Our Tastee Freez  (1953)

Willie's was still on the beach. Howard Dutcher ran the gas station. Yates' store and post office was just to the left.


Pete and I at a  "Tastee Freez".  Here's our typical  breakfast at our Caroga Lake Tastee Freez: Take one cereal bowl,  add a little ice cream, then a little chocolate dip or hot fudge, then some Cheerios. Then a little more ice-cream.  More Cheerios, topped off with more chocolate dip or hot fudge! 


Here are our cousins, Larry and Henry D'Alessandris (Nesta Marchetti D'Alessandris' and Hank's kids). Hard to believe that forty-five years later Larry bought "Nestorest." (taken in the early 50's)




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