Yesterday, at Camp Nestorest.....

Where our  "Caroga Times"  began in the spring of 1952. Nestorest is located on Forrest Ave. right behind what was once the Harmony Lodge which faced the lake. Frank Sherman has his retirement home there now.

Of course Camp Nestorest didn't look as pretty back then but, to us, it was an adventure  by the lake with the Adirondacks for a back yard! 

Upstairs are the messages of guests who memorialized their stay by writing their thoughts on the walls. One could say they are the "history" of camp.

 Things to do. Places to go. Fish to be caught. Ice to skate on. Snow to play on. Forests and streams to explore. An amusement park with a Penny Arcade that, to us, was the first Disney Land! Especially the "penny" part. 

From "Nestorest" one could hear the music from the Merry-Go-Round. Smell the fresh popcorn that Frank Sherman sold for 10 cents a bag (fifteen  for peanuts). In later years the music from Willie's juke box could be heard across the entire lake!

On a quite nights,  sitting by the nightly "altar" of the Adirondack fire, the soft lapping of the lake could be heard as it kissed the beach goodnight. 

Later in the evening you could hear the music wafting over from the big bands that played in Sherman's dance hall. While you waited for sleep to come - the patter of the light rain hitting the roof reminded you that the fishing would be great in the morning. 

So, join us as we share our "Caroga Times"... For you to were, somewhere along the way, there.

Tony Ermie




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