Willie's and LakeAire (1987)

Bubble Gum Barney Barfed!


We had our own "Barney Fife" at Caroga. We called the local deputy, who loved to turn his bubble gum machine and siren on for any reason,  "Bubble Gum Barney."

 He'd stop us for almost anything. Sometimes just to ask where we were going. He just loved the cops and robbers game he always played. Especially his bubble gum machine (lights) and siren!

One night I had just left Willie's with a fresh pan of hot pizza on the dashboard of my car. You remember the huge dashboards cars had in the fifties, don't ya?

Ol' Barney, who always parked between Yates old store and Dutcher's gas station, saw me leave the parking lot in a hurry. Apparently he thought I was coming from LakeAire, so he decided to stop me. 

He came beside me and turned on his "bubble gum machine" and siren. Startled,  I hit the brakes hard as I pulled over bumping into one of the trees at the edge of the road by Sherman's picnic area (near the popcorn stand).

In a instant Barney jumped out and started for my car. All of a sudden he bent over and started puking his guts out - hitting the trunk of his patrol car with some pretty foul stuff.

My pizza had hit the windshield when I bumped the tree. Red sauce and yellow cheese were running down it!

Ol' Barney thought my head hit the windshield and busted!

Busting a gut from laughing,  I pulled out around him yelling "I see you've been eating too many of Willie's hot dogs." Almost rollin' on the floor with laughter as I think about ol' Barney barfing over a pizza he never ate!




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