Joe Riccardi's
Caroga Lake "Museum"

You ain't seen nothing until you've checked out "Lil Joe's" Museum! Wow! I've never seen so many Caroga, Harley, Indian, etc. collectibles. At first glance it all looks like a pile of junk, but when you really start looking among his souvenirs you'll be impressed!

The following pictures only touch on a few of the many, many items and treats in store for you when you visit.

Joe said he'll give personal tours for up to 4 people at a time for only $60 an hour. :-) 

Here's Joe, the "Curator", in front of his "Museum."

The "High Voltage Electronic Burglar System" really works as I found out when I saw a dog attempting to lift his leg against the building. PUFF! The dog and his wee wee were wiped out in a cloud of mist!

Joe and I go back over four decades! Yikes! I would be at his fathers camp playing my accordion while Joe's father would be on the drums telling some incredible jokes as he drummed along. After a few minutes I couldn't play anymore as I was laughing my butt off!

He's so very proud of his daughter's (Colleen Graves) new music CD "Taken By Storm." Rightfully so, she  has a fantastic voice. You can even hear Joe's Harley (he had it on a dynamiter) as he revved up the engine in the  "Motorcycle Riders." 




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