Floyd Chappell Collection

September 2005

I first met Floyd when I worked at Willie's (1 Cook & A Waitress Coffee Shop) next to the Laker (Lake Aire). That was over 50 years ago! Recently I ran into him while he was working at Canada lake. We got to talking and he mentioned his collection of pictures. Thus, many hours later, this section of pictures. Floyd has lived in Caroga, along with his family, since he was born and is a walking encyclopedia of the people, places, and things of Caroga.



 All Pictures in this Section are the  Courtesy of Floyd Chappell

George and Rose Chappell Home on what is now known as Kasson Drive
(1st house on right entering from Rt 10)

(Colleen Riccardi Graves lives here now)

Floyd has also contributed his very interesting and rare post card collection of Johnstown, Gloversville, and Sacandaga Park, etc.
You will see these cards after the Pine - Caroga Lake sections of his collection. It's the BEST collection I've ever seen!

Thanks, Floyd for giving us a clearer picture  of what is was like back then.


Side View of Chappell Home on Kasson Drive



Picture  Courtesy of Floyd Chappell


Chappell Home





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