Taken Near Sammonsville
Just Off the FJ&G R.R. Tracks. 

The vistas from a couple of hills,  just South of where the tracks cross the Old Trail Road, were breathtaking. These old pictures don't do them justice, but ya get the idea. 


Me with my dogs, two rabbits and pheasants

View from the other hill

After "hunting the tracks" from Fonda we would come to where the FJ&G crossed the Old Trail Road to Sammonsville. 

The Fonda, Johnstown & Gloversville Railroad by Randy L. Decker

Old Sammonsville FJ&G Station
Looking West on the Old Trail Road Towards Sammonsville

Over the years the FJ&G has helped "sew" the culture and lifestyle of Johnstown, so I thought this would be a fitting final page. After all  who hasn't, at one time or another, walked or played on this roadway....Not to mention generations who have hopped the FJ&G to "hunt the tracks."

 (Photo: Mark Wilber Collection Photographer: Mike Yerina)
The Last Run of the FJ&G
November 1984

Here is 103 at The Sammonsville Crossing (Old Trail Road). The white sheet on the side of 103 is a banner announcing the last run of the FJ&G made by engineer Mike Yerina.. No more hopping on for the last few miles into town - then jumping off into a snow bank where the track passes the end W. Clinton.

Anyway, we would hunt on down to the village and stop at the old Wemple & Edick's Store.  Remember it? Brought ya back another 100 years. I can still hear the creaky sounds of the old oak floor.

They made the greatest home-made liverwurst, cookies, and ice-cream. What a combination! We ate all three while sitting on the front porch of the old store......Listening to the Cayudutta, as it fought over the rocks on its way to the mighty Mohawk. Back then you couldn't tell which smelled "wurst"....The liverwurst, or the Cayudutta! 

After downing our liverwurst, ice-cream and cookies, we headed back over the hill to the tracks for the rest of the hunt home. What a life.


 That's Joe Simone and I just North of where the tracks cut the Old Trail Road.

 Some of the best rabbit, squirrel, pheasant, and partridge hunting around was along this track. 

We would go out in the morning for squirrels and rabbits, then, as the day wore on, we would hunt the fields for nesting pheasants. The beautiful patches of woods, with maples, birches, chestnuts, some hemlocks, beech and oaks, skirted by bright red Sumacs, were everywhere. 

Pausing by a little creek, that joyfully somersaulted through a woodlot down to the Cayudutta, we would pause to rest and have our thermos of coffee. 

The mosaic of leaves and light in these wood lots were beyond the capture of an artists' brush. We would just sit silently gulping our coffee -  Taking bigger gulps of the awe we felt for the awesome splendore surrounding us. 

The fall foliage was so incredibly beautiful you were never disappointed if you didn't get any game. Though we always did, the hike was still better than the hunt.

Many old paisan's walked these tracks, so this tune is for them.  I like it to. 

Come back soon as many more pictures will be added. Of course you'll have to send them to me first! <grin> 

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