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October 22, 1999


I love your site !!! For the merry-go-round to be the first visual, nearly brought me to tears, what memories!! I don't have much time now, but I really  wanted to thank you. I can't wait until this evening when I can really stroll down memory lane.

Have a wonderful day, I certainly know that I will.  Thanks again and take care !

Jo Anne Walters


Hi Tony,

Thank you ever so much for sending me your FANTASTIC website CAROGA TIMES. 

When I was a young child, I use to beg my parents to take me to Caroga Lake and  Pine Lake. I most definitely remember many of your great shots of Caroga Lake. I stayed up half the night enjoying your site and reminiscing. 

Tony, the most amazing thing is that I think my parents knew your parents. Mike and Mimi (Biasini) Myzel were friends of my family, also. I think that she was a very good friend of my Aunt Honey (Carmelia Di Spirito). I recognized Mimi's picture immediately. My parents (who are now both deceased) were Kenneth and Lena Taddune.  I also believe that your parents knew my uncle and aunt (Pete and Rose Raneri) very well. It really is a small world, Tony. 

Thank you again for taking me back to the good times and letting me live my childhood once more.  God Bless, Tony, and take care.

Marietta (Taddune) Blaisdell

Hi, Linda again! I loved the Caroga site! My brother is going to freak, he lived there for quite awhile before moving to Frankfort. Thanks

Linda Mcdaniel Knowles

Hi Tony. . . .Thanks for the "Reach Out And Touch" contact. You put together one H--l of a Web Site. It is great to have access to so many pix. I did not have time to view all of them, but I also had a hard time getting myself to stop clicking for the next one!

Your Web Site is well done. From the little note at the bottom of your Home Page I deduced that you do Web Sites as a business. I have put up and continue to maintain 3 or 4 so far, free of charge, because mine are fairly simple, nothing too fancy, and at my age (pushing 80) I have little interest in going into business. If you like, you can check out the one I put together for the large local group of former employees of the company I worked for until I retired. Click on: to see the little magazine I put together so we can continue to stay in touch.

I ran into the J'town Web Site quite by accident but I was truly delighted to have found it. I have many fond memories of the beginning years of my life there. After enlisting in the Army in Feb. of 1942, I spent no more time in J'town except for a couple of months following my discharge in Dec. of 1945. I spent the next 22-23 years or so in the San Fernando Valley before moving to Portland, OR in 1969. In 1989 I moved To Vancouver, WA.

Your name does not ring a strong bell in my memory----I graduated from High School in 1938----are you in the same generation as I am? The photos depict you as a much younger person then me. And I fail to bring up any memories of "His Honor, the Mayor" and his connection with any business I am familiar with in J'town.

Nevertheless, I thank you for making contact; it was very generous and considerate of you to share some old memories with me.

C. J. (Gus) Pantazi


Awesome, can't say when I enjoyed an afternoon better than this - with goose pimples up and down my arm in recollections of the Caroga Lake and Adirondacks.

 The best of my life has been at Caroga Lake since I was 15 years of age - let's see - that makes it 66 years. In fact I bought a History of Caroga Lake Book many years ago, and now I can't remember where I may have put it. I hope I didn't leave it a Camp Irene on East Caroga Lake North Shore or Garlock Rd.

Some of the greatest times of my life were spent there. So what are you doing in California, and I in Palm Harbor, FL.

I want to thank you most sincerely for looking me up, and directing me to the wonderful pictures you depicted in your Web Page. Someday I hope to do the same, but at the moment I'm in limbo as to how to create such a magnificent page of Caroga and vicinities. I'll try to dig up some pictures that I have laying around and scan a few for you as I'm able. 

What memories, what GREAT times. We may have even crossed paths at one time or another. Wish I could remember names of places better, but out of sight - out of mine. I owned a camp on East Caroga Lake and was a Director of the East Caroga Lake Asso. for some 15 yrs., Back then I also started a Saturday afternoon regatta of sailboats every Saturday afternoon, and on the 4th of July - fireworks and flares around the Lake that is still in operation to this day. 

Dancing at Sherman's Pavilion at ..10cents a dance for (3) sets was the epitome of pleasure derived. Who would ever go with a date to Sherman's when he could dance with 50 girls on a week-end? My first wife died from cancer at an early age of 42, but the Big Bands at Caroga were something else. When I remarried my new wife Jackie and I won a few dance contests when Paul Volk was in charge before the fire. Now, when we pass by Sherman's it about tears my heart out to see everything boarded up, and no where to go anymore in that direction. 

Once again Tony - I appreciate your generosity and your offering of nostalgia.

Ted Kitler  2015 Groveland Rd Palm Harbor, FL 34683  PS- We still spend 3 months plus in the Adirondacks during the summer months - mostly on Great Sacandaga Lake

Dear Tony= 

Thanks for sharing your page with me = you graduated the year after and the year before my sister and brother -- It was fun to look back. 

Nancy Robinson Hauck

Hi Tony,

What a great web site.  Haven't had time to view all of it yet, but will shortly. Hope to see you at our class reunion in 2000.  It's hard to believe it's been 40 years.  Boy, do I feel old. Loved the pictures of the young Tony Ermie.  Brought back a lot of memories.

Looking forward to seeing you.

Sharon Manno


THANK YOU SO MUCH. I cannot tell you how happy you just made me. It wasn't  long ago I was telling stories about summer visits to Caroga and how great  Sherman's was. I loved that place so much. My daughter just could not conceive of what it was like seeing it today. I will treasure this and share it with many .

God Bless and please keep me on your mailing list as you make updates. I very much appreciate it.

Take care and stay well.
With Love, 

A lifelong fan of Sherman's
Ruth Corey of Delaware

Date: 11/4/99 8:54 PM
From: anitawells
Subject: Caroga Lake

Thanks for the e-mail and the great web site. You certainly have some beautiful  photos. You must be quite a photographer. I spent quite a long  while perusing the scenery. 

We bought Joe Yack's Camp up the road from the Nest-O-Rest. I will try and send you a picture of it. I went to a yard sale at your camp the summer before last. Was it your mom who showed me the rest of the camp? I was surprised to see how much room there was upstairs. 

I know Pat that lives in the brown camp on the corner, next to yours. Also met the D'Alessandris who owns the camp now. A nice fellow. 

I was hoping to see a picture of Mr Yack as we have never met, although for the last 5 yrs I have sent him a short note each month with the mortgage payment. Pretty much a one way correspondence. He is a local artist and paints what you have taken pictures of. I bet you miss it. I agree that there aren't many places prettier than the Adirondacks

We lived in Phoenix Arizona for about one year and the only place I saw that I thought was as pretty was Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon. But then it looked a lot like the Adirondacks

Anyway thanks for letting me share your web site. You have done a terrific job with it. It works flawlessly. Didn't crash once. A real pleasure.


Date: 11/7/99 10:35 AM
From: Rick Lilley
Subject: Caroga

Hi Tony,
Just visited your web site. Wrung me out. Fabulous!

You certainly married a dish. Kathy is so pretty, and Kelly and Michelle look so much like her. Great looking bunch of women you have in your life. Paul too of course.

I got kind of choked up looking through your family history.

The name of the street where you live is certainly appropriate. Talk about cruising down "Memory Lane"!

Rick Lilley (Ontario Canada)

Date: 11/5/99 8:53 AM
From: Martin Collins
To: <>
Subject: Re: Johnstown - Caroga Lake

Thanks for the memories!



Dear Tony:  
While we were thrilled to see the old pictures of Sherman's, it is good to hear from you, especially now that we are making a wonderful restoration of the dance hall. 

 I hope when you are back home you will get a chance to meet me so that I may give you a guided tour.  Your e-mail comes at an opportune moment.  My wife, Ruth and I want to do one wall of the dance hall with photographs of people and Sherman's throughout the years.  We will make copies of the photographs and return the originals to whoever submits them.  We hope to give credit and identify the people depicted in the photographs.  It is important to know the year of the photograph was taken.  Ruth knows how to make this internet thing work and right now I am asking my secretary to work the computer for me so that I can view your site.  I would love to hear more from you and hope that you will be able to assist us in our restoration effort.  If you have any suggestions, please let us hear from you.

  Thanks again.

George Abdella



It's one week old
Love to all,
Judy Van Voast Cleary


I just spent the last hour touring your site. It is great. My family had a camp in the woods a few miles from the lake, on the road that Shine's was on. We used to come to swim at the beach and if I was lucky to go on the rides and spend hours in the arcade. That was the forties and fifties - we always stopped at the ice house to get ice. Of course in the sixties when I could get the car it was Willies and Lake Aire.

What memories you brought back. I haven't been there since the early sixties. You made me homesick for the mountains. Nice job.

Thanks again,
Bob Ruller - Fairport, N.Y.

Date: 11/27/99 10:17 AM
From: William F. Weaver
To: <>
Subject: Caroga Lake Days ! ! !

Hi Tony:

While I never have met you, I do know the name Ermie. I am a native of Northville, and our class trips in grade school were always to Sherman's. We had great times there, and your pictures really brought back memories.
The penny arcade was great towards the end of the day, since you were generally low on funds at that time. We rode the whip, merry-go-round, and the Ferris wheel. God, what good times we had.

I am a retired G'ville firefighter, retired in 1989 after 25 years. Still keep busy as a consultant to Architects and Engineers dealing with buildings and building problems.

Your page is great I really love it. If I find any old pictures I will send them to you for your addition to a very great site.

Bill Weaver


Hi Tony,
I have to tell you that your Caroga Web Site is Fantastic. Although I did not know of you until now, I loved the pictures, memories and music we need more information on the surrounding communities as well.

Please stop in and visit us at Classic Image 8 E. Main St. Johnstown, NY. We have a lot of people who stop in from that area. You can even bring the music along with you.

Karen Coppola
Classic Image
Johnstown, NY

Date: 11/29/99 6:08 PM
From: Saul B. Kalbfeld
Subject: Caroga

Really enjoyed your Caroga Website. It's great for people who can look at the pictures and recognize people and places. I'm from Gloversville and spent my summers in Sacandaga Park. We used to take the old county road from Benson, to Pine Lake, I think, across the top of Fulton County. we had plenty to do in the park, but Caroga had a strong attraction. 

I've been in Michigan for 30 years. I have pictures somewhere of my daughter taken in 1980 when she was six on "The Whip."

Best Wishes
Saul Kalbfeld

Date: 11/29/99 7:13 PM
Subject: I love it!!!

Hi Tony,
I don't know you but I love your site. I am probably a bit younger than the folks that are writing to you but when I saw this site it gave me chills. It brought back lots of memories . I think we lived in Caroga Lake in the 70's. Any way thanx for the great memories.

Michelle Mia Standhart

Date: 12/3/99 3:22 PM
From: John P. O'Connor
Subject: excellent

I viewed your site and enjoyed it. sending it on to my G'ville friends & relatives. GHS Class of 1952.

Date: 12/4/99 4:53 PM
Subject: Old, but not that old

Thanks Tony, I lived for several years just two doors down from the Ermie Family and it sure did bring back many old memories from my childhood. Remember the Marchetti Family well also and really enjoyed seeing some of the faces that I would hardly recognize now. 
Best wishes to all the families involved and God Bless.

 Fred Viola, Riverside, Ca.

Hi, I just clicked in your web site and it's fabulous. Thanks a million.

K B Gordon


We lived at 312 Fon Clair right at the end of Cady Street. My brother is John, my sister is Barbara. 

When I got looking at the pictures in your information. I was really amazed to see Pete and Willie. Especially the ones in that small kitchen we operated out of on Main St, Johnstown

I too wish I had a good picture of the shack across from the beach at Sherman's.
There is too much to remember to write down. Thank you for the pictures.

Jim Wheeler


Hi Tony,

I just found your site and immediately got Bob to come and look at it with me. We really enjoyed the stroll down memory lane!! Caroga Lake is special to us as we started our life together in the summer of ' 62 at Caroga.

We missed seeing you this past summer-it was a beautiful summer. We spent every weekend through October at the lake.

Merry Christmas to you and your family. Hope to see you this summer!

Bob and Shirley Gray (Malagisi's neighbors on Scott Rd)

Date: 12/22/99 8:18 PM
Subject: Caroga

Dear Tony,

I've sent a few messages but they came back. Good to hear from you. Your Caroga site is great, all my kids have been up there and they have enjoyed it as well. It is hard to tell them what Sherman's was like, but with your site they can see!
You have a very nice family. I mailed John Robare, hope to hear from him.
I don't live in Johnstown any more, but I'm not very far away. We live in Middleburgh, which is about 30 miles south, so we go back alot. Will stay in touch, hope you do as well.

Don St. Louis

Dear Tony,

Thank you for a wonderful job in preserving the heritage of Caroga Lake on your website.

Despite residing in Orlando, Florida now, I still take a week each year in the summer to spend at Caroga. You're absolutely correct...a cup of coffee does taste better at the lake!

I have very fond memories of Caroga Lake, especially during the 70's, when I was in my teens and Sherman's was the place to go and meet your friends.

Keep up the great job. I will visit the site often, and tell my family & friends about it!


William M. Vail, Jr.

P.S. My aunt, Shirley Gray told me about your website.

What a great site! I stumbled upon it while looking at the bulletin board on the Gloversville site. Although I am only a few years older than your daughters I have many fond memories of Caroga lake, Sherman's, and the beach at Pine Lake from my early childhood. 

I still remember Sunday drives with my parents and ending up at Sherman's, if for nothing else, ice cream and popcorn! My favorite ride was the tilt-a-whirl and maybe the bumper cars too. 

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I enjoyed it and even laughed out loud at some of your stories! The camping night was a hoot! I have passed this site on to family and friends that I know will enjoy it! 

Thanks again!

Kathleen Eagan

Date: 1/17/2000 4:59 PM
From: Don Zullo
Subject: Caroga Lake

Funny......I hung out for years up there as a kid...... Now my sister lives at Pecks Lake.........I always liked it (still do) 

Don Zullo ,
Houston , Texas

Date: 1/18/2000 6:14 AM
Subject: Caroga Lake:


Having lived in Caroga Lake , back in the Early 50's up to 72 when we moved to Fl.  Been here for 30 yrs.  My younger son and I go back every summer to visit old friends. Your site sure brings back the old days. 

My son will try to find some old pictures , you might want to add to your site. You might know my older son, Richard Spraker. Do you get back to Caroga Lake often? 

 Robert Spraker

Date: 1/29/2000 6:26 PM 
From: Thelma Palmieri 
Subject: pictures of friends

Just got done looking at the Caroga website it is totally fantastic. It  just makes you laugh,  cry,  and everything all at once and brings back a lot of memories. 

Thelma Palmieri & Lino Biasini

Date: 1/31/2000 1:58 PM
From: Gary Jennings
Subject: Nice Web Site!

Thanks so much for sharing such wonderful and nostalgic pictures.

 I'm originally from Dolgeville, so "the lakes" are indeed a part of my "old stomping grounds." The covered bridge in Salisbury is but 100 yards
from where my aunt lived in Salisbury. It's an old brick home from the 1700s. I didn't realize the bridge had been closed to traffic, but then it's probably been 15-20 years since I've been there.

 Pine and Caroga lakes were my favorites while I was growing up in the '50s. Pine was the best swimming lake (nice sandy beach) and Caroga had the carnival atmosphere. So sad to see how they have deteriorated over the years, and Caroga closing completely... Even my home town - homes falling apart, lacking upkeep, etc. Such stark contrast to where I live now, near Charlotte, NC, where everything is new and growing. You also mentioned Fonda - I frequented the old drag strip there in the mid to late '50s. got to see Shirley Muldowney (famous drag racer) race her 'vette a few times!

I swear, if it weren't for the unbearable winters, I'd be retiring to one of those lakes in a couple of years. Might anyway! :-)

Gary Jennings
Support Manager
Microsoft Corp.

Date: 2/16/2000 9:28 PM
From: Platt, Erin
To: "''"
Subject: Caroga Times

I wanted to tell you how wonderful your site is. I grew up on the South shore of East Caroga Lake and have not been back in almost 8 years. My mother worked at the Country Store for many years and you may know her (Toni Johnson). I have since married and am now living in Colorado. Thanks for bringing back !

