Barbara McMartin (August 04)

 Caroga Times' Tribute to This Indefatigable Author

by Tony Ermie

Note: Be sure to turn up your sound !

I first spoke with Barbara approximately five years ago when I called to request her permission to use pictures in her book ("Caroga - An Adirondack Town - Recalls Its Past" (1998) in the Caroga Times web site. She pointed out that she had given the rights to the book to the town of Caroga wherein  I received permission from Fritz Ann Putnam, then Town of Caroga Supervisor.

I mention this to point out only one instance of Barbara's generosity to others. Throughout her career she has given and given. Through her books, writings, and her passion for the Adirondacks, not to mention her personal life. For example, while speaking with she and Alec for this site, her painter came to the door for payment. She wrote him a check and said, "I'm giving you another $100 as I'm very happy with what you've done." This is a gentlewoman that gives fully in her work, expects no less from others and rewards accordingly.

I loved her "Caroga" book, but only perused her other books over the years.  Of course when I told her this, in a recent interview for this web site, she said "you ought to read the others." Another wonderful trait of hers, directness. She's correct, of course, so soon I'll be devouring some of her other books. She is totally unpretentious and knows who she is. A PhD in Math doesn't impress her and she doesn't try to impress others by flaunting it. She impresses totally by her life, her actions and results in her life's work, the Adirondacks.

Around the middle of August, this year (2004), while admiring her......


Perennial Rock Garden across the road from her home.....

She stepped outside and I asked about interviewing her for the Caroga Times web site. Despite the fact that Barbara's been going through some serious challenges with brain cancer she agreed to an interview in the next 10 days, or so, when she had a better, if not good, day. Another example of her selfless giving.



Her home on Canada Lake. It was formerly the Lake View Inn. It closed in the 30's and was opened as a camp in the 40's.

The original Lodge/Inn (camp) was under the rectangular (higher roof). Barbara purchased it in 1994. The right side kitchen area and front great room were added around 1995. While very impressive from the outside, the interior was almost overwhelming in its beauty and function which you'll see on the next few pages. A truly Adirondack home.




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