The Adirondack's "Persian Rug" 

Even after all the years I spent walking the Adirondacks I was continually amazed at the beauty I found.  

Whether it was a flock of geese "singing" their way to their "summer camp" -  A gurgling stream anxiously awaiting (don't know why) its union with the Mohawk River, or a doe and fawn sneaking down to the waters edge of Meade Creek that flows out to Caroga..... 

Photos Courtesy of (c) Dave Dunckel Ilion, NY 13357 All Rights Reserved

There was something special about what you were walking on, like the Adirondack "Persian rug." I learned while "working a stream," or "hunting a ridge" to really look and see what's on each side of me, not just right and left, but up and down. And not just the general view, but the specific. 

The Adirondacks are loaded with spectacular specifics,  if you look for them. Ya just gotta, like mama says, "watch where ya goin'" and you'll find tremendous treasures like the Adirondack Persian Rug, but only in season.

Caroga Creek Scene

Could I go on about this creek. You're lucky, I won't. At least not right now. :)




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