Erin Platt

March 12, 2000

Hi there Tony: 

Nice job on Sherman's. I'm passing it on to my friends. Can't wait for them to open. This should give a boost to the town. Hope our Town Fathers try to help, too.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Think of your mother often. We use to have great visits when I worked at the Post Office. 

Millie Busch


 I just got thru the whole thing on Caroga. I think it's more wonderful than I said in my last E-Mail to you. 

Millie Busch


Thank you for the memories.

  As ones before me has said, it brought a tear to my eyes.  My family could never afford a camp, but would camp out in the state park, and the highlight was Sherman's.  We lived in Fort Plain NY and every Sunday was Dad's ritual, to drive to Sherman's for "HOT" peanuts.  We did this every year until there was no more peanut stand.  Broke poor dads heart. 

It's a very sad sight to even go past there now, such a shame that it no longer is the greatest place to visit.  Thanks for this great site.   

Claudia Howe (Keller)



What wonderful memories your web site has brought back to me! Though my parents moved away from Gloversville in the early fifties, we continued to return to the area on a regular basis because both had been born and raised there and that is where many of their brothers and sisters remained.

My mother's family once owned a "camp" in Caroga Lake, so we spent as much time  there as brief vacations in the summer would allow All these many years later, I am still an annual visitor as a cousin now owns her own lake property and regularly hosts a family reunion. I look forward to these occasions since my summers don't feel complete until I've watched the sun set on Caroga Lake at least once.

Obviously, as a child, Sherman's Park was a highlight of my visits to the area. To see it wan and close was a real heartbreak.

I was a bit disappointed not to find a photo of The Whip (while it was in service) amongst your collection. Without question, that was my all-time favorite ride! And, I've been on many a Tilt-A-Whirl in my day, but none that spun around as many times nor as rapidly as did the one at Sherman's Park! You got yourself a real RIDE in those days! Not one of these quickie deals because there are so many folks waiting on you in a line.

I haven't had an opportunity to read all of your text yet. During my first visit, I admit to being too captivated by the pictures to slow down long enough to read. But.....I'll be back! Perhaps I can scout around and find a photo or two myself to contribute. Meanwhile, many thanks for taking me back, again, to a place where I experienced some of the happiest and most carefree moments of my life!


PS - Among numerous other relatives, I have an Uncle Ennio (Jim) Ermie still 
living in Gloversville. Are you related to him in any way?

March 29, 2000


I heard about your site and truly enjoyed it. By the way, I'm "Sissy" Avery. You know, Bob's daughter and the sister of Lyman, Bart, John, Gary and Connie Avery.  I now live in PA and do get back home once a year to visit all and we have a family reunion at our lake in Arietta each summer

Keep up the good work and thanks.
  ( Sissy) Gail Avery Holmes

April 5, 2000

Can't tell you how much I enjoy your Caroga Times! It is awesome. 

My family had a camp on Garlock Road when I was a kid. After my parents passed away I had to move to Albany to live, however, I continued to come to Caroga every weekend. 

One day, in 1971, I quit my job in Albany and moved back to Caroga Lake. I now live on So. Shore Road of West Caroga Lake. Perhaps you remember companion Jack Holliday. 

While enjoying Caroga Times we were in the Caroga Area Scenery section and a picture of a barn came up labeled Old Barns Near Stratford. (not the large barn where they held dances, the smaller barn with the farm equipment near the tree on left) This barn was owned by Jack and myself from 1977 until we sold it in 1993 and is located on Newkirks Road in the Town of Caroga. It is on an old farm which was owned years ago by Tunis Lane and his family. 

Thought you would like this information. If you look close you can make out a sign on the side of the barn facing you - Bruce Busch made that sign  and it read "trail to Jack's place. " I will be looking for some old pictures to send you. 

I enjoy Caroga Times each time I look at it - even living here!

C. Gay Schrecker (Doodie) P.O.Box 193,Caroga Lake, NY 12032

April 10, 2000

Hi Tony,

     What a wonderful way to start my day, viewing your web site!  I have cried and laughed and thought of all the people I want to share it with.  It was as if you and I were sitting on the front porch of my parents house, chatting.

    I must go now and finish viewing the site.  But first, do you remember the machine in the arcade, where you could make your own record?  I'm going to send some photos.
     Hope to see you in August, 

Julie (Elmendorf) Intonte

March 18, 2000

Thanks for sending this fabulous site of yours to me. I tried to contact you 
before but my emails were returned to me. I will try again. 

I still have a camp in Pine Lake which I spend most of my summer weekends at. I remember everything that you talk about on the site. My graduation class 
was 1958. 

I graduated from FMCC in 1976. I wish I could get invited to a class reunion from one of the years around my year. Even though I didn't graduate from Johnstown High, I did complete my education at a later date and graduated from Fulton-Montgomery CC. I would love to see some of the people from my time at Knox and Johnstown High. Anyone that would like to contact me via email, please feel free to do so.

Thanks again Tony.
Gary Ovitt



Mr. Ermie,   

 I have to tell you that you have put together an amazing website. My Grandparents purchased a camp on Kirchens Grove in 1945 and our family has been going there every year since. Thank you for providing me with a great historical prospective on Caroga Lake. Sure did bring back some great memories!

Todd C. Walton, OD

April 19,2000


I wanted to tell you after I found your Caroga Times pages I have been having a good time looking at the old photos. I especially liked the Sherman's photos. It brought back many fond memories and I found myself sittin' here smiling thinking of those days.

I was raised in Johnstown and lived there until 1969 before moving to Michigan. My family still lives there. If fact will be back there next week seeing my mom.

My Dad had a hardware store in Johnstown for over 40 years

Thanks for putting this website all together

Greg Nilsen

April 26, 2000

Great site of Caroga Lake. Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing more "old time" pictures.

Bill Drake
Johnstown High School

May 1, 2000

Enjoyed browsing on the Caroga Lake page you created.  Very nostalgic and nice to see.

Ruth Wilson

May 6, 2000


        What a great site, I am not done looking at it yet but I had to send you a message. Your site brings back many great memories. It makes me think I am a child again. I graduated from jhs with Ted Farnsworth and Harold Witzke, so it was nice to see the picture of Ted and the parade for Harold. And I remember Chisel Greco very well, what a guy.

Well Tony just wanted to congratulate you on a great site. I will send it to all my friends. Thank you for contacting me.


May 16, 2000


Enjoyed your hard work on a wonderful site. Brought back many memories and good times.

Scott Mercer
Burlington, VT

May 23, 2000


I have spend 61 summers at Caroga and you can imagine how thrilled I was when Millie passed on Caroga Times to me. I also have passed it on to old friends that have moved from the area. You did a wonderful job with it and should be congratulated. We are lucky enough now to spend five months at Caroga and are packing up as I type. 

I will look in the old photo alums at camp and if I come across anything you could use, I'd be glad to send them to you. Our camp is on the south shore of W. Caroga and is under the name of LENZ. Nice talking to you. 


May 23, 2000

Found your website today. It brought back great memories of Caroga Lake.
My family spent many summers there when we were kids in the 50's & 60's.
Now even though I live and work in Washington, D. C. I still take my wife & kids to that area every summer. We spend a couple of "quiet" weeks down the road at Pleasant Lake. 

I do a lot of biking and I ride daily from Pleasant Lake to Caroga by way of the Canada Lake shore road and London Bridge Rd. It's sad to see the place as it is today. I try to tell my kids about the fun we used to have there and all the activity that went on, but it must be hard to understand when they see it now. It was a special part of growing up. 

Thanks for the memories.

May 28, 2000

Thanks, Tony

Now my two sisters can enjoy it too. We had a camp on the South Shore Rd. on West Caroga and after my Dad passed away in 1966 my mother bought a camp on the Lake Shore and on the corner of maybe Forrest. 

My sister, Linda worked for Fay and Ray, in the ice cream place and the gift shop. Oh how I loved the old clam shack across from the beach. It may have been the original Willies. I was happy to here Sherman's has reopened. We are going to my husbands 50th high school reunion in Aug. in Herkimer and look forward to driving out to the lake. 

Thanks, an excellent site.

Gail {Trask} Jones

June 4, 2000

Your web site just flooded my mind with such fond memories of Caroga Lake. 

Always the merry go round comes to mind, and then it was Janet out in front making that great Sherman's popcorn. When my sisters and I were real young, we'd watch them play bingo and then it was our turn to ride the rides. The Tilt-a -whirl was our favorite, with the merry go round almost a tie. 

We all loved Trixie, and fed her peanuts almost every day when we would stop by on our way to the post office. Does anyone remember when the high wire acts were over the midway? Now that was a great summer. 

As a group of us got older we used to walk down south shore road, almost every night, buy a soda at Putnams, where Kathryn Putnam always greeted us with her famous hi hi. then we'd sit on the steps, drink our soda and spend a few hours and then walk back down south shore road in the dark!!!!! Some nights we'd walk all the way to willies, when we would hear the jukebox calling us, and just had to go to get a Willies hot dog.

Great memories, thanks for bringing them all back! 
Donna (Trask) Saylor

June 7, 2000

What a tremendous job you have done to compile so much of the Caroga Lake area - THANK YOU

June 7, 2000

I cannot tell you the memories it brought back for me. My parents started taking me to Sherman's when I was about 5 years old, more than 50 years ago. I can still smell the cotton candy and the popcorn, hear the carousel music and remember falling off a great white steed trying to catch the brass ring. 

Thank you so much for the trip back to my childhood.

Judy Marcoux 

June 10, 2000


Thanks for sending you Caroga Times! Sure is GREAT!!
Amazing when you are young, you can't wait to be older, and when you are older, you would like to be young.

 Your site brought back a lot of pleasant memories. Our family camp back in "the cove" is now owned by my brother Brian and his family. Mom & Dad just didn't want deal with the upkeep anymore. My husband Paul and I have a summer place up on the Sacandaga, about a 1/2 mile north of Lanzie's. The rest of the year is spent in Johnstown. 

My sister Nancy and her husband live in Saratoga. The youngest brother is in Durango, Colo. Mom & Dad still live in Sammonsville. Will you and your wife be coming to the class reunion? We have another meeting this weekend at Karen & Chuck Wright's house. Sure doesn't seem like we have been out of school 40 years. After all--I am only 35!!!! HA HA!!

Again, Thanks for the GREAT memories.
Mike (Michelle Cridland) Beyer

June 17, 2000

Tony - your website is fabulous. I am Jennie, Chuck's wife, and Chuck and I  were just looking at the pictures. Of course, he knew most of the people. 
Thank you so much.

Jennie Ermie - Utica New York

June 19, 2000

Just spend 2 hours enjoying your "Caroga Times" website.  I cried and laughed and enjoyed the whole experience.  We live in Bleecker and have enjoyed the area our whole lives.  Caroga and Shermans was a place of many memories, especially when we were dating. Keep up the good pages.

  Al & Shirley Alfini

June 19, 2000

Hey Tony,

What memories---I thank you-----so much fun to see it all again. As you know I spent every summer of my young life at "the lake" how simple everything was then!
We won't be going to the reunion but are going to try to get to Saratoga this 
summer. Jack is doing well right now. We have six grandchildren and hope to see them all!

Hope you are doing ok--Carol keeps me informed. Willies really scares me----My favorite place!

Love to you and Kathy,
Judy (VanVoast) Cleary

June 30, 2000


Fantastic site. As a member of Little Falls High School class of 1957, I want to tell you we spent most of our free summer time at Sherman's. Many memories of Caroga Lake and Pine Lake. I haven't been back there since. 35 years in the California desert followed by retirement to Oregon (much more like Caroga). How many megabytes does that incredible website contain?

Jim Fitzgerald

July 11, 2000

I am new to the internet and just today discovered your website.  What a marvelous job you have done.  About 35 years ago St. Mary's Hospital purchased a camp on Canada Lake.  I am one of the sisters there and was privileged to share some time each summer for most of those summers.  

In later years I discovered the amazing beauty of the other seasons as well.  This year the camp was sold (anyway I think it was) and it ended an era for me but I treasure the memories I have shared in this beautiful part of the country.  

I still live in Amsterdam and so I am able visit the area and now will do as you suggest and visit some of those roads you just don't know where they will come out.  I have some shots I may send if I can get to a scanner and learn how to do this or maybe I will snail to you.  So just know that you made my day today.  It was a great journey of memories and I will be back to visit here again and tell my friends and family about it as well.   

Thanks,  Sister Johanna Ryan

July 18, 2000

What a wonderful Wed Site. I was born in Canada in 1935 and had Grandparents in Northville. Every summer when we visited we made one or two trips to Caroga Lake. I remember the bumper cars and the monkey very well. Thanks for bringing all of this back to me.


July 20, 2000

Though my wife's family (her Mom was a Sherman from Gloversville) are from Fulton Co, I've never been there, but your site is a marvelous recollection of the joys of small town America.

My congratulations!

Step Tyner
Carmel, CA and Colorado Springs, CO

July 21, 2000


What a great web page. It brought back many memories. Back in the '50s, my maternal family, the Klena's, ran the old Morse Bakery, on the corner of Main and N. Perry St. (right across from Grant's).

I remember going to Sherman's with one of my uncles to deliver fresh bread and rolls to the Morris family's business. Ray, the Crazy Slovak, used to let me ride the bumper cars for 15 or 20 minutes every Sat. morning. The worst thing was, I was the only one there! Me and 25 empty Lucas Skooters!

Thank you..
Ted Kralovic
Liverpool, NY

June 22, 2000


    I only had a short time to look over your web site, hope to return soon.
Don't think you know me, but I spent most of my summers at Caroga Lake. My dad would rent a camp every summer from a guy by the name of Bill McCormick, I think that's his name.

    I have other pictures of my summers, but this picture that I'm sending you is from my last trip back to New York, 06/29/00. I have one of the postcards that you have on your web site. I have been trying to buy some postcards on Ebay, but they are getting to be to expense.

    My dad use to play in a band, he play the piano, his name was Allan Howe.
I'm third of seven children.   I don't think I have many pictures of Sherman's, mostly of the camps that we would rent from time to time.

    My best friend Dennis Swartz, who now has the camp that his parents owned years ago near the bridge connecting west and east Caroga Lake.That is where I spent most of my summers at Caroga Lake.

A couple years back when I was home I stopped in to see Denny and he was showing me some old pictures that he had from when they build the camp and cleared the land.  But as you know I could go on forever about how I spent my summers at Caroga Lake. I will pass your web site along to others
Again Thanks for the memories!!!
Steve Howe / Gilbert / Arizona

June 24, 2000

Saw the picture of Mr. & Mrs. Ken Rexford.

In 1967 when I began my employment at GE in Schenectady, I met a fellow by that name. I'm not sure if this is the same Ken Rexford. We worked in the same area together. We had some great times on 3rd shift. I still live in Johnstown and we have a camp at Pine Lake. Things have changed a lot on the last few decades. But the Adirondacks have managed to retain it's beauty and serenity. 

Thank you for an enjoyable trip down memory lane. I will be sure to share these priceless pictures with my teenage girls.

Phil Santangelo

August 11, 2000

Hello Tony,

I have just had the best time looking at your wonderful pictures, listening to the great choices in music and going back in time to remember the good times I had at Caroga Lake! 

It was probably way back in the late 50's or early 60's since I was there, you know graduated and moved away, but I often thought about the magical place. I went to a Catholic school in Schenectady and for a special treat, the faculty would charter a bus and up we'd go.....may have been for the end of the year picnic??

 My favorite memory was to see the nuns and priests in the scooter cars and we kids got a chance to "Bump them"...I can still see the smiles on their faces.
What is happening there now, is it still opened? You sure were lucky with such a great place to grow up in! 

Best wishes to you and hopefully you will get some more great pictures. I will look thru my albums and see if I have any and will send them to you. 

Thanks again,

August 23, 2000

Hi Tony -

Checked your "Caroga Times" Website.  Very nice indeed!

