Johnstown's School District Museum

Thanks to former teacher, Mayor, and now board of education member Bill Pollack,  and the foresight of the of the Board of Education we have one of the few school district museums in New York. It is located in the "White House" on Knox field.

I ran into Bill a few weeks ago while visiting Johnstown. He kept after me to visit the new museum. I did, never expecting to see the depth and breadth of what the museum has to offer. I, quite frankly, expected a few pictures and artifacts, not room upon room (one for each decade) of everything from desks, bells, uniforms, pictures, etc. 

The following pages, while poor photographically (my flash didn't work), will give you a solid overview what you can expect to see when you visit. One could spend hours in just one room! I even saw a picture of my 87 year old uncle (Orlando "Dondy" Ermie) in a 6th grade class at Warren Street School.

I encourage everyone to stop by, especially if you see Bill's car parked out front, and be treated to some heartwarming history of our school days.




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