The Rohrs - Healey Camp

"Notre Dame"

Henry and Nellie Rohr's son attended the University of Notre Dame, thus the above name

It was 1920. A carpenter and master builder from the Bronx named Henry C. Rohrs had come down with emphysema. His doctor told him to get up into the Adirondacks for relief. Henry did and rented a cottage on Canada Lake for ten years.

In 1929-30 his rental cottage burned down. He bought the "Notre Dame" property on Kasson drive and built this camp, which is now owned by his grandchildren Tom Healey, an attorney in the Bronx, his sisters Mary Livezey and Jeanne Rohrs.



Path across the road from the camp leading to their decks and landing on Canada Lake



Along the lake with the "path" to the right through the trees




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