John Freiberger

August 25, 2000


I have just spent a very enjoyable and emotional time at your site. In fact I have been reading and seeing between tears. I am researching the Sherman's of that area because my late husbands grandmother was a Sherman. I have no idea if they were related to that Sherman or not but I will ask his mother who is still living at age 86 in Gloversville, NY. 

What a great job and such a beautiful web site. Love the pictures. I have some pictures that I will look up and send them to you.

My husband was Oscar Guy Manchester , Jr., of Oscar Guy and Azubah Crannell Manchester, Sr. Her parents were Robert and Lydia Sherman Crannell. Guy was born in Broadalbin in 1934 and when he was about ten they moved to Lassellville on RT. 29. He still has brother's in Bleecker, Lassellville and Gloversville, and a sister in Rockwood.

Any way he spent many a happy hour at Caroga Lake, Sherman;s and Pine Lake as a youngster and as a young man. And when we married he took me there and for the three years we lived in St. Johnsonville in the mid sixties we took our five children there also for the rides and the fireworks. We left in 1968 because he had arthritis so bad he would have ended up in a wheelchair so we moved south but he dearly loved his home in NY. He told me all about the dances on the upper floor of Sherman's. As you know they closed that upper part.

The last time that he we were there was about 1982 , we got together with nieces, nephews and brother's etc. and went dancing there. Shortly after we returned from vacation that year he had open heart surgery and a year later they discovered a brain and lung tumor and he died in 1983.

I was there the last time in 1984 and met my brother-law there for lunch as he drives for ups and it is on his Rt. I am from AR. But I also love it there. I will put it in my favorite places so I can return to it again and again.

I just had to let you know how deeply it touched me and I will put it into my research for them. Thank you so much for the memories. 

Juanita Booth Baytown, TX.

August 29, 2000

You have really put up a great site.  It brought back a lot of memories.  I worked at Sherman's during the summers of 1973-1976.  My father and mother (George & Dorothy Manchester) ran Manchester Lakeview Market in the Yates store in the late 60's early 70's.  Later I would occupy that building in 1980-82 with T&T repairs service.  I joined the Marines in 1982 and currently am serving as the First Sergeant for a unit at Twentynine Palms California.  You mentioned so many familiar names I have not heard in years it sure stirred up memories.

Tim Manchester


My name is Paul Kreim I grew up in Ft. Plain and spent many many summers at Caroga where we had a camp. My Dad Erich Kreim was on the Police dept. in Ft. Plain ( Just thought I'd add that in case ya might have known him.) Anyway the collection of pictures sure took me back and I can't thank you enough for having them here on the net. I wish I had some to add but my sister Pam had most of them and can't seem to locate them at the moment perhaps one of these years hehe anyway Thanks again !
Erich Paul Kreim
West Hollywood, Ca.

September 4, 2000

Hi Tony!

My husband and I took a ride to The Adirondack Museum at Blue Mountain Lake today. We went by way of my old home town, Amsterdam, New York, up route 30. As we were riding along, I reminisced about Caroga Lake, which my sisters and I frequented when we were growing up. I told Bill all about Sherman's and the marvelous carousel and other attractions, including the monkey.

When we arrived home from the museum at Blue Mountain Lake, (which, incidentally was marvelous), I just, on a whim, plugged Caroga Lake into my browser, and voila! Your web site came up. I have been enjoying it for at least an hour laughing and crying--it's such a link to my past! I am so sad to hear that the original wooden horses from the carousel have been sold, but I am glad that there still is a carousel there, and Bill will have to take me Johnstown way one of these Sundays to see it, as our kids are grown, and I want to take a carousel ride. But the pictures of the new Sherman's make me wish I had acted sooner to have some closure about the old Sherman's.

Do you know whatever happened to the rides at Pine Lake? I remember it was our second favorite, and I can recall whirling around on those swings with long, long chains that gyrated from a central pivot point. Do you remember them? And, I seem to remember that they also had a carousel at Pine Lake. But, it was never as exciting as "the real thing" at Sherman's--especially with the cotton candy, the Arcade, and of all things, BINGO!!! 

Your descriptions of the whip and those bumper cars was memory jarring. I always rode the whip and remember the smell. And, although I didn't like the bumper cars, I did go on them every time because my sister wanted to! You say on your site that Pine Lake Restaurant is for sale. Does this include the amusement park? Gee, I've got to get back there before it goes!

Thanks for the memories!

Carol Ann


Hi Tony:

Just found the great site for Johnstown and following some links discovered your web pages. I graduated Johnstown High in 1960, my name then Allfrey, my mom was a substitute teacher there in both Knox Jr. High and in other classes. I think I remember you but mostly I wanted to say hello and thanks for the great web pages. 

I live near Syracuse, New York now and have spent a lot of today walking down memory lane. Guess after 58 you do that some of the time. My parents, Ken and Verna sold our house at 123 East Fourth after I married and moved away, they bought a place on Caroga Lake and later after selling that rented from Mother's Day til October when they would head for Florida. Nice to see some familiar sites. Thanks for the great web pages.

Wishing you a pleasant autumn. I would love to hear back from you.

Sincerely, Kay (Allfrey) Marziale

October 30, 2000


What a trip down memory lane for me. I had tears flowing half way through. You have put a wonderful package together. Guess you didn't think too much of us "Woodchuck's" 

We sure counted a lot on you folks coming up for the summer. Someone must have pictures of Nickstoner Inn the monument and the Golf Course. Of Course, Christmastree Lodge, The Sno-Drift and Avery's.

I'm sorry to say that all of my photos were ruined. But someone must have some. This was the most enjoyable experience I've had in years. Thank you so much.

I'm Milton Avery's daughter who was killed in WWII as you probably remember along with his brother Bart. My mother Nora Larkins (Stoner lake} married Avery and when the war was over she married my step-father who was the only father I've ever know, Glenn Harris your Assemblyman for many years. 

I live in Fla now as does the whole family. Thanks again for the wonderful trip.

Michael Avery Valdez

October 31, 2000

Thanks for all those pictures and information. I can see myself swimming with all my friends; I can see myself dancing on Saturday night. The music accompanying the pics is great. Good job Tony!

Carolyn Palumbo

November 1, 2000

Well Ermie, You did it again. 

How emotional I get looking at Caroga times. It seems like it was only yesterday that night July in 1956 that I first walked into Sherman's as a new bride. And another Sat .night in summer of 1983 on a visit back. The year before my husband died. And all the other pictures of places we went.

My kids loved the covered bridge at Salisbury. And Pine lake. I loved all the pictures .Don and I are camera bugs. We take hundreds of pictures with our video camera and our digital camera as well as our 35m. Now we have a dazzel digital video creator so we are having fun putting our nineteen  grandchildren on Video.

He is enjoying Caroga times also even tho he has never been there. I am getting him hooked so he will take me back!! I am so happy that it has reopened. So many wonderful memories. 

You have done a incredible job with it. Thank you for letting me know about the new things you put on. Makes a person want to be there now.

 Best wishes.

 Juanita Booth in Tx.

November 1, 2000

Tony, great job with the pictures and music.

 I'm living in Houston, TX now and before that I lived in Sammonsville for the past 20 years. My mother and father live at the junction of 10 & 10A across the street from the Stocks. Helen & Stan Moore and my Aunt Marge and Uncle George Davidson live right next to them. Anyway I enjoyed looking at your pictures and the music fit so well. I wanted to show my friend what the colors of fall look like and you had a few. My brother David Soltner did some of the stained glass work in the carousal house when he worked for Don Dwyer of Adirondack Stained Glass.

Keep up the web site, I'll be back from time to time.

Gary Soltner

November 28, 2000

Thank you so much for letting me know about the latest addition to your site. I loved the story of Frank. It was so touching & as always brings back lots of good memories. I really appreciate that you keep me posted when you add items. We all get busy but never too busy for a wonderful trip down memory lane. Once again you made my day.

Have a nice day. Keep smiling, God knows you always bring a smile to my face & tear to my eye and warmth to my heart. I treasure these memories so it's great to know there are others who share similar ones and remember them with as much admiration as I do.

God Bless.
Ruth Corey

November 11, 2000

Hi Tony,
      Just finished looking at your website pert. to Frank Sherman. It was very interesting and well done. The music was lovely also. I still have to view your other new sites, but it's late now and off to bed I go.

      Keep up the nice work on Caroga Lake. Can't wait to visit there again and do some dancing.

Rosemary Piccola

December 1, 2000


Your web site is WONDERFUL!  Enjoyed every minute of it.  Since we're relative newcomers I didn't have a clue about what Caroga was like 30 or more years ago - particularly Sherman's.  Thanks so much for sharing it with me.

As it turns out, we have a visitor coming from Virginia this weekend who grew up in Little Falls in the 50's and spent much of his summer youth at Sherman's. Your pictures, dialog and music will be a real treat for him.

Thanks Again

Judy Moritz

December 11, 2000

I just got wind of your Caroga Lake site. It is great. Have enjoyed reading and seeing all the pictures. I have heard all the stories and listened to the tales of the good old days at Sherman's. 

I never was privileged to be there. I understand that a picture of our place was on Sept. web site, Sorry I missed it. Keep up the great work.

Joan Dudley, Granny's Ice Cream

December 15, 2000

I have to tell you....

I'm a little upset with your web page...

I'm In the air force now stationed in San Antonio TX, but i grew up just about 6 miles from Sherman's Amusement park at the intersection of Caroga lake stage and State Street Extension.  Now I've been in Texas for a couple years and Korea and California for the few before that. 

 I'm going home for Christmas this year for the first time in a long time, and after reading your rather extensive web pages and viewing your pictures, I'm going to have a very hard time trying to talk myself into going back to the bleak, semi urban nightmare that is San Antonio.  Which means I'll be AWOL and be arrested... you can see my dilemma. 

But seriously, This is a very well constructed site that loads rapidly, very good job.  I build web pages for a living and can appreciate the time spent in this endeavor.

Thank you for putting forth the effort to not only make an interesting sight but taking the time to make it work right...

Benjamin Rowland


Was surfing around the web and came across your site...I enjoyed visiting.  I am a direct ancestor of the 'original' Sammons that settled in New York; while looking over the pictures posted on your site I couldn't help but feel that I was looking at "home" somehow.  Great job on a fantastic place to visit online!!!

Thomas Sammons
Boise, Idaho

December 27, 2000

Dear Tony,

What a great job! I have some old pictures that I'll dig out and send to you. The "Gloversville Realtor" with the Banjo was my Father who was a close friend of Frank Sherman'. They were both "Cadillac" fans. 

I grew up in Gloversville and remember many, many times at Sherman's while my Dad and Frank would walk and talk - they grew up together. My Dad (Robert E. Lee O'Donnell) passes away a few years ago and my Brother, Danny O'Donnell still lives in Caroga Lake. The next time you see Mr. Sherman ask him if he remembers the dead owl which was wrapped up and left as a gift on his front porch about 45 years ago. My father shot it and then had us sneak it on to Mr. Sherman's porch. I don't know if my Dad ever admitted it, but I do know Mr. Sherman suspected him (the owl was killed with a bullet between his eyes - my Dad was a hell of a shot). 

My Brother, Mike worked for Willie for several years. There we're 10 in my family and most now live in Arizona and since my Father passed away we don't get back to the area very often, but your site sure made me nostalgic.
Anyway, great job. I'll find those pictures for you. Happy New Year!
Melvin (Mel) O'Donnell - GHS Class of 1960

December 28,2000

Enjoyed watching your Caroga Times .com that Colleen Graves sent me in a Christmas card.

 Thank you  
 Annie Baker
Niagara Falls New YORK 

January 1. 2001

Hello ,

Just a quick note to let you know that you have a very interesting website. I own the monument business in Ephratah and last summer we had a guest from England and spent some time in Caroga he enjoyed it to no end.  I have just sent this link to him and his family to enjoy .. He will be back this summer with his family and no doubt want to go to Caroga ..... 

Thank you for this site

Harold St John

January 2, 2001

Dear Tony & Kathy,


My name is Peggy Parkhill Unger.  I am from Gloversville Ny and my parents use to have a camp on Unger Ln. in Caroga Lake. 

I love the site it brings home to me since I don't get to there enough.  Now I live in Georgia.  My mother still lives there in Gloversville and I have an Uncle and Aunt that lives on London Bridge Road in Caroga Lake.  Every summer we went to camp and had a wonderful time there.  Always went to Sherman's and went swimming.

Please keep up the good work and the web site.

Thanks for the memories.

Peggy Parkhill Unger


My time at Caroga, precedes yours by a few years, however pictures and comments were especially good. I've been in Idaho for quite some time now, still enjoy the upstate memories, keep up the good work... 

Dick Ryall


I enjoyed the site!  I'm from Broadalbin and used to work for Ernie & George Abdella in the early 70's.  Ernie's "girlfriend" [Maggie Wilkins] is my cousin so I see him regularly, and I checked out the renovation this past summer when I was visiting.  Your Caroga site was fun & nostalgic.

K.C. Newman
Tampa, FL

January 20, 2001

Hi Tony, 

We don't know each other but I want to tell you how much I am enjoying your site! The memories it brings back are Great!!! I graduated for GHS in 1953.

 How well I remember going to Sherman's for the dances. We would beg a ride up to "the lake" and then really sweat trying to get a ride back to  G'ville. But it was always well worth it. My Aunt and Uncle had a camp on East Caroga Lake. (I can't remember the name of the road) Their name is Add and Marion Gilbert.

Our family spent many good times at their camp.  We also spent many good times with our children at Ken and Joan Benton's camp too!!! Our children loved to go there!!!!

 I want to thank you for bringing back so many pleasant memories and I am passing this site on to our friends and I am going to pass it on to as many of our classmates as I can find e-mail addresses for. Again thank you so much. 
My name is Jackie Faville Gloversville N.Y.

January 21, 2001

    Recently I got YOUR web address from Colleen Graves, simply awesome! My name is Jeff Wood, My family, Kim, Alison, Lyndsi and Jeffrey moved to Caroga Lake in Feb.2000 after visiting a friend who lives here. We LOVE it! The school is great, parents actually come to the events to show support.  David Jung just restarted the Cub Scout troop up. It seems to be going well.

    Personally I am a pro photographer and publisher of The Beat a monthly Arts & Entertainment Magazine put together right here in Caroga Lake by myself and a few other residents. If you have use for our medium or any of my shots please let me know.
    We have a wonderful community here in Caroga (but you already know that). Thank you for letting others in on OUR little secret.
Best Wishes,
Jeff S. Wood

January 22, 2001

Just loved your page. Kept me up longer than I planned to be but well worth it. Many memories of Caroga Lake. In fact the last time I was there was in 1972. We celebrated my Dad's 88th Birthday.

His name was Henry F. Bush. He passed away in 1977.

Keep up the good work.
Bet wishes, Nellie Dib

January 30, 2001

Thanks for the memories................I also spent many summers at the lake, 1967-the presents..........on North Shore Road, West Caroga in our little camp and now at my parents (Jack and Beverly Barkevich) who live there year round on South Shore Road, West Caroga (they bought Klena's place at the end of the lake by the cove) 

I am enjoying it year sister, Sally Barkevich Cram, also lives there year round on North Shore Road.......Sally and I both worked at Sherman's, starting when I was 16 until about 22 years old (it helped to pay for going to college).....I worked for Ray Allen in the soft ice cream stand and Sally worked on the midway, first with the games and then on the rides.......what memories...........thanks for the "Caroga Times"!!!!

      Susan Barkevich Forte (from Kingston, New York)

February 4, 2001

I grew up in Gloversville and am currently living in Massachusetts. My Aunt and Uncle (Irene and Ed Smith) lived in Caroga Lake and My Grandfather (Earl Smith) had a camp in Green Lake. The camp is still in the family although not in it's original form. As you can imagine I spent more time than I can calculate in Caroga Lake, Canada Lake, Green Lake, and Sherman's as well. I suspect we even walked past each other at Sherman's a couple of hundred times and never even knew it! 

I spent times at these places with people that I love that I wish I could have back. Finding this website PLUS the Caroga and Canada Lake sites has meant a great deal in helping me reconnect with my memories and how vividly they have stayed with me through the years. 

