"Sing Me Back Home" 

The only sign of life around the former Everett and Ella Betler Camp next to Nestorest.  The flower seems to say remember the life that was, so I will.

If you've ever been to Nestorest, or walked down Forrest Ave on a Sunday afternoon,  you've heard Everett playing his guitar while singing "Sing Me Back Home."  You can hear it playing now. It sounds exactly like he played it with his guitar and harmonica.

 Interesting what you find out after someone passes away. Right after Everett died a neighbor of his in Canajoharie told how Everett, from the age of four, walked his father to work and back everyday. 

Usually it's the other way around. The father would walk his four year old to school, or the park. For Everett it was not that way. You see, his father was totally blind. So  Everett had to guide  his father everywhere he went.  

Then he learned to  "Sing 'Him'  Back Home."

 His father would find his way home by  following the sound of Everett singing on the front porch of the old home place.  Guess that's why Everett was always so child like in his mature years. He never really had one. 

Now you know why Everett loved the tune
"Sing Me Back Home."





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