My parents, Tony and Mary Ermie, on the porch of Nestorest (1970). Their  love story was centered around family and fun at Nestorest. 

The very first night at camp a bat got inside. Pandemonium broke out!  Ma  ran around screaming  as the rest of us tore up the place trying to catch the bat. Camps been crazy "batty" ever since with something going on almost continuously, including ma's hollering.  

There's plenty of stories to tell. Here's just one for starters:

One cold winter day we went into the camp after skating at Vrooman's to warm up and have some hot chocolate and goodies.  Pete and I had to go wee - wee, so we snuck  upstairs and wee-wee'd out the window onto the porch roof. 

When we were leaving ma said, "look at those beautiful, golden icicles hanging from the porch eaves - it must be the way the sun hits them."  We almost wee - we'd in our pants from trying not to laugh!

Is she getting ready for the "tooth fairy", or eating again?

We never knew there was a kitchen counter at camp until my cousin,  Larry,   bought it. We thought it was just a big shelf for all of ma's cooking utensils. 

She had NINE of EVERYTHING! Larry cut it back to one each, put them out of the way,  and low and behold a kitchen counter appeared! 

It was almost the reverse of "disappearing mountain." Remember as you traveled down the hill towards the outlet that the mountain seemed to disappear?




Freedoms Fight
What You Won't See in the "Main Stream" News
"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority
keen to set
brush fires in people's minds."
- Samuel Adams

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