Though I can't have "things" the way they were it's nice to see these places by way of your website and the others. It helps me revisit the people I love as well if only in my imagination.

Thank you so much!

Rick Ottman

February 6, 2001

Tony , I was born and grew up in Johnstown. I lived on West Madison Ave. I just spent some time viewing the wonderful memories that you provided with your photos.

I especially enjoyed seeing the shots of Sherman's and The Lakeaire in the good old days. I could smell the smells that you reminded me of as I glanced at each reminder of my youth. I took my wife up there a couple of years ago, she is not from Johnstown so she really didn't understand when I told her that I wanted to go up to Caroga Lake and experience the smells that meant so much to me. Remember the smell of coffee in the Camp Site on East Caroga? It's not there anymore because its all propane and instant coffee makers. No popcorn at Sherman's and no hot dogs and pizza at Willies. It 's all gone. I was sooo depressed. 

I really thank you for taking the time and interest to provide the beautiful trip down memory lane.
Dave McGuire 

February 6, 2001

I live in Gloversville and recently found your excellent memories of Caroga Lake.

I worked with your [cousin] Doris at the bank and have seen her over the years I also know of Eleanor, because of her working relationship with Judge Aulisi. 

Thank you for the wonderful memories you brought back to me.

Jeanne (Smullen) Galway

February 8, 2001

I was on the classmate site for 1962 for Ft. Plain and noticed Caroga mentioned.  We had a camp at East Caroga for 55 years.  My brother still lives there on South Shore Caroga lake road. I remember the wonderful times at Sherman's and I loved your photos.  Thanks so much.

Nancy Macintrye Runnion

February 11, 2001

Just had a great time scrolling thru your site. Lots of familiar faces, some family, some friends. My Dad owned the Bleecker Hotel with Muriel & Charlie Robinson in the 40's and 50's. 

Just thought I would add - found my cousin Mel O'Donnell on the site and Jeanne Smullens - small-small world. Bill Bennett and, my Dad,  Mel Ernst opened the Adirondack in Pompano FL in 1956. we stayed Bill went back! Have lots of stories from my background and very large family (30 first cousins).

Sharon Ernst
Boca Raton Fl

February 16, 2001

I have camped up to Caroaga Lake since I was seven years old. My parents had a camp on Lake Ave. Yes, the smell of popcorn and all the fun hanging out at Sherman's. Boating, dancing and just plan good old fun!
Unfortunately we sold are camp in the 80's. We were across the street from Ermie. Are you any relation to Jimmy Ermie? 
Now in Palm Coast Florida
Sharon (Hooper) Guile
Renee Hooper (my sister)

February 19, 2001

I just discovered your wonderful website. Quite by accident, I have just put up a site and was doing a search to see which other sites were linked to mine. Both your site and mine were both listed on the Fulton Cty History Page. (which I didn't even know existed).
At any rate I have spent close to an hour just on the Sherman Story. Very nice work, I hope you will keep it up because I will be going back.
Frank Ambrose 

February 20, 2001

Hi Tony

Great WEB site. I purchased the old Willet house next to St. Barbara's Chapel this past summer. I've been visiting Caroga Lake on and off now for about 20 years. I plan to retire there in the near future. It's a really great place with lots of history and your site does show it all.

I'm attaching a few photos that I took of my place and St. Barbara's over the New Years weekend. It really is beautiful in the winter. 
Keep up the GREAT work.

Mike Patino
Brooklyn, NY

February 23, 2001

...when I see the picture of Frank gazing out of the garage with "bittersweet" memories, all I can think of is at least he is there in person and can see it and smell it and walk it and be it......unlike some of us who haven't been back in so long......or cannot come back because the family camp has been sold. 

What I wouldn't give to be there too. My grandfather Alden Miller Sr and his father Irving Miller built our family camp on the South Shore of East Caroga Lake before there was even a road...they floated the building supplies across the lake on rafts. I spent every summer there from 1961 until I went to college, and have only been back 3 times since-once, the summer I left my first husband (talk about a good place to go to repair your soul...) and twice, bringing my new husband for the experience. It's been over 10yrs now.

My father and his 5 siblings owned the camp until, one by one, they all sold out to one Aunt...I suppose because they could not fathom the 19 members of my generation to be able to play nice and share. Oh well, at least, it's still in the family...whether we can visit or not.

So, does anyone publish a list of camps for rent by the week &/or month? Or, out of all the little motels, etc, in the area...which would you recommend? Visiting your wonderful website sight makes me "Summer Homesick".

Thanks again for the memories...
Connie Miller Hanna...Sunset Beach, Maryland

February 24, 2001

We enjoyed your web site so much. We have been going to Caroga Lake since 
1972. We are from Massapequa, Long Island. We bought a camp on Balsam Ave. 
It used to belong to Harriet Thomas. It was across from Frank Simprevio. 

After about 3 years we sold it and bought a camp down the road. It used to 
belong to Marty Mathusa. We had so much fun going up for the summers. We 
had 3 kids and they have many great memories of the lake. Now that they are 
older they go up on their own. 

We really enjoyed the pictures. We have always gone skiing at Royal Mt. The 
winter scenes are beautiful also. We would like to see more or those.
John and Mary Ann Bruder

March 1, 2001


My family left New York and moved to Colorado last July - my husband and I visited here, fell in love with the mountains, sold our house, quit our jobs, and moved! I had forgotten about this site till I came across it today - you have a lot of new pages and I really enjoyed the story about Frank Sherman. You really do have a knack of telling stories and, although I was only old enough to visit Sherman's during the Bill Morris years, I can only imagine my parents pulling some of the stunts I have read about! We have communicated before about the site- but I thought I would tell you how much I still enjoy it - I emailed it to my parents back in Gloversville - I am sure they will enjoy it just as much! 

Thanks for taking the time to share your stories and your photos! 

Kathleen Eagan
Senior Analyst
RW Beck, Denver CO
Engineering and Consulting Services

March 4, 2001

Tony, that was a great look back at Johnstown from Lew Decker. Thanks for putting it on your site. I am sure many people will get great enjoyment out of the photo's, as my family and I did.

Thanks again. And great music to go with it.

 Kieran Feeney

March 4, 2001

Great new photos! Seeing the trolley car reminded me of a story from my Dad. He used to work for Pecks Flowers and would have to go to the greenhouse in Johnstown to pick them up. In order to save time getting there from G'ville he said he would drive on the trolley tracks - Old man Peck could not figure out how he could go and get back so fast! My Dad's theory was time was money and he would be able to make more deliveries if the arrangements were done.

Sorry about not getting the photos scanned yet - have been very busy the past couple of weeks - but I have not forgotten. 

Regards, Sharon Ernst

March 4, 2001

Hi Tony,  I enjoyed the new site of "Old Johnstown"  My husband worked at the old Tryon Oil co.  when it was the Atlantic station.  He worked with "Chile" Hildreth, "Stretch " Weiss, Chuck Tysko and Chuck Wilson. This was back in the early 60's.  
I have written to you before re' the Caroga Lake site and I can't tell you how much and often I have gone back to this site.  Tony I have some old photos taken at our Senior class picnic in 1953 taken at Sherman's. Would you be able to use them if I sent them to you?  I hope to see a site next about "Stump City" otherwise known as Gloversville.  Keep up the wonderful job you are doing

Jackie Faville

March 4, 2001

Hi Tony,
      Just reviewed your new section on Lewis Decker. It sure was interesting. I forwarded it on to Everett and Ruth Praetorius, as they have really enjoyed the Caroga Times and have e-mailed it to many of their friends. Keep up the good work and send them on to us. We really enjoy them.
Rosemary Piccola

March 4, 2001

This is an outstanding site, thank you!
Elinor Woodward

March 4, 2001

You are doing a wonderful job .You have made a lot of people happy in remembering their memories of long ago. It is the way you bring it to life as if it was just yesterday.
That is a talent in it self. I love it. We are fine here in Texas . You have a great time in June. We too use to love just driving the country roads as it is so beautiful there.
Thanks for the memories and can't wait for more. Do you know how Shermans is doing now that it has reopened? Best wishes to you and yours. 
Juanita Booth

March 4, 2001

Hi Tony - Viewed the "old Johnstown" and found it delightful - nice job!!! Was beginning to think you took off or something when no new pages or mail appeared - glad to see you are still at it doing a marvelous job.  I also read the mail that you have received - do you know how many people you have touched with your work on these projects - I have not seen a response like that - all favorable too, in a loooong time.  Can't offer any suggestions on Johnstown project - how can anything be an improvement on that? I am just jealous - wishing it were Gloversville.  
Thanks Tony - Doodie

March 6, 2001

I spent the past half hour or so laughing, remembering, and yes even some tears shed for  some dearly departed family members who loved Caroga Lake. Your music was also great!  I also spent several nights, weekends, and summer weeks  with my family at the Sammons camp.  We were way down at the end of the lake and could look straight across at Sherman's.  It was like little Summersville there at Caroga lake with my grandparents camp, Aunt' camp, uncles and of course my fathers camp all in the same area.  What great times.

It has been good time spent on this wintry blustery blizzard  day -  3/6/2001.  We have had in excess of 25 inches of snow.  My workplace has been closed for two days - as has been schools, college, business, etc. 

Interesting that the URL for your site was sent to me from a friend now retired in Florida. Now I can't wait to send it to a lot of my Fulton County friends and relatives.

Can I have permission to add your sight as a link from my company business site?  We have a nice section of links to Fulton County area sites and your site would be a fine addition.  Please let me know.

Marlene A. Benton (Sammons - maiden name)  

Oh - one more question or comment if you will - are you a writer?  If not you should be!  

March 7, 2001

Dear Tony,
Thanks for the nostalgic tour of days gone by in Johnstown. A lot of work; well done.
Thanks again, 
Jennie (Connie) Ermie Piazza

March 9, 2001

A friend forwarded the Caroga pictures and history to me.  It was very enjoyable and interesting.  Are you related to Jim Ermie?  He is about 47 years old and he went to school with my son, Greg.

Again, I enjoyed the "tour" and I know a lot of work must have gone into this.

Jeanine Precopio

March 12, 2001

My husband and I are enjoying your travelouge through Fulton Co. He will be retiring from being County Judge and Surrogate ..this year.  You will find our picture in Deckers first book about Fulton Co.  Do you have the tiny book about J'town published in about 1945? It's about 3by5inches. I'll try to find one for you. 

Graziella Lomanto

March 20, 2001

Hi Tony,
The pictures are great! Mom flew in this weekend from Johnstown and we all sat and looked at the pictures. She was amazed! You have done so well with your website. So many great memories. Thanks. Will keep in touch..... 
Carol (Barnholt) Washburn

March 21, 2001

Hi !
  My name is Steve Pitcher and I grew up in Johnstown ( 1961-1984).My family still resides there and I am currently approx. 3 hrs. away.

 I still come back to visit a couple of times per year. I would like to thank you for your efforts on this particular site. It was very well done . I was excited to see all the old pictures and recognized some of the buildings and photos .I also found the site to be a little sad in the way that in the early 1900's the streets of Johnstown appeared to be hustling and bustling and today if you drive down main street at 6:00pm all the stores are closed and the streets are empty. So much for modern technology ! ( Dam that Walmart ) 

            Anyhow, thanks for the stroll down memory lane. It's one of the best strolls I've taken on the net yet !!!    

Steve Pitcher

April, 7, 2001

What an awesome surprise! I opened my email this morning and there it was. I wasn't surfing the web. Your mail, then website, appeared. The trip down memory lane was moving to say the least.

We had a camp for about 16 years with my uncle and his family and my grandparents and spent the entire summer there from "school's out!" to Labor Day (the saddest day of all). I remember my grandfather taking his walk, after church (at St. Barbara's) on Sundays, to Sherman's for his bag of peanuts and his weekly talk with Mr. Sherman and the "pretty little blond" (as my grandfather referred to her) at the popcorn stand.

We lived in what was called "Lake View Grove" and I often wonder what became of all the neighbors...the Kozaks, DeGaros, Pakeltis', Bauders. (This was in the '50's and first half of the '60's) When my grandfather passed on, it seemed the magic of the camp and Sherman's went with him and we sold...something my cousins and I regret to this day.

It was a walk to Sherman's every day and sometimes early evening too with my friend next door. It was safe. It was healthy fun. It was the magic of summers at Caroga Lake. Thank you for rekindling some wonderful memories.

Jan DeLilli Swatling (from "the Passero clan")
Northville, NY

April 7, 2001

I just looked over your site and loved it. My family is from Stratford, the Johnson family. We visited Shermans many a Sunday. and remember the good old days keep up the pictures it brings back many wonderful memories. thank you.

 Gina ( Johnson) Coffin
Sacandaga Lake.

April 10, 2001

Dear Tony:

I just want you to know that I have viewed your site many times!!!! 

I used to spend quite a bit of time in Caroga in the summertime with Bruce and Mike Heberer who's parents still have a camp on Lake Ave in Caroga Lake. Bruce says that they are related to you.

Also, the many pictures of Sherman's bring back memories to my wife, Lita Guy Hillier.  She is the daughter of Butch and Patty Guy.  I am sure you know Butch, he worked for the Nick Stoner Golf Course for 30 years. Lita's mom, Patty, was the former Patricia Barney, who parents Gordon and Versella Barney lived in North Bush for years.  Versella was a Stock, sister to Donald and Robert Stock, Loretta Ferrari, and Iva Zayicek. Do any of those names ring a bell?

My wife Lita worked summers at Sherman's when the Morris'  owned it.  She said she used to have a ball the last few years Sherman's was open. My wife is now the bookkeeper and budget officer for the Town of Caroga.  She started when Bruce Busch was Supervisor and continues to work for FritzAnn.  We loved the pictures from the coffee shop you posted.

Another tie to Sherman's my wife and I have, is that we held our wedding reception in the banquet room at Sherman's on 6/6/92.  That is when the Abdella's first purchased it and it wasn't even open yet.  My wife and I kind of met there in the late 80's when Carbone's ran it like a night club.  It was only fitting that we celebrated our marriage there.  We took our wedding party on a party barge - pontoon boat around the lake before "landing" on the docks at Sherman's.   What a day - almost 300 packed into Sherman's.

I am a lieutenant at the Fulton County Sheriff's Office in Johnstown.  I am also GREAT friends with Little Joe Riccardi!  He and I traveled to NYC a couple of months ago and stayed the weekend at a FDNY station in the south Bronx.    You have to agree with me that Joe has a line of "B.S." a mile long and when he said he had "friends" in the fire department I thought he was just kidding.  Boy was I wrong!  They even know him in the Big Apple. Sure knows his way to Little Italy! It was nice to see the posting of Lil Joe!  It was great!!!

Keep up the good work!  Your website certainly matches or exceeds the printed work of Barbara McMartin  on the history of Caroga.

Have a great day.
 Lt Garth W. Hillier

April 11, 2001


Great site. I was born in Gloversville, NY and as I was growing up my family and I would camp at Caroga Lake and spend time at Sherman's. I remember riding the Whip and driving the gas powered cars. And who could forget the penny arcade. Your site brought tears to my eyes. As I am now a parent, I would love to bring my children to Sherman's to see where the first true amusement park was. Times change and I know Sherman's will not mean much to my children but it is important that they see "our" park.

Joe Chizek


Hi Tony - don't know if you'll remember me, but I grew up in Johnstown and
graduated in the class of 58'. I think you were one class behind me. Weren't you related to Gina Precopia on West Clinton Street. I lived across the street next to Marchetti's. Were you ever down there on a hot Saturday night and Joe would "sing" up the street and Mrs. Marchetti would come running after him. I was best friends with Ralphie. Brings back such warm memories. Ralphie and I built a boat behind the bar when we were around 4 or 5. He was going to take me to Italy!

Well, thanks you so much for bringing back such fond memories of Caroga.
That's what the 50's were all about for a lot of us. Right? Anyway, fantastic job.

