Some of My Favorite Stories
of Caroga and the Area

Summer Love Heart Song Moments


September 11, 2001

Sounds of Silence

Floyd Chappell Gets Friends Firewood Split Free

The Night "Bubble Gum Barney" Barfed

Golden Icicles

'My country tis of thee'... or leave

Caroga Helps Out Hollywood

"Daddy's Little Girl"

"Redneck Foto Alblum"

Woodchoppers Ball

Some Old Sayings that Originated from Caroga Lake

"Where Does It Go.. Who Cares"

Caroga Christmas Tree

Refreshing Change

Flying Pizzas'

Soggy Popcorn

"I'll Never Leave Your Side"

Empty Tables

Twin Boy's and Girls

Caroga Bluegrass

"Dustin" in the Outhouse"

Monkey See - Monkey Do

Ice Fishing on the "Pond"

Tipsy Trixy

Sing Me Back Home

Blonde Caroga Chick with Big Knockers!

Rewards of "Working" a Stream

He Thinks He's A Horse - Part I

He Thinks He's A Horse - Part II

Caroga Phone Call

Front "Row Boat" Seat

The Night the Hollywood Burned

If You Gotta Go, Start Early

Adirondack Persian Rug

The Loon,  Coon, and Man-eatin' Bear

Fourth of July

Her Last Chili Dog

Sherman's Boat Ride Aquarium

Zigzagging Across Caroga

Rufus and Clarence

Work for Willie and Go To Jail?

Caroga Country Road

The Goodbye Fires



C'mon folks, email your favorite story of your "Caroga Times" to me. If you have a picture to go with it, so much the better! 





Freedoms Fight
What You Won't See in the "Main Stream" News
"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority
keen to set
brush fires in people's minds."
- Samuel Adams

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