A Worlds First in Johnstown!


With the high rate of attacks on women in secluded parking lots, especially during evening hours, the Johnstown, New York, City Council has established a "Women Only" parking lot on city property.

Even the parking lot attendants are exclusively female so that a comfortable and safe environment is created for patrons. Below is the first picture available of this world-first women-only parking lot in Johnstown.





Johnstown, New York's "Women Only" Parking Lot

The Johnstown Police Department is reporting fender benders, at all "mixed" parking lots, are down 90%!  Apparently some of the women cannot get into the new parking lot because of the line of tow trucks awaiting their turn at the entrance.

Johnstown's City Council recently voted to name it "Pollak Parking." -  In honor of former Mayor Bill Pollak who was arrested for trespassing for picking up a nearly empty jug of windshield washer fluid that was polluting a woman's yard.  Wonder why the woman was never cited for polluting.

The Police Chief said he hopes all windshield washer leaks will be confined to the parking lot and warned the new mayor to stay off the lawns of even obvious polluters. Also, the police chief reports that trespassing arrests against city fathers picking up polluting items on lawns are now down to zero. 

The new mayor certainly won't be subject to an arrest for trespassing on the "Women Only," city owned, parking lot.






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