Pic From "Caroga - An Adirondack Town" (1998)  Barbara McMartin.  (Used by permission)

Lake Shore Road Looking Towards Sherman's 

You can see Vrooman's just to the left of the buggy. 

This series will take you back to the early days of Sherman's and the Caroga area.

Note: Many of these old black and white pictures of Caroga are from the book "Caroga - An Adirondack Town - Recalls Its Past" (1998) by Barbara McMartin.  (Used by permission)

This fascinating  history of the Caroga area can be purchased from the Town of Caroga, Caroga Lake, N.Y. 12032

This book (second revision) was written for the people of the Town of Caroga and its summer residents, past and future.  It is intended to celebrate the good times, to relive the past through the eyes of those of other generations who saw the town, and to remember those families who have always been a part of the town.

The author attempted in this  history to recreate life in the Town of Caroga at various periods since the first settlers arrived, one hundred and eighty years ago.

This second revision was dedicated to Emma Krause who inspired the first edition, cajoled the Town Board into financing it, and shepherded its  production.




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