So, Why the "Great Camps" of Canada Lake?

In a nutshell... Because it is such a pleasure to meet the gracious owners of these camps, get to know them, and take a peek inside. Not to mention recording some much needed history of these camps and their owners. No doubt most of you would like to do the same.

What really started it all was.....

Interviewing Barbara McMartin for a tribute to her by this web site, along with taking pictures of her home on Canada Lake. I realized how neat it would be to have a few pages of pictures of each of the older camps/homes on Canada Lake. "Older" for starters as there are a number of newer camps that can/will be included.

I mentioned my idea for "Great Camps...." with a few owners of the first camps I wanted to feature. All were in agreement that this undertaking would be of interest to many, for they would also like to see the other camps.

This confirmed my own thinking as many times I, no doubt like you, would drive by a camp and wonder what it looked like inside. Who owned it. For how long. Who was the original owner. Who was sitting there under the soft yellow glow of a reading lamp in the early evening as I drove by.  What view of the lake does the lakeside deck/porch present you. How old. What kind of boat is in the boathouse, etc. ,etc.

So, this is the "why" of the "Great Camps of Canada Lake." I've only a few weeks this year to start as it's already 9/2/04, but next summer I should have a great number of web pages showing these camps and their owners. My plan is to extend the "Great Camps...." to Caroga, Pine, and Peck's Lake.

There will be between six and nine pictures, with dialog, per camp on approximately 3 web pages.

Here's our first "Great Camps of Canada Lake":

Be sure to turn up your sound!

Barbara McMartin and Alec Reid

John and Eveline Brower's Camp

Rohrs - Healey Camp

Clark Camp


"Great Camps of Caroga Lakes":

Nestorest - Larry D'Alessandris



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