Caroga's Country Roads


Can't remember for sure, but this shot is probably on the Hohler Rd. If you remember, it runs between the Gloversville-Lake Road and the Bleecker Road. Well,  it really doesn't run, it sort'a lays there waiting for someone to run over it. 

One of the fantastic features of the Adirondacks, especially Caroga, are its back roads. I've driven all day on them, and sometimes come out only 10 or 12 miles from where I started.  Other days I was totally surprised to see where I ended up. That was also part of the mystery and excitement of traveling the Adirondack country roads.

You could spend a lifetime traveling them and never hit the same one twice. What a way to get out of the rut. Of course if you travel these roads you'll find plenty of ruts,  but not like the ones most people have in their lives now. 

If you don't think you're in a rut, try going to work a different way tomorrow. You'll get lost! :)

 Before I went to California the farthest West I traveled was to St. Johnsville, and that was on my bicycle! 

As a kid I thought everything that there was to see was here in the "North Country." Frankly, after spending almost 25 years traveling all over the country, much of it on a motorcycle, my "thought," as a kid, was right.  

I've been to some incredible places around the U.S., but give me an Adirondack country road any day, ruts and all. 




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