Jane Vrooman

April 20, 2001


Thank you ever so much for the memories. Your pictures of Johnstown brought
many things that I had forgotten about, I graduated June 1950 from JHS. The
very next day I left town never to return, I took a job as a trainee with FW
Woolworth. They sent me to Ogdensburg NY, where I met my wife to be. I
then was drafted into the Army for two years, When I was discharged I went
back to Ogdensburg.

My family at this time moved to Florida, where I visited them.

Thank you again,

Ernest Schumann (Ernie)
409 Morris St.
Ogdensburg, NY 13669-2727

April 24, 2001


Enjoyed the visit to Johnstown. During October 25, 1786, my distant relative Lt Col Volkert Veeder of the 4th Regiment of Tryon Co., fought in the battle of Johnstown during the revolutionary war. Many of my relatives are from your home. I will go visit this summer. My past surnames include: Easton, Morrell, Gaylord, Vrooman, Veeder, Bailey, Scott, Dalrymple, Smith and Mabie. Gloversville, Fonda, Cherry Valley, Fort Plain, Albany, Mohawk are all towns where my relatives lived. I hope to visit all of them this summer. You lived in a very beautiful area of the country!

  Robert M Easton, Jr, OD, FAAO
2708 East Oakland Park Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33306-1605

April 24, 2001


What a great addition to your website!  I graduated from Johnstown in 1975 and was just back there last August for our 25th High School Reunion at the Country Club (which used to be a farm when I was a kid and lived down the road from there!).  I will have to check my pictures and see what I have that I can contribute.
Keep up the good work!

Kim Brown
Bedford, TX

April 24, 2001

Hello.... Just looked at it for the first time........GREAT...GREAT JOB. I am the third generation to own our camp on the East lake. Looking at the pictures sure took me back. Again GREAT JOB......I will be back......

Thomas Hermance, Gloversville (for the winter)

April 25, 2001


My congratulations of your web site on Caroga Lake and Johnstown. I is superb and have brought back a lot of memories of going to Caroga Lake is the late fifties and of Johnstown where lived until I left for university in 1958. 

Your site information was sent to me by Jane Vrooman Bowman, a fellow classmate. Having just moved house for the 19th after 27 years in the military and my fifth move here in Belgium, I know I have some info on Johnstown in some box from the turn of the century as my grandparent lived in Thyneville and across the street (Hamilton St) from the Wells Estate. I will try to locate it and will pass it on to you if it is in decent shape.
Ray Healy

April 25, 2001

Hi Tony!  I do keep checking this great site--love the Johnstown pics--even though I did not grow up there.  Hope all is well with you & the family.  I give you so much credit for bringing so much joy and memories to so many people.  Added one more grandchild to our list in August--please, Lord, keep them coming!!!  Did you ever post that picture I sent on the Merry-go-round last year?  Take care & keep up the wonderful work.   
Janet Fowler Hurwitz

April 25, 2001

Hi Tony,

A link to your website was sent to me by my sister-in-law and I just went through the whole site and even read every page. I enjoyed every part of it immensely!

You did a Beautiful job putting this all together.

I will be forwarding this link to many people and highly recommend they see this site. I am 56 years old now and I remember so many good times going to Caroga Lake as a boy. I grew up in Ilion and still live here, and I remember when I was in Grade School some of us were what you called Patrol Boys. Basically, we would be let out of school a few minutes before everyone else and we would go to various street corners and stop traffic to let the smaller kids cross the streets safely. Each summer the Local Police in Ilion through their PBA would charter a Bus and take all the Patrol Boys to Caroga Lake for the day. they would give us each a Dollar spending money and a Box Lunch. That was their way of thanking us for being Patrol Boys for the year. We all looked forward to that annual Trip so much.

Later on in Life I started to work in Remington Arms and I am still there. Been there for almost 39 yrs now. Back in the '70's we use to have our Annual shop Picnic at Caroga and they would give each Kid a Dollar spending money and an arm band where they could ride the rides all day for free.

Those days are gone now and you just don't see the times anymore. I guess we can all say we lived during the Good Days when people worked hard, but they played hard too. We knew how to make our own fun and just enjoy life!

Thank you so much for sharing some of your memories, but also letting me remember some of mine.

Dave Dunckel


I also do Scenic and Wildlife Photos of the Adirondacks and other parts of NY and I have a large e-mail list that I send them to people who have moved from this area and some who are still here. I will definitely send them this link because I know many of them and their families will enjoy it as much as I did.

April 27, 2001

What a wonderful few moments of nostalgia of Caroga Lake.  My name is Wally Pina and I have been going to Caroga Lake for over 40 years.  We bought a camp in "Lake View Grove" in the late 50's and stayed their for around 12 years until we just outgrew it. (five children)  Two of my children worked at Shermans.  Susan as a waitress, dishwasher etc during her college summers and my oldest son Jerry who worked in the indoor pavilion.  Both liked it lots and have fond memories.  My other son Michael (now deceased) went to Wheelerville when we were between homes and had to stay at the lake until late Oct.  He was on the championship football team there and they threw him a big party when he left to return to Westchester.  We presently own a camp on Scott road in East Caroga Lake.  We have been their for the past 30 some years. 

Anyway, I enjoyed your sight and will place it in the "favorite" category.  Keep up the good work, and stop by and visit at "Pina's Palace" on the end of Scott road.  We have a cute spot on the lake and would love to meet you in person.

Wally Pina

May 4, 2001


My sister who lives in Fultonville sent me your WEB site on Caroga Lake. I worked at Morris' restaurant the summer of 1955 the summer before my senior year at Fonda-Fultonville high school. I had a room in Mrs. Yates house across from Sherman's next to the grocery store. It brought back a lot of memories.

Thanks for the site. Nancy Ingersoll.

May 4, 2001


This is one of the finest web sites that I have ever seen. It's so fitting that the finest web site is dedicated to the finest of all places, Caroga Lake. Keep up the good work! I spent every entire summer with my grandmother, family, uncles, aunts, cousins at West Caroga Lake. Many of my fondest childhood memories and my love of the outdoors were forged at Caroga Lake. It was really a trip down memory lane seeing the photos and reading the descriptions and seeing some familiar names. Thanks for the memories. There is always a warm place in my heart for Caroga and the Adirondacks.

I will try to dig up some pictures for your site.

Warmest Regards,

John Rekemeyer
Shrewsbury, MA

May 11, 2001

Hi Tony:  Just amazin'!  I lived in Gloversville in the late 50s and used to be good friends with Joey Riccardi.  Caroga Lake holds a lot of memories for me, including staying at the Riccardi camp.  When I stumbled on this website, I didn't know if I should laugh or cry.  The Riccardi's were watching after me when my father became very ill (and passed away in the summer of 58).  If you have a way of getting word to Joey, please say hey for me. 

 Larry Mullen

May 25, 2001

Hey Tony:
I stopped by the website today for another trip down memory lane-just one of
those days I was missing camp. 
When I saw a picture of Saltsman's I got a craving for those special potatoes they served with every dinner. I have tried in the past to re-create this delicate blend of diced potatoes and...? Butter?? Cream??? They had kind of a cheesy taste but I'm almost sure there was no cheese included in the dish. 

I am wondering if any of the guests that come on-site who may read over these messages have been able to recreate this master dish in their own kitchens? If so, I'd love their recipe by email...they can zip it to <> .

Again, kudos to you and keep up the good work on the site.
Connie Miller Hanna
Sunset Beach MD
(but Caroga at heart!!)

May 25, 2001

Hi Tony
My name is Ray Bishop, and I am really enjoying what you have done with this caroga thing. I grew up in Johnstown in the 40's and 50's. Spent a lot of time at the lake in the 50's. Live in Az. now, but am enjoying these trips down memory lane.
The midway back then used to have one of those old things that you hit on the bottom with a mallet, and tried to send a ball up to hit a bell. Frank made sure we couldn't ring the bell to often so we wouldn't get a big head. What a great guy. They don't make many men like Mr. Sherman any more. Thanks to him for all the great times we had up there when we were kids, and thanks to you for letting some of oldies revisit.
Sincerely Ray

May 25, 2001

Hi Tony, 

It's Colleen, Lil Joe's daughter. I wanted you to know that they printed the story that I wrote on my father along with the web address in the Am-Jam newspaper. I imagine that you will be getting several hits.

Again thank you, you've done a wonderful job! Keep up the good work!!

           Colleen Graves

May 29, 2001

Was just visiting Caroga Times on the internet. It brought back many memories from years past. I grew up in Gloversville and graduated from high school in 1955. Still get up there every few years to visit, and always make a trip to "the lake" a priority. Thanks for having this site to go back in time to......I remember the MONKEE's dearly.

Donald J. Holland
Winter Haven, Florida

May 30, 2001


What a neat idea.  I too have memories of Caroga Lake.  We lived there from the time I was a baby until the summer of 1977.  I was entering 5th grade.  I remember going on class trips from Wheelerville School where I attended to Sherman's, riding the carousel and the whip.  I remember going there for the summers with my Mom, sisters and the Hayner Family (Linda and her girls:  Patty, Chrissy and Lisa).  We had lots of fun.  I loved living there and to this day it is one of my fondest memories of my childhood.  I still call it home.  If anyone who reads this remembers me drop me a line.  Love to hear from you.

Theresa Carbone (was Brooks when I was in Caroga Lake).

May 31, 2001

Loved your site, only looked at the first couple of sections so far. There was a reference to your site in the email from the Fulton Computers Group

Paul M. Dietrich Sr.
Amsterdam, NY

June 4, 2001

A friend of mine sent me your web site address and I thought I would give it a quick glance. I've been giving it a quick glance for the past 2 hours. What a trip down memory lane! I was raised in the Town of Oppenheim and on occasion my folks would take us kids to Caroga Lake. What a treat that was. I can only envy you because you lived there and must have had some awesome times. I can relate to alots of things you mentioned like the dump at Stratford. I can remember sitting in the car and watching the bears come out and paw through the garbage. Those were the days.

    In the past 2 hours I've gone from laughing my butt off to choking back tears. You have done a beautiful job with this site and can't wait to pass it on to my local friends who also grew up in this area. I'm sure they will enjoy it as much as I did. I also intend to pass it on to people I know who think New York is one big city. After seeing your site they will understand why I love it here so much. I was in the Air Force for 20 years and traveled all over the world and can honestly tell you there is no place more beautiful than the Adirondacks. It has so much to offer year round. People that visit me from other states are really surprised to what they see when I take them around to see the sights. And of course no tour would be complete without a stop by Caroga and Pine Lake. 

    Below you will see a web site that I put together. It started out as a small hobby, but I think its turning into a monster. With your permission, I'd really like to create a link to your site from mine. I would like for as many people as possible from around here to see your site. Maybe the extra exposure will produce more pictures and information that you can use. 

    Since my retirement from the service, I've lived in Salisbury Center. Just down the road from the covered bridge you mentioned. I drive thru it just about every day. I noticed the pictures of the bridge show it closed off with boards across the entries. I don't know when or why it was closed, but it is open and was wondering if you would like some pictures of it without it being blocked off?

    Again, Thank You!! You really made my day. Keep up the great work.

Ken Rasbach
148 Fairview Rd
Dolgeville, NY   13329


I was thrilled to find your site.  My family sold our camp last fall, and we all miss Caroga terribly.

Thanks for the wonderful site

Margaret Varieur


Wow...I can't believe I stumbled across this site....what a trip down memory probably don't remember me.......but check out my web site to see if you do.....            

We have been gone from Johnstown since 1991 but did get back to Caroga the last 2 years and will be there again in August of this year.....can't wait to have more time to really get into the site.     

Thanks for the ride........Louise Muller


Hi my name is Michael Servido, my family owned a cottage on 5th ave on Caroga lake. My grandfather Vito Servido brought it in the late 50's and my father sold it in the early 90's due to illness. We all were very sad to loss a great place like that. I spent most my childhood summers on the lake. I been all over  this country and still Caroga lake is the best place i have been.

The pictures on this site made me so happy. They brought back memories I had on the lake. I sent this site to my brother and sister. My father knew Lil joe very well if you see Joe ask if he knew Vito Servido. He past a way a few years ago. I  want to come up to Caroga with my children to show them the wonders and majesty of the lake .I would like if you could send me some info of places  in the area to stay.

Thanks for this site it made me very happy I will always love that lake as long as I live. Thanks again for this site. 
Michael Servido



These pictures bring back such happy memories.  Back in the early 60's , I went to ST. Michael's school in Cohoes New York.  The Resurrection nuns ran the school and they would bring us here every year on a field trip. It was the excitement of the year.

I think I have some old pictures, I will check for them.

The Pictures are ok
Cathy Gonzalez


Great site ... well done too ... (being in the internet business ... I see alot) Don't know what compelled me to look up Caroga lake and Sherman's park tonight...but, was good to see some old pics from the 60's ... gotta love that yellow popcorn ! ... and those motorized go-karts were so cool ..... (the "turnpike"?)

Thanks ... Hopefully will get a chance to take a ride up when in Schenectady visiting the folks this weekend ....

Ray Tumi
Norwich, CT



Marie Gilbert sent me your e-mail and it sure does bring back memories. I graduated from Johnstown High in 58 and grew up in Johnstown since 4 and as you get older you realize memories are what it is all about.  You have done a great job of putting together memories.

Glad Marie forwarded this on to me.  Keep it up.

Happy 4th.

Betty (Smith) Twardy


What a great job you've done on the site. My maiden name is Dicruttalo. My dad Albert Dicruttalo Sr. played at Shermans in the Freddie Clute Orchestra.
And how well I remember  the great times. Grandma Dicruttalo had a cottage there and every time dad played we'd get to stay up late to sit under the ropes or around the side and dance the night away. As a teenager I was always at the Hupticks camp with one of my best friends Susan Huptick who passed away last summer..

The memories that you brought back were great. I will look for some photos next time I visit my mom in Gloversville and send them your way..

Thanks for the memory!!!
Sincerely, Cathy (Dicruttalo ) Salatino

July 20, 2001


A friend just emailed me to check this site out. I love it, it brings back so many wonderful memories of when we went there on those summer weekends. This would be in the late 40s & early 50s when I was a pre-teen. I especially remember the paddle boats. Keep up the good work.
 Rich Hagarty of Calif.

July 28, 2001


I'm afraid that I don't remember you, but Shermans was an old haunt.  I went there many times as a youngster and worked there after I grew up and married.  I drove for Coca Cola and stocked soda coolers on weekends.  My father, Everett Brown, worked many years from about 1949 until he died as a handyman around the Lake and did a lot of cooler (refrigeration) work for the Shermans.  

I lived up on Morey Road from 1954 until I left for active duty in the Army in 1963.  Five of my six children were born in Nathan Litteaur (sp?) Hospital in Gloversville while we were living there.  I do remember the Shermans, Yates's, Baker's, Holloday's, Lakes, Busch's and many, many more.  Thanks for the "drive" down memory lane!

Dick Brown

July 28, 2001

Many years ago (20+) my family used to travel to Caroga Lake. What a great place and wonderful memories! I swam across the lake when I was 11.

I am looking for information about a church we used to attend there. It was only a block or so from the lake and if you were facing the carnival area, it was down the road a bit on the left (then up a road a block). Do you have any contact information regarding that church. I think it was either nondenominational or Reformed.

Thanks again. And I love your site.
Rick Derrico

August 8, 2001

Hi, even though I moved out of Caroga lake less than 10 years ago, I was amazed at how familiar some of the pictures of places around town were.

My parents owned 'T'hee Country Store, up until a couple years ago.

I just came across the site, and thought id drop a line..

Bill Toles
Site Management & Design
Producer -
Phone: 650-470-5512

August 11, 2001

Dear Tony...

I am sitting here after discovering your "Caroga Times" website, quite by accident, and just feeling like I'm home again. Thank you so much for doing this...I am so overwhelmed right now I can't write much more...but thank you and I know I have some photos from Caroga Lake.

My name is Rich Loebl.....we lived in Gloversville...on 12th Ave...(now it's Grandoe Lane) and I can remember how excited we would get when my Dad got us all into the car for our weekend ride to Sherman' Dad and I use to ice skate on the small pond behind the merry-go-round in the winter. I have so many memories of Caroga Lake I can't even begin to write them...thank you again.

