Sherman's Beach and Willie's (early fifties)

You can see Tommy DiMitri's bar sticking out from behind Sherman's Bath House. To the right of that is Willie's. Then what used to be the old milk cooler building on the corner of Grove Ave. and the Lakeshore Road.

Speaking of DiMitri's Bar: I remember one time when Tommy was in front of his bar tending his popcorn machine (yes, Tommy had one to). There was a huge puddle of water right in front of it. Suddenly we heard this roaring sound! A car came flying down the road and hit that huge puddle of water like a bomb exploding. It was Ray Allen and Fay, laughing their heads off.

Tommy and his popcorn stand nearly drowned that day. One thing I know,  if the Greeks had a "mafia," Ray would be on the bottom of the lake with his feet in a bucket of popcorn and cement. Tommy was, to say the least, ticked off big time. I still laugh when I think of it. Soggy popcorn and soggy Tommy.


Trixy, the monkey,  was the first "greeter" at Sherman's. His "concierge" post was the big cage where the Frostee now stands.  Bill Morris, and his son Ron, became famous with his roast beef dinners in the pavilion. Don and Erma Hoffman ran the games in the mid-way. Don was Frank Sherman's nephew. Janet (Frank's daughter) stopped traffic at the popcorn stand with that blonde hair. It matched the popcorn! Fay, his other daughter, took care of the gift shop. Bob Kane ran the skooter, whip, and Merry-Go-Round. Ray Allen ran the ice-cream, candy apples, and cotton candy concessions.

Tom Devine and his son ran the Bingo and Ski-Ball games. Those were the days when a nickel could win you a nice glass vase, or other worthwhile prize. Remember the nickel on the floor by the ski-ball games? If you tried to pick it up you got a shock. 

We knew it was Spring when Sherman's opened their popcorn stand. I swear we could smell the popcorn from Johnstown! 




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- Samuel Adams

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