"Caroga's Goodbye"

While we all hated to see summer end,  there was one thing to which we looked forward. I'll tell you about it. 

The Adirondacks, especially  Caroga, was noted for its campfires. Almost every evening we had one.  If we didn't, we were at a neighbors sitting by theirs. It started with the days papers, clean, dry,  firewood, then as much of the days garbage as we thought would burn. We knew how to handle garbage back then. :) 

We did it all without $160,000 garbage trucks, sounding like a snorting T-Rex in a junkyard, crashing down the street trashing our sleep.  What we couldn't burn we'd "make do," sell, or feed to the bears at the Stratford dump. 

Remember it? We use to go up there and watch the bears feed at night. Well, that's what we told our sweeties we wanted to do. Of course they insisted we watched the bears. :(

Anyway, to get back on track. When the fire was good and hot we piled on the old wet logs. They would burn half the night as we sat around this "altar" of the Adirondacks telling stories to each other. Mostly lying. :)

The Adirondack fire was a gathering place for friends and neighbors. So, naturally, at summers end, we had the traditional last fire. The campers from all around the lake would go down to the beach. You could feel the chill of Autumn's hello to summer in the night air as each camper built, ya guessed it, a fire.

What an experience to sit on the beach and see a fire flicker across the lake. Then a few more. Then dozens and dozens sparking to life.. 

The glow of "Caroga's Goodbye,"  the goodbye fires,  wrapped the lake like a huge hug -  then danced over the water like terrestrial  "Northern Lights."

Some twinkling, some splashing, some sparking, but all waving goodbye to friends and neighbors until next year.





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