I also live in California Santa Barbara....

Rich Loebl

August 12, 2001


Dear Tony:

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to view how our ancestors once lived. I can just picture my Grandmother during this era......

  This summer, I took my family to the Johnstown/Gloversville area because my roots on my father's side began in that region. My Grandmother, Mildreth Louise Gaylord was a DAR through her relation to Lt Col Volkert Veeder who was in the 3rd Regiment of Tryon Co Militia and fought in the Battle of Johnstown. I took my family to the site of the Battle and the Stone of Dedication by the DAR. We also visited the Fonda Archives, where I met a descendent of Lt Volkert Veeder with his name, Volkert Veeder. Volkert was very helpful to me in explaining the history of the area and how he and I was related to the Lt Col.  Volkert gave us a tour of the area where all the Veeders lived. Volkert was a true servant to his heritage and his community.  I hope to see him again on a future visit.

  We also visited Gloversville Pleasant Hill Cemetery with another relative of mine, Emmett Van Arnam. Here most of my relatives of the Bailey, Morrell, and Vrooman family were buried.  Most of my family were Glove Manufacturers in Gloversville.

We toured the area and enjoyed the architecture, the surrounding flora, and the clean air. On our next visit, I hope to take my father, Robert Morrell Easton Sr and his wife back to his mom's roots. This area of the country is beautiful.

Thanks for providing us your webpage,

Robert Morrell Easton, Jr, OD, FAAO
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33306-1605

August 12, 2001

Enjoyed the addition, especially to the Caroga Site. 

My husbands nephew Paul Galway in the picture with Brian Yates, with the horses were a pleasant surprise, Brian's Dad and my husband, Fred Galway, were good friends then and remained friends until Fred passed away in 1997. 

Again thank you,
Jeanne S. Galway

August 19, 2001

I thoroughly enjoyed the Fall 2000 "Picture Show" by the various folks who have brought back to us, the many fun times we all had at Sherman's, when we were young. 

My husband and I live on E Caroga Lake during the summer and fall months, leaving after the leaves change for Florida until May of the next year. It's been a real pleasure to visit the Caroga Times web page to see what has been added since our departure the previous year.

 My uncles and aunts, (the Charlie Vedders, the Richard Jenners) have lived at both the Caroga Lakes for years, as well as my parents, Reg & Rusty Drake. Now our children and grandchildren are enjoying all that we experienced years ago.
Thanks So Much. 
Gretchen Johnson

August 23, 2001

What a trip down memory lane! I've been going to Caroga for 43 years - since I was 2. I remember heading up to the lake and asking "When are we going to Shermans?" If we were there for a week, Mom and Dad would have to space the two trips we were allowed during the week. I still remember the cotton candy and we'd have to finish it before we got in the car because we'd make a mess of the car... and we weren't allowed to get the cotton candy until the rides were finished. Then we were taken home and put in a bath because we'd gotten cotton candy in our hair and everywhere else.

My husband started coming to the lake when we were dating and fell in love with the place. We've owned a place on the golf course for 15 years and both my boys love the fishing, swimming, boating and waterskiing as much as I did when I was a kid. I was always sorry, though, that Shermans was just a ghost of what it had been. Do you remember the amusement park at Pine Lake?

Mary Gilmour

August 23, 2001

Hi Tony,

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed "Caroga Times". Going thru it brought back such wonderful memories of the summers I spent their in the 40's and 50's. I went back and forth from laughter to tears remembering all the special times I enjoyed. Thanks for bringing back all the memories of Caroga Lake.

Carole Gritzbach Jobe, Florida
(originally from Schenectady)

August 27, 2001

Thanks for some of the memories!

I started coming to Caroga Lake in the late 60's (in my teens) & spent weeks in the Caroga Lake camp site with the Bell's. We enjoyed many a good time at Sherman's trolling for the opposite sex (unfortunately at that time without success). I did ask my wife out on our first at the Jammer though in 1980. They were good times as well. I guess I might have some stories as well about some local characters from our times.
Anyway, we built a house on Rt 10 just north of "The Maple Tree Restaurant" and we love the community. My wife & I also have a camp on So Shore E Caroga Lk to enjoy the sunrises & sunsets.

Caroga Lake has been asleep for a few years with regards to a lot of activity. I do see a change coming in the wind. Lets hope everyone embraces it.

Robert Sullivan

August 29, 2001


First chance I've had to look at your site. (Albert & Julie alerted me to it about a year ago, but I could never pull it up.) Great Job! Johnstown will always be "Home." So many wonderful memories. Thanks for keeping them alive, renewing some temporarily lost, & adding new.

 Congratulations & kindest personal regards,

 Charles Schwab, '59

PS Maybe one day when you're editing, you could correct the spelling of my name on the '59 reunion photo. Also, believe the one of football players Tom Russo, Fred Maderic, etc had to be '59 vice '60 as I know Fred graduated in '59.

September 7, 2001

Tony, this is Ron Knapik from ASW Computers in Tribes Hill NY.  We have received much input from our local customers who really like your site.

Since so many people from the Mohawk Valley and Capital District spent some of their youth at Sherman's or came there as adults to dance, we would like to post a link to your site in the ASW Links Library of our site.

Check it out, and let me know ASAP if we could post a link to your site.


Ron Knapik
ASW Computers

September 9, 2001

I absolutely love you website!  It brings back memories of my younger years. But then I'm sure you've heard that many times from many people.
Have you ever thought of doing something on Gloversville?

I truly wish you would. The Gloversville Business & Professional League produced a photo slide show screensaver. Their production can't hold a candle to what you have produced on your website. In my opinion what they did was not done well. Too bad because there is a lot of history in Gloversville just as in Johnstown and Caroga.

There are sufficient picture etc. available if someone had the talent and time to work on a Gloversville segment. You obviously have the talent but perhaps not the time.

     Anyway... Love Your Website!
     Cynthia L. Morey

October 2, 2001

I live in Germany and was at a party this past week and I met Ray Healy who lives in Belgium. We asked each other where we are from and we both found out we came from upstate New York. To make things easier for people from the other 49 states, we say we're from near Albany.

Well when we both said that we had to narrow down our geography a little bit more. It turns out that Ray is from Johnstown and although I grew up in Schenectady, both of my parents came from Gloversville and my mother's family had a camp on East Caroga where I spent every summer of my youth. I left that area in 1971 and moved to Europe. I have visited Caroga several times since then. I thoroughly enjoy your web site and have forwarded it to my brothers. Thank you for sharing your website with us.

Bill Van Husen

October 6, 2001

This is Greg and Joan Caliri of Bradford, Massachusetts. Greg doing
the writing.

Joan's maiden name is Baker. Her family had a large house on Caroga Lake but we sold it off in the mid-1980s. While we miss our trips to Caroga Lake, it was logistically impossible for us to keep "Lakehome", as my in-laws decided not to travel north from Florida every summer. Joan's sister is in the Buffalo area, I'm in Boston, so it was a four-five hour drive for either of us to get there. My brother-in-law lived in Latham at the time but he had no interest in retaining it, so it went up on the market.

Joan's cousin, Greg McDuffee, still owns the house next door to "Lakehome", as far as I know. He is the son of the late Lavern and Doris McDuffee, who lived down in Sprakers during the winter but the weekend retreat was Caroga. Lavern was the traffic manager for Beech-Nut, and Doris was very active in civic functions in the
Canajoharie-Sprakers area. Greg's great uncle Sherwood, now deceased, owned the home two doors down , and Doris' father had the house next door, so we had a sort of family compound at Caroga from the mid-50s through the mid-80s. Doris' sister also had a house -- so we had the five houses between Sherman's house (as Joan vaguely recalls) and the Baker "Lakehome".

Prior to acquiring Lakehome in the mid-1950s, my in-laws owned a home near Chapel Road and the main road by W. Caroga Lake. Perhaps you remember Helen and Pete Baker from Batavia? That's our family!

My mother-in-law and father-in-law both grew up in the Caroga Lake area. My mother-in-law, who passed away in April of this year, is the former Helen McDuffee. My father-in-law is still living in Florida -Dr. Peter Baker. He had his medical practice in Batavia, near Buffalo, because his mother worked at the New York State School
there. So, the Bakers lived in Batavia, but spent summer weekends in Caroga Lake. In fact, they met at Sherman's in the 1930s, and Peter also worked as a short-order cook at Sherman's to pay his way through Syracuse University.

Pete and Helen always encouraged us to bring our friends and my family up to Caroga, and so we did so often during the summer. As a result, some of the happiest memories of our lives were at Caroga Lake and the surrounding area. Your page jogged many happy memories of the area.

Our daughter is now 24 years old, and even she has happy memories of Caroga with "Popsie and G'ma Baker". My own parents sometimes lament that we let the house go, as do we.

We remember the "old Sherman's" well -- also, we remember Pine Lake Pavilion, where every Saturday night a dance was held with a live band - and I can remember the folks dancing to the Ernest Tubb tune "Do what ya do, do well!" As we didn't have a lot of money when we were college age, we used to buy one plastic pitcher of beer, then toss it out the window of the pavilion so a friend would fill it up with the
contents of quart bottles of Genesee 12 Horse Ale or Topper Beer obtained from the Price Chopper. Our friend Marty, who lives in Attleboro, proudly displays a framed, discarded sign from Pine Lake which warns "Do not enter the Pavilion with alcoholic beverages which have not been purchased within." It hangs over his bar in his home.

We have one somewhere as well. We have many pictures -- my father-in-law just cleared out his "stuff" in the apartment in Florida, and so we will cull through the pictures and scan and Email you the best ones we find. It might be awhile, as we are busy in November and October. Plus, there's a lot to go through.

Thanks for putting the pics up online. Again, it brought back a LOT of good memories and pleasant times. We made a pledge that we will get back there sometime next year. We haven't been there in around 16 years. We miss the area. I will also make my brother-in-law and sister-in-law aware of the site.

Finally, the penny arcade, kiddie rides, etc. are gone from Sherman's -- obviously, it was a different era, and people had different interests, and times have changed, and things that decay or break down have to go. Economics dictate that you have to provide what people want consistently, or you won't survive . But we are especially happy to see that Sherman's still lives on in a slightly different form - and also appears to be a few steps above what it was when we last saw it, and in what could have been its declining days.


Greg and Joan Caliri

October 16, 2001

Dear Tony,

The site brought back such good memories, it brought tears to my eyes. I shared the site with my six year old. After all I am an "older" mom who visited Shermans almost every year of grade school with ST. Michaels School from Cohoes, NY , this was the highlight of the year, going to Caroga Lake. It has such good memoriesl I explained to him , that this was where I went on my field trip. I have a coworker who has camp there now who hooked me up to the site originally.

 I am going to bring him sooner or later.
 Thanks so much for a fantastic site.
Cathy Gonzalez
Malta, New York

October 17, 2001

I'm Dick "Growler" Nolan who lived in Johnstown from the late 40's to the early '50. I remember the area you cover on your Site with great pleasure so I was delighted to look at your pictures and read your comments. You did a marvelous job of putting the appropriate music to the great pictures and prose. Art Stock of Gloversville, who is married to my cousin Mary Ann, has roamed, hunted and fished and trapped that area all his life and has told me many a tale of the locations you featured. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your work and wish you the very best.
Dick Nolan

October 17, 2001

Hi Tony:
Thanks a million for the update on your CAROGA TIMES. I spend a good five hours reviewing just the Classic pictures that you note as your favorites. You've created a tremendous list of slides relating to the heart and soul of youthful memories of life - in and around the Caroga Lake area. My heartfelt "Thanks" for the generous quotation noted by you for my inclusion of some 30 plus pictures - it's deeply appreciated.
Ted Kitler

October 22, 2001


I saw this and thought of the back roads, the dirt roads, you have taken us on at your web site and thought you might enjoy this. You do a great job sharing Fulton County with us. I wish you grew up in Amsterdam or my hometown near Syracuse (Camillus). I would love to see memories like yours shared on the net. I missed most of the fall here because I was visiting in Colorado but did get back in time to see some of the prettiest color right across the street from me where I live.
We have a beautiful country.

Have a good day.
Sister Johanna

November 29, 2001


 Nice bunch of pictures. I sort of remember Caroga Lake from about 1931, when we used to swim at Vrooman's, rather than Shermans. I can still remember the smell of the rubber from the bathing caps.

As my family had a place in Benson, I never got to Caroga much until 1942. That's where the "action" was! Thanks, I enjoyed the show.

Wolf Conover, GHS '42

November 30, 2001


I have to say, I love this site.  I currently live in Washington, DC, but was born and raised in Amsterdam New York and spent many summers and holiday weekends at Bleeker Mountain.  While I am too young to remember Sherman's, I know that my older siblings, as well as my mother went to Sherman's years ago.

My fiancé and I, also from Amsterdam, are getting married in September at Shermans, surrounding the carousel and would like to use a true photo of the area for a reply card for my invitations.  I saw that a few of the pictures are used with permission from Ms. Mc Martin.

Could you please respond with her contact information, or pass along my email address to her so that I may get in touch with her.
All the best and happy holidays.
Steve and Debbie

November 30, 2001

Most enjoyable website I have visited.
What memories and music.
Thank you.

November 30, 2001


ABSOLUTELY GREAT!  this past summer, took our kids (8 & 10, we live in Florida) up and climbed Kane Mt ... they loved it (our camp was next to Sherman's house ... we sold it)

Mike Gisondi

December 3, 2001

I was sent this web site from Dave Dunkle and found it very interesting and nostalgic.  I would camp here at Caroga every year as a child with my grandparents, more than 55 years ago.  Then as a teenager I would baby-sit for the Coakley family who owned a camp on the lake.  During the 1970's we had fun family times there with the Sperry/Univac plant picnics. 
I noticed that you might have a book for sale.  Could you give me the particulars.

Thank you.

Barbara Jackson Doxstader
Birmingham, AL

December 3, 2001

Hi Tony - what a great site!  It brought tears to my eyes as I remembered all the wonderful times our family had at Caroga Lake during the summers in the 40's and 50's.  Although my memory has faded some with time, your site stirred up memories of the beauty of the area and all the fun we shared there.  Your pictures are outstanding....keep taking them.  The majority should be framed.  They are really pieces of art.  My brother lives in Ilion and sent me your site.  Kudos..........

Sharron in South Carolina

December 3, 2001

Just viewed your piece on Frank Sherman and would like to congratulate you on a job well done. He not only was the mechanical genius you portrayed but, also, one of the most astute business persons I had ever met.
I worked for 'Buster" and Bill Ostrum in the early fifties and have many memories of Shermans' when it was, perhaps, the most popular resort in central New York State.
Viewing your site is like taking a step back in time.....................
Regards-----Bill Houck


I am Don Jonas from Frankfort and spent my time at Piseco. Went to Caroga lake over the washboard road from Piseco. Fritz Limpert from Ilion made the trip many times. You did a great job on this program.

Don Jonas


Hi Tony...

 Thanks very much for sending the Caroga Lake page.  I discovered it at the same time that I was browsing the Johnstown page.  All I can say is that it really brings back memories, especially in the wake of Sept. 11th.  I was at the amusement park a few years ago and was delighted to see that someone had purchased the facility and was still operating it.  The saddest parts were discovering that the Penny Arcade building was gone, along with all those never-to-be-seen-again games!  I was also sad to see that the original horses were removed from the merry-go-round and replaced with newer versions.  They look fine, but they are not the same as the originals.  Do you know whether any of the penny arcade games and/or the carousel horses were sold at auction or may still be available?  Please let me know.

I remember the first time my father persuaded me to try a ride on the Ferris wheel.  When it got to the top, I was terrified and made Dad tell the ride operator to stop and let me off.  Poor Dad.  I was about four and really scared way up in the air!

I miss the mountains and returned every year regularly, until a few years back.  I used to spend summers at Henrietta Kobuskie's home near the top of Pinnacle Mountain in Bleeker.  "Kobusk" or "Grandma Diddy-Daw" as all the kids called her, raised 8 or 9 kids in that little house -- with a well and a kitchen pump, a wood-burning stove and outdoor plumbing.  I can still remember nailing cheesecloth across the windows in the summer to prevent being eaten alive by "punkies."  

