New! Penny Arcade Style Caroga Museum Completed

..In Memory of Frank Sherman

Frank Sherman (9/2000)

After months of discussion, and much work,  a new Museum building in honor of Frank Sherman has been built on the grounds of the Caroga Lake Museum.

 Janet Sherman Shepard has generously offered to fund the new building in memory of her late father who, to many of us, was the Walt Disney of the Adirondacks. The building is approximately 30' x 40' and in the style of the old Penny Arcade Building with the ramp entrance and original sign on the roof. It houses artifacts and information from Sherman's, including many personal items of Frank Sherman and family.

If you have some Sherman's Amusement Park memorabilia, that you would like to donate, please bring it to Linda Gilbert at the Caroga Town Hall. As we receive more information about the new building and its progress I'll post it here.


p.s. Had a number of pictures of the new building, but lost them all due to a "glitch." Will get some up next Spring

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