Pic From "Caroga - An Adirondack Town" (1998)  Barbara McMartin.  (Used by permission)

Remember This Skating Rink on Vrooman's Parking Lot?

What a great time was had by all in this huge skating area. We'd head for camp after a few hours. Warm up the stove to take the minus twenty degree "chill" out and have some hot chocolate. 

There was nothing like skating here with the lake and Merry-Go-Round as a backdrop for the 'skaters waltz.'

Pic From "Caroga - An Adirondack Town" (1998)  Barbara McMartin.  (Used by permission)

A few other reasons (above) we enjoyed skating here. Notice Willie's sign behind the guy with the hat.

Two City Boys Fishing On the Pond

I'll never forget going up to Yates store (across from Vrooman's) early one Sunday morning in January.  Two guys from the "city" (New York) were just leaving the store. You could always tell them from the locals (woodchucks, as Willie called them).  The "down staters" with their shinny rubber boots, florescent orange vests, hats,  and elephant rifles equipped with nine power scopes, usually looked like clowns. 

During hunting season we called them "sound shooters" because if a bush moved, or they thought they heard something, bang! They'd shoot without knowing what it was! If we saw plates on a car from N.J., or anywhere near N.Y.C., parked along the back roads we wouldn't hunt in that area.

We recently had a new neighbor from "down state" call the local township administrative office to request the removal of the Deer Crossing sign on our road. The reason: too many deer were being hit by cars and he didn't want them to cross there anymore. Arrggggg!

 Anyway, these two guys asked me "how's the ice-fishing in the pond." Told them its usually pretty good around the edges using minnows. I went on into the store and chatted with a few guys I knew.  Got a cup of coffee, then into my car and headed towards camp. 

As I started down the road I saw their car parked across from the old Willie's Drive-Inn by the skating rink.  Looking over towards it, I couldn't believe my eyes! 

There they were augering a hole in the ice of the skating rink!

I couldn't resist it, so I pulled over, got out and walked down to where they were cutting a hole in the edge of the "pond."  Had all I could do to keep a straight face as I saw the ice-auger hit dirt under the ice! 

Told them they needed to go out further on the "pond." "You're too close to the edge." Then turned and walked back to my car, spilling my coffee all over myself  with my silent spasms of  laughter!  Had all I could do to stop from splitting a gut!!  

I still break out laughing thinking about the expressions on their faces when they finally figured out that they were fishing on a parking lot, not a pond!

Much more to come from the book ""Caroga - An Adirondack Town - Recalls Its Past" by Barbara McMartin (Used by Permission). So "stay tuned."




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