The last time I spent a week at the Kobuskie home was in 1966...the summer after my freshman year away at the Univ. of Miami.  Somehow I knew it would be the last time I would ever see Kobusk.  I was right.  She died in 1969 when I graduated from UM.  It was a real rite of passage for me.  When my grandmother died, Kobusk's son, Jack (former coach of the G'ville basketball team) came to Danny Ehle's place to see me and to pay his respects.

All I can say is that they don't make many men like Coach Kobuskie.  He told me that when he was a boy, living in that house on the mountain, he had to ski down the mountain in the winter in order to attend the one-room school house at the base of Pinnacle Road.  He made his own skis.  His father was a true lumberjack and a Bleeker pioneer.

Down the road from the Kobuskie home, lived a mountain man, named 'Fay."  Fay built his own one-room dirt-floored shack and lived very contentedly.  Kobusk, her sister Aunt Trace) and my grandmother ("Babu") use to walk down the road to visit Fay.  My first visit was made at age 6.  I was a scrawny little kid with white-blonde hair tied in ribbons.  I was completely fascinated with Fay and the colorful habitants of the tiny mountain community.  

Fay made his living (occasionally) by lumbering and cutting grass for the County.  He had an old Indian Paint horse named "Jughead" and a German Shepherd as companions.  He also kept one mighty rooster and some hens.  In the summer, the hens lived in the hen-house, but in the winter, Fay brought them all into his little shack for survival.  

Clearly, Fay had a lifestyle that was quite the opposite of what I was accustomed to back in Johnstown.  My parents were amused when I returned after the summer in Bleeker.  I apparently told some curious tales about adventures with Fay at the family dinner table.  My father, ever the protective guardian of his daughters, decided to check out Fay and the mountain shack.  One Christmas he drove up the Pinnacle and brought Fay a smoked turkey and a bottle of good scotch.  Fay invited him in to sit by the wood-burning stove, which was on the other side of the room from his big four-poster bed, hewn from logs.  It was a very cold Christmas and naturally the rooster and his harem of hens were clucking all around the small room.

One very smart hen was roosting in Fay's  only cooking utensil -- a battered old frying pan.  The pan was on top of the stove and while the fire had gone out, the stove and the pan were toasty warm -- just right for a fat old hen on Christmas Eve.
Of course this was the same frying pan that Fay always used to fry up brook trout, caught in a nearby stream.  I had had the pleasure of being served some of those very same brook trout and bragged to my parents (at the family dinner table) about Fay's great fried brookies.

It goes without saying that my father was polite to Fay, but as he told the story to Mom when he returned, the place was in his words, "disgusting."  Dad gave the edict that Christmas that I was forbidden from ever eating at Fay's again.  Just think of al that dirt -- a dirt floor!  

I was crushed.  But, as usual, after dinner when Dad had disappeared in his study, I appealed the case to Mom.  Her advice was simple, very basic and always the same -- "All right, Susan.  You can go to Fay's when you are there next summer.  But, do not come home and tell your father about it."

Fay's cabin was on the right side of the dirt road, just past the old saw mill and the hound/gun club, as you were driving up the mountain.  It was just a bit down the road from the Kobuskie place.  He cleared quite a bit of space for the hen house, Jughead's barn and some for planting.  He won Jughead from an Indian in a poker game (his version).  Fay and the other loggers would hitch "runners" to Jughhead as a means of carting hewn logs out of the woods.  I would follow along (starting at age 6), carrying a lunch bucket and looking forward to a plate of fried "brookies" for lunch.  Fay always caught them with a hand line.

He used to make his own homemade wine from elderberries, blackberries and blueberries.  He always invited us down for an afternoon "toddy" but Kobusk always politely declined.  That would have really set Dad off!

I miss Kobusk and Fay "more than words can tell."  After living in the slick city of Miami for 35+ years and sharing my "Bleeker adventures" with my friends, I can assure you that no one I know down here has ever had such wonderful childhood experiences.   

The last time I visited Bleeker, the old saw mill was gone, along with the mill pond where I used to go rafting with summer friends....a part of Bleeker history vanished forever.

Fay's shack still stands.  I was thrilled to meet Fay's daughter and son-in-law, who had taken over the place after he died.  In the best Bleeker tradition, they are mountain people who were just not quite comfortable down in the "big city" of Gloversville.  We shared tales of days past.  Jughead is long gone and of course the rooster and his gals are but a memory.  I have no idea whether they are still in the shack.

My most enduring dream is to live out my last years in the old Kobuskie house on the side of Pinnacle Mountain.  The house is still there, looking like a canvass painted by Andrew Wyeth.  I understand some folks from New York bought it and sometimes spend summers there.

You can still hear the whip 'o wills calling across the meadows.  The deer are still plentiful (despite the damn hound and gun club).  The old bridges are still sturdy.  The road still goes to the top of the mountain.  If you hike all the way up, you will see sunlight filtering through the overhead leaf canopy and you will hear the mountain stream rushing over smooth rocks.

Half way up is a small clearing.  Once as a girl, walking my Irish Setter, I unexpectedly startled a flock of pheasants and quail.  Mike, my Irish Setter, "pointed."  The sun was magnificent on his deep russet coat.  There are some very old gnarled apple trees in the clearing.  Long ago, a logger's wife gathered apples for her family.  All that's left of their homestead is the hand-dug cellar, its walls of granite still standing.

Kobusk told me when I was very little that she remembered the family that lived there and how hard their life was.

The wind in the trees, the songs of the whip 'o wills, the clean mountain air -- the sounds of silence are my most enduring memories.  Every kid should have such a magical childhood.

God Bless You All.
May the world be as peaceful as Bleeker this Christmas.

Sue Sponnoble  


Hi Tony:

 I was directed to 'Caroga Times' probably about a year ago; Thought it was spiffy.  Now you have added more attractions and it is even spiffier.  I went to grade school with your aunt Ernestine and your mom, a little older, went to school with my sister Madlyn.

  20 yrs. ago, or so, when Sherman's (before the fire) had dancing upstairs, as in the old days of the 40's, we met your mom and dad, also your little girls who had a great time dancing. After your dad's passing we were still in touch with Mary during the summer months at Sherman's..

 Things are not quite the same now, but we all have wonderful memories. Only this week my husband and I have enjoyed the many postcard pictures from the Hogan's. They took us back to even before our time.  They are just great great. I have a photo of me taken by Frank Ambrose-----A bathing suit photo----on the dock at Sherman's. Maybe I'll send that to you some day. Anyway, thanks for the note. Give my love to Mary and a Merry Christmas to you and yours. 

Sincerely,   Gloria Sutton Davis


I was forwarded to your site by a friend of mine. I love it! We have a camp on Canada Lake and guess who one of our good friends is? The Don Hoffman! My husband grew up across the street from their home in Dolgeville and said you could never ask for a better neighbor. I am going to tell Don about this site and have him come over to check it out. Thanks for the bit of nostalgia! Have a happy holiday season!

Linda Fake
Dolgeville, New York


Greetings from Pensacola, FL!  I just had to write and tell you how very much I enjoy your web site!!!  It has brought back some wonderful childhood memories of summers spent there with my family. 

I particularly remember dancing with my grandfather by standing on his feet...and my mom and my uncle doing the jitterbug!!!!  My grandparents, Burr and Zaida Metzler owned a camp in Gnatville....we used to drive to Sherman's on Saturday nights to listen to the music, eat popcorn, and get our fortune's told by the Gypsy!!!!!  We swam and fished and always had a wonderful time!  

I remember getting sick on the tilt-a-whirl....but always wanting to ride it again.....and riding the rollercoaster at Pine family has many wonderful memories of Caroga Lake. 

I am now grown, with kids of my own and my grandparents have been gone for many years.  But when I look back on my childhood, my fondest, most special memories are of the times spent at Sherman's with my family.  Those were definitely the good 'ol days!!!!!

Thanks for reminding me,

Cindie Hutchison, Pensacola, FL 


Great web site

Bev Pitera


I received a call from my father-in-law Don Hoffman from Dolgeville and he told me about this web-site.

I married his son Bob Hoffman and we have just finished going through all of your beautiful work of Caroga Lake and Frank Sherman.

I'm sorry I never met Frank but as you know his sister Dorothy in Don Hoffman's mother, or Bob Hoffman's grandmother.  She is still alive and turned 100 years old this past year.

I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed reading about Caroga Lake.  Of course, Bob remembers so much of it and what he had forgotten came back.  If you need more pictures Don has a photo album of the good ol' days.  We just saw it when we were up there this passed summer.

My name is Peggy and Bob and I live is Tuscaloosa, Alabama where we have been for 10 years.  Bob was the Postmaster but retired just a few months ago.  We were here in Tuscaloosa in the late 60's where Bob graduated from the University of Alabama with a double degree.  One in engineering and one in accounting.  It was very interesting that he was transferred here in 93 because we loved it here but never thought we would ever live here again.  We just love it.  We have two son's, one is married with two beautiful children.  A son that just turned 3 and a daughter 8 months.  Our other son is here in Tuscaloosa also.  He graduated with his MBA in May in E-Commerce and MIS.

Would love to hear from you.  I have to call Bob's parents now and tell them all about your wonderful work of Caroga Lake and Frank Sherman.

Thank you so much.
 Peggy Hoffman  


I am greatly impressed and delighted to get Caroga times. I spent my teen years there during the 40's. Also, worked at Harmony Lodge, one summer. It was operated by the VanAlstine family.

We would always find a ride to Sherman's, on the weekends, to dance to Freddie Clute. We really never worried how we were going to get home, Only how we were going to get there, Ten cents a dance. In my early years, I didn't get there that often, as my Dad did have a car. But if I was fortunate to be invited by someone, what a thrill. The merry-go-round, the whip, etc.

 Always loved listening to the lady laugh, close to the popcorn stand. Also, the monkey. I guess, I could go on and on. But I loved Caroga Lake, then and now. I'm glad it has new owners, and hopefully, will give pleasure to many generations to come. sincerely,
Elizabeth Richards Sizemore
from Naples, Florida


On one of your pages you stated that Don Hoffman was married to Frank Sherman's daughter -- WRONG! Donald Hoffman is Frank Sherman's nephew. Don's mother is Frank's sister, Dorothy, who just celebrated her 100th birthday last May. Donald's wife, Erma Youngblut Hoffman, was from Dolgeville and was not related to the Sherman's except through marriage. You can check on this if you'd like, but I'm positive of my facts.
 Great website though. Lots of fun to look back at all of the pictures.
Thanks -- Donna (Hoffman) Gavin


Finally allowed myself a peaceful hour to watch your presentation and it is fantastic.  I spent a lot of time at Caroga Lake with my girlfriends and later with boyfriends and it sure brought back many memories.  I'll look and see if I have any pics that would be timely.

 You have done a fantastic job of putting it together and the music was perfect.  I also live many thousands of miles away from Caroga Lake (St Augustine FL) and found it refreshing. Thanks for what you have done for all of us transplants.  My maiden name was Stella Cerneckas, class of 60, DCS.  Now Stella Wahl,


I have enjoyed your website.  Finally got to the page where you mentioned the sledge-hammer game (or whatever it was called).  Since I am( no doubt) older than you, I thought perhaps you wouldn't mention it because it was probably gone by the time you were at Sherman's in the fifties, sixties, seventies. 
 I used to live in Ephratah in the 1930's and the highlight of my summer was to ride to "The Lakes" with my parents.  We didn't go camping - just to Sherman's and sometimes to Pine Lake.  My father, who I believed to be the tallest, strongest, smartest man in the world would always hit that "sledge-hammer", ring the bell and win a cigar.  I was hoping you would know the correct name of that attraction, but it doesn't matter, as it brought back fond memories to me.  My father worked at the New York Power and Light sub-station in Ephratah in the 1930's, and we lived in a company house for $5.00 a month, if I remember correctly.  That was during the Depression, but he had a good job, so we could afford to go to Sherman's midway.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family.  I can't thank you enough for this site about Caroga.  I haven't even clicked into the Johnstown part yet, but will when I have time.  The music is great, too.  I admire what you have done and are doing with this site.  I have tried to explain to my sons how Caroga Lake/Sherman's used to be, but it is difficult.  When they visit us sometimes in the summer and we drive through Caroga I think they believe I am exaggerating.  Now they can see for themselves.  One lives near Toronto, Ontario, Canada and the other lives in North Carolina.  We have a trailer at Peck's Lake Campgrounds and spend as much of the summer there as we can.

Marion (Mosher) Keyser Little Falls, N Y


What a wonderful place to revisit... I grew up in Gloversville and graduated in 52 .... We use to rent a cottage every year with my family at Caroga...
When I got in High school a bunch of us girls would rent a cottage and it was  wonderful.. I live in Texas now, have 7 grown children...We live in the fast lane now, sorry my children didn't get to live the life I had...

Thanks for the memories...


Dear Tony,

I am Bart Avery's daughter. Bart was the son of Jennie & Lyman Avery, brother to Milton, Bob (of Caroga Lake), and Helen Avery Newnham of Schenectady.

Both Bart & Milton were killed in WWII. I never met my father.

Bart graduated from GHS in 1938. If there is anyone out there that could share their memories of my father with me I would be so grateful.

In 1989, my daughter & I stumbled upon the GHS Class of '39 reunion being held at the Holiday Inn. We met many classmates of Bart's and cherish the stories told and meeting people who actually knew my father.

I would have loved to have grown up in the Caroga Lake area with my father and his family.

What great memories you have captured on this website.

Thank you.

Terri Avery Morrison
(408) 354-6759


I greatly enjoyed all the pictures on this site. My family had a camp at Pine Lake from the late 60's until the early 70's. Any idea whatever happened to Bob Lord? My mom would take us to Caroga Lake (Sherman's) as a special treat. If you have any other pictures of Pine Lake, I would love to see them on this site. The one of the beach with the huge slide brought back some great memories.........
Thanks for some great memories.
Jack Zito
Clinton, NY


Dear Tony;

I'm a resident of Caroga Lake and I really enjoyed your website about the history of Caroga and all of your little stories.  Is it no longer on because I have not been able to get it on again lately.  If not I think you did a great job and enjoyed every bit of it.  My husband and I have both lived here all of our lives and it is nice to see that other people enjoy it here also.  Some of your friends are cousins of mine, like Joe Simone and Johnny Gage.  Hope all is well with you and your family. 

Thanks again.  Louise Stock



Hi Tony,

My name is Scott Horton.  I come from J'town and my family, grandparents and many friends had places on Caroga Lake.  Mom and Dad bought our camp on the South Shore of West Caroga sometime around 1955 with Art Aulisi.  Later, after Art became Supreme Court judge, we bought it outright from him.  Around 1973 we had to sell the camp.  I still miss it today. I had a lot of fun up there. 

 Are you a relative of Joe Marchetti who had a little corner store on Meadow and Montgomery?  I have a few stories about that place too.

 When I get some time to pass along a story or two I will.  I want to explore this web site for awhile and reminisce. I would love to hear from some of the old campers of the 50's thru 70's.



A friend just sent me this page. All I can say is AMEN. I am going to take a graphic, post it on our clubs web site, and use it as a link to your page.
Roy Buckridge


I haven't got time right now to write more, but the Hogan pictures are great. My wife Donna and I love this area. We have a place on Garlock. Keep up the good work
Donna and Bob Lull


Hi Tony,

Thanks for sending the link to your site & letting me know it is still up & running.

 Your site has made a small town in a fast world look back at how lucky we all are to have had such a remarkable place to enjoy in our own back yard.  My family has lived in Caroga lake since the 50's & as kids we spent almost every day at Shermans from dusk to dawn it seemed. It was sad to hear of Franks death, For he was a true legend who made what we all share and to look back at & enjoy what is still left today.

I was also glad to see that Colleens story I helped her with on her dad, Lil Joe made it to your web site. Like I mention I have a house full of Collectible & Antique items and many items we won playing the games Kip & his girl Kat...(Kat it was he called her) ran along with many post cards. 

