Pic Courtesy of Gay (Doodie) Schrecker

Fred (Fritz) Schrecker in front of his  "Camp Buxtahuda" on Garlock Road (around 1945)

"Daddy's Little Girl"

Hi Tony - I can't begin to tell you how much it means to me to see my dad added to Caroga Times. We owned Buxtahuda from about 1938 until 1950. My dad passed away in 1948 and my mom in 1949 - 6 months apart -both in their 50's - both with cancer. 

I am the youngest of their four girls - and "Daddy's Little Girl" couldn't have been more appropriate. Anyway, the camp had to be sold in 1950, as my sister Fay and I went to Albany to live with our mom's sister and family. My dad would have gotten a kick from this page - he really loved Caroga - always had a Chris Craft boat - and would get a bigger one each time a faster one appeared on the lake. My two oldest sisters used to ride a surf board behind the boat. 

So many great times and memories. I am fortunate to have films of these golden days that my dad had taken - he was always around with a 16mm camera, if you can remember them. Years ago I had them made into a VCR tape, so I can go back to the 40's whenever I think I can handle it. (gets tough watching them sometimes - where have the years gone?) 

Hope I haven't bored you with my family history - it's just that this page REALLY moves me - THANK YOU SO MUCH - it is perfect. And a great Thanksgiving to you and yours!!! ttya (talk to you again) 





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