Trixy the Monkey

The popcorn stand is right under you. Trixy (Frank's monkey) and her cage was where the Frostee sits. Remember that huge cage?

It was The Home of the Original Beer Nuts! 
Read on, you'll see.

Trixy loved us when we were kids. Why? Bob Hoffman and I  soaked peanut shells in the half full beer bottles we found behind Tommy Dimitri's bar. Remember it? It was across from, and a little South of, the popcorn stand.  

We'd then toss the "beer nuts" to Trixy. She played with them for a few seconds as she was, no doubt, wondering why they were wet and had a weird smell. After tentively eating a few with almost a curious expression, she DOVE into the rest of them!

In an hour, or less, you'd split a gut laughing at the antics of a REALLY drunk monkey! It was hysterical!  You ain't seen nothing 'til you've seen the absolutely bizzare antics of a inebriated monkey!

 She would then start burping, while licking the air to capture, again, that booze!  What a beer breath she got. You couldn't stand to be near her. Most people thought it was just a "monkey breath." 

If Frank Sherman found out what we were doing he'd a killed us! Well, at  least me.  Bob was his nephew, so he would have just wrapped him with cotton candy and left him for the bears at the Stratford dump.

He would never allow booze in his park, much less having his pet monkey get crazy drunk right in front of his nose! 

It got so when she saw us coming she wouldn't pay any attention to people who were trying to feed her "regular" peanuts. Trixy wanted her "brew!"

 Now ya know where we got "Beer Nuts!"





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