I also have many home made 8mm movies & remember Shermans being on some. I was really good friends with Kat's son Timmy & remember going down to Kip's store On Main street in Gloversville & watching him load up his U-haul it with all the great Prizes for Shermans. Many of our allowances was spent on the Ring Toss Game. 

I will take some pictures of some post cards & email you them.  I go to a few Post card shows & always try & get the ones of Shermans & Caroga lake area. One of your visitor to your site  ask if you knew what ever happened to Bob Lord, the guy who ran Pine Lake park??? Last I knew he was fishing off a yacht he bought somewhere's on the ocean. He has a beautiful home In Johnstown. I know his nephew & can ask him if you would like to know more. His brother Lance is still around & I think he's in Politics.

Thanks for a great step back in time of home,

Gene Baker & Family



This is one of the best web sites I have ever seen!  I married a girl from G'ville who's family is still there and a big part of the town.  I remember Sherman's from the 70's and I feel like I grew up there myself!  Thanks for doing all that you have done with this site.  I'll be back again and again...

CharlesLCS Computer Systems
Loveland, Colorado


I am Dick Calderwood of Scotia, NY (formally of Johnstown). Since I have been  seeing this site I have not been able to stop. I visited Sherman's Every night, except Mon. all summer during the mid and late 40's. It was never the same after the mid 50's.My aunt and uncle (Joe Brookhiser) lived next door to you mom and dad and I got to know the also. If I come across any pictures of caroga lake or Johnstown I'll get them to you. GREAT SITE!!
Dick Calderwood


I can not tell you how much I enjoy your Caroga Times,  some I have to cry  some I have to laugh.  I think my wife of many years is ready to leave me because I spend so much time in the past   GOD bless you great job

Bernie Geisler


Hi Tony,

     My nephew just put me in touch with this great web site.  Originally from Ft. Plain, I grew up every summer at Caroga Lake, spending much of my time at my brother-in-law's camp-Camp Russell-which is still located on the road just a short walk along the water line from "Shermans".  Our families, the Utters and Ehles, have great memories of Caroga Lake and Shermans.

     I can't wait to look further into this web site.  The pictures, alone, bring back so many fond memories.

     Even though I now live in Peoria, AZ., every time we travel back east, we, always, try to take a trip out to Caroga Lake.  Although the area has changed drastically, we still enjoy walking around the immediate area every time we go there.

     Thank you for getting this site going.

            Bob Utter-Ft. Plain, NY





Thanks a million....we really enjoy your website......

Dick and Marsha Jones


Dear Tony:

Just wanted to thank you for the great memories on your website.  I'm from Johnstown and now live in Gloversville.  I can remember going to Sherman's all the time in the summer.  I can remember one time in particular when my brother was about ten years old and my uncle said he would take him up there to ride all the rides he wanted to.  Well after a wild ride on the Tilt-A-Whirl my uncle came off of there a real peculiar shade of green!  He wasn't quite as experienced on the rides as my brother was.  I can still taste that great popcorn and creamy ice cream cones.  Thank you for the great pictures and music.                                   
Nanette Kersting  


Hi Tony,

Do you remember when the fireworks exploded in the carousel at Sherman's on July Forth, in about 1978?  I remember playing the bingo/ball game and when I heard the explosion and noise I didn't budge from my seat.  My mom was yelling, "Let's go the buildings going to burn.  I just sat there, until I realized what was really going on.  

I remember the pizza place with the jukebox across the street.  My dad and I ate diner there every night that we were camping in the state park.  

There are so many memories, from Camp and Sherman's.  It reminds me of the great parents I had to make sure us kids got to go camping each summer for two weeks.  

Thank you for the memories,


Hi Tony,

Thank you for taking your time to answer to my letter, I had sorry I had not responding quickly enough, I had not been well the last few days. Anyway, I am only 38 years old, I originally from Florida and live in Rome, NY.

I just happened to have a best friend who went to Pine Lake campground and they had invited me to camp last summer, I had fell in love and decided quickly to have it seasonal in 2002.

I am learning about the Caroga Area, so I decided to look up the site and found yours. I love it so much. I never stop looking at it and show it to my kids. I am looking forward to camp there and know I will truly enjoy it there.

Mind my bad grammar, I am hearing impaired, God Bless You and keep posting the pics. I love history, it my passion favorite time to read, looked at the pictures and learn about the past. Thank u for a million times of you showing the best webpage that I had ever see in my life!
Diana Libby


I live in Syracuse and own a lake house on east Caroga. I recently began residing there and commuting home on weekends. Due to the 9/11 events my airline job has taken me to the Albany airport. Your pages are wonderful and nostalgic, my late father once worked at Sherman's and Willie's during the 1950s and I know he would have loved looking over them. Thanks for taking the time.



Hi tony...thanks so much for the pictures and write-up on Caroga lake.. Boy it brought back so many memories and good times. how nice of you to think of me and send some great times that I always will cherish..
Thanks again and for all the work put into it...
Carmie Navarretta (Leotta) 


I just wanted to tell you how much my wife and I enjoyed going through your website this evening. So many memories came flooding back. After Shermans closed we would take rides up that way and and in our minds eye remember the crowds, the picnics, swimming, the whip, the merry-go-round, the candy apples, the creamy whip (which I have never found anything that tastes as good as that did then ) and we would always comment on that whenever we rode by.  We enjoyed the place when we were kids and then we brought our kids there.  Thank you so much for the wonderful trip down memory lane! :o)

Marlene Duseler



Thanks you for bringing back the good old days of Caroga Lake. Remembering those days gave me goose pass there is a terrible feeling of loosing a great place and pastime that left many memories in everyone's heart and mind of the good times spent there either for the season, or a day It was Awesome!!! Remembering the dances , the crowds that sometimes parked down the road a few blocks just to be able to dance and enjoy the evening, I frequented  Sherman's since 1967, without fail a few times a week and every week just to remember the great roast beef dinners and the great French fries with gravy have been and still are  a conversation in our family on many a night wishing we could jump in the car and go to Caroga Lake and enjoy all of that. The ice cream , cotton candy, made by John and Ray Allen, a great treat. Not to mention the ferris wheel, the penny arcade, and rides and games of sorts it makes you feel real lonely, and heartbroken, it all had to come to an end, wish we could go back in time. Everyone was a big happy family meeting each and every week at Sherman's. And not let us forget the great fireworks that put us in awe, and the traffic jams it caused  but was worth it all...To bring it all back ...OH yes.. Thanks Tony for making my day and our family too. God Bless you.  Thanks so Much!!!
            Simone (Pagerie) Kunath



 I would like to thank you for the memories your site just brought back to me.  Seeing some of the pictures really made me smile.  I could almost smell the popcorn, and scent the bumper cars gave off.  I used to go to Sherman's weekly as a child from 1971 until its closing with my parents and grandparents.  We would go for the roast beef dinner, and afterwards I would get to go on the bumper cars, Ferris wheel, carousel, or in the game room, and if I was really good I'd get to toss a few darts and try to win an iron-on for a t-shirt.  I can still remember Ray serving up his goodies with his words of wisdom.  When Ray was asked how he was doing he would reply "I'm all right, it's the people around me that ain't all right".  I remember going to the polka dances with my family and dancing at the age of around 5.  Thanks again for the great memories.

 Michael Kunath


Tony: Congratulations on the creation of the Caroga Lake site, you certainly did your research. My family and I spent some wonderful years there. Bill Morris was a good friend of my parents, Dr. Marcel Pagerie and Simone Pagerie, both, my sister Simone Pagerie Kunath and I built, owned and operated the French Restaurant in Meco, called "Page-One". Bill Morris, his family and friends frequently visited us for dinner as we did at Sherman's.

Our favorite was the rare roast beef and the french fries with gravy. I was glad to see Sherman's is back and I look forward to visiting it again. My parents are deceased now, but I still have family in Johnstown and Ephratah and I do visit them and I definitely will return back to Sherman's for some good food and memories. Again Tony, thank you for such a wonderful wed-site.

Richard Pagerie
Fort Myers, Florida


My name is John Ferraro. First I would like to tell you how much I enjoyed "Caroga Lake".
I remember the fire at the lake. My father, Salvi Ferraro was playing at Sherman's at the time with his band. He also played for the dime a dance.

I often heard him tell stories of Sherman's and the good times. Later I played at Sherman's. Several times up stairs with a classic rock group called "Peppermint Twist" I then started a new group with more "mature" musicians. We played several time down stairs and the crowds were usually quite good. We played all kinds of music, but swing was our thing. I also played many parties at Nick Stoners. Very nice place.

I will look around for some pictures and if I find any I will get in touch with you.
John Ferraro

P.S. I am from Little Falls New York and spent many years going to the "lakes". Caroga and Pine lakes. I have been all of the rides at Caroga Lake.


Thanks for the wonderful memories of Caroga Lake and Sherman's, a special part of my summers growing up. Born and raised around the lakes, I especially enjoyed the comments from fellow Fulton Countians. It was a truly a virtual trip back home for me.

Suzanne Moore, Ph.D.
Yokosuka, Japan


You have no idea what you've brought to me. I cried I laughed I cried. Someone like you should live in every town and city just to bring back Good things.

In this world where people don't ever know their neighbors any more, to busy to smile and say hello This dog eat dog world should think how it was years ago. I don't think it was just Caroga Lake but yes your right, as I read about the Golden phone I was closer to heaven back then. I can't even tell I how emotional you've made me Thank you from the bottom, no from my whole heart. When I find that Golden phone I feel it will be you answering it.

Thank you Betty Harris Mentone Calif. Eh


Hi Tony

I wish there was some way of telling you how wonderful seeing Caroga Lake again like this has been for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I've been livening in Santa Barbara now for a number of years and while I don't miss the winters I do miss the times....If you ever get up to Santa Barbara please look me up.

I actually worked at a number of the arcades...the water bobble....the penny throw and others. My family had a small camp along the lake and we actually lived there for a full year when our home in Gloversville burned down. I can still remember ice skating with my Dad on the pond behind the merry go round...just in front of the restaurant.

Thanks again.

Richard Loebl
805 264-0412






Dear Tony, How wonderful, it is, that you take the time, to bring back such memories for us. The pictures, almost, make me cry. They were such wonderful times, so peaceful and nice. Unfortunately, times have changed and life goes on. But, I wouldn't give up those Caroga memories for anything. They sure were beautiful times in my life, as well as the many people that I send your "Caroga times" to. They also, are very thankful.

I wish I had some Pictures to send to you, but I don't. Sorry. I am going to Gloversville this summer for my 55 class reunion, class of 47.Do keep touch.

Sincerely, Elizabeth Sizemore


 As a Foreign Exchange Student in Gloversville 1962/63 I spent many days and hours at Caroga Lake with "my" family The Abdellas. 

As I'm going back for a very short visit this summer, I found it great to look at old as well as new pictures. I'm looking forward to see the restored carrousel. 

And spending an evening at Sherman's after 40 years.
Jesper Ismael Christensen


My name is Lisa Dougherty and I live in Castleton, Rensselaer county, NY.  As a child in the 60's and 70's, we would often visit my great aunt at her Caroga Lake camp.  I'm hoping someone can tell me the address of that camp.

From what my mother has told me, my great aunt and uncle, Emma and Howard IRWIN, owned two camps on Caroga Lake;  one they rented out, one they stayed in themselves.  It's the latter camp that I remember.  I have some pictures of it from I'd guess about 1966.  My aunt ran a beauty salon there- the sign in one of the pictures reads "Emma's Vanity Shoppe".  My aunt and uncle had a daughter Carol who recently passed away.  I don't remember Uncle Howard Irwin at all since I was quite young when he died, but I remember Aunt Emma Irwin quite well- she was a very small woman with dark (and then gray) hair.  She passed away in 1989 and the camp was sold since no one in the family had the financial resources to take it over at the time.  One more thing I remember about the camp was it had screen porch which was built around a giant tree!  I remember being very impressed with the "indoor" tree when I was a kid!  I'd love to find out where this camp is today, and maybe do a "drive by".  Any help is appreciated!

 Lisa Dougherty


I was sitting with a friend of mine tonight who we are taking up to Peck Lake and we were talking about the NY area. He had said that he was good friends with a Sarris who died when he was 21 but had a couple of siblings. They owned an Italian restaurant, I think he said in Johnstown, would you happen to know of any of them? We'll be visiting the week of 4th of July from the Philadelphia area and I'd love to surprise him with some information. I came across your web site in a "Google" search - I'm dying to show it to my father-in-law who grew up in Cooperstown and Dolgeville. Thanks for your help -
Chris and Ruth Doubleday


   Was surfing the web and found your website and particularly enjoyed the section with L'il Joe Riccardi....we are Harley enthusiasts also and plus we do know him personally....he's a great guy and he has the best was to our amazement to find a website featuring him, we thoroughly enjoyed it....good job....

Best Regards,  Tony & Colleen Mattioli


Have enjoyed so much the web page on Caroga Lake and the memories it has brought back as children and young adults we spent many hours at Sherman's and Caroga Lake dancing playing games and riding rides enjoyed especially the music of the merry go round. I have lived in Syracuse, NY since 1948 but come back every so often once a year for a reunion luncheon with our class of 1945 and wanted you to know that I enjoyed the memories you have worked to put together.
    Lorraine Thompson Liszewski


Just wanted you to know what a pleasure your site is. It brings so much good memories back that. Wish that I could be back there now.

Brian Northville NY


Hi, Thanks for the memories. I used to go there all the time when I was growing up.

I have a photo of me on a carousel, but it wasn't that one, wonder if they had one at Pine Lake? I did not have time to look at all of your photos. What a wonderful job you did.

 I heard about the fire, what year was that? I remember going in to eat at Sherman I think in the mid 80's. It was April or September as that was when we came back home from here in Ohio to visit my parents. a few years ago I got interested in carousels and toured a lot of museums and noted on the carousel pages, they never mentioned the Caroga Lake one. Then in June, 1999 we got to visit upstate New York again and my husband and I stopped at the amusement park. I think we were the only ones there. I looked into the carousel and noted that the horses weren't original. By that time I was pretty expert on them, but I told the guy in Mansfield, Ohio and I think he went there to check up on it. I also heard someone had been killed while riding the carousel in a wheelchair and that was why the park was closed. The bumper cars were all gone, I don't know if there were any chairs left on the Ferris Wheel. But I did take video of the place. I think the Tilt O Whirl was gone too. I don't know what is going up there now. I know the restaurant was closed and that seemed unusual in June. So what is going on there now? I remember the Pine Lake place had a small amusement park too and I remember riding on these flying chairs. That is probably long gone. I remember playing ski ball and going to the arcade.
Cher Classick






What a beautiful group of pictures!!!

                        Gene and Marion Sutliff

July 6, 2002


     Thanx for the memories... I got my first Brass Ring up there and got a free ride...  I'm 61 and it seems like yesterday ... the monkey cage... the Paddle Boats... I was young....

          Thank You....

      Geo. Syzdek 


Have just been advised of your  Caroga Times Web site. It is wonderful. I spent the summer so of 1948 and 1949 operating the Ferris wheel for John Morris. Many fond memories. Eating contest as how many pancake cooked by Bill Morris week could eat at one setting. I got to twelve. My Twin brother and I spent many summers at my Aunts Camp on 2nd st (excuse the expression) at EAST Caroga.  Along with my cousin Binnie Van Auken spent many hours at Sherman's. Mostly during the War years. Had to walk from East Caroga , by the state Camp site, it didn't bother us.

Remember well Fredie Clute, danced many a dance to his smooth music. My brother and I graduated from GHS in 1945.

Anybody seeing this that wants to send and email I'll answer it.

Bill Hemenway 

Socorro, NM



Congratulations on an excellent website about Caroga Lake! Many years after having witnessed the slow deterioration of Sherman's. I rediscovered the park this summer and was astounded and encouraged by the positive changes being wrought there.

Thank you for presenting a photographic essay on the town, the amusement park, and the people who have played a part in both.

Jon Battle


I