in the back seat shot three feet up in the air! Eaaarrrrrp, as the wheels spun in reverse, but he couldn't find the cup (it was between me and the car door). He did find a small bubble gum wrapper which made it worth burning 3000 miles of rubber off his tires. :) 

Seriously, were all impressed with his foresight, dedication, and obvious love for the history and culture of this place we call home, Johnstown


Bill, obviously, did a great job cleaning up Johnstown...


Here's proof! All the papers he picked up appear to be in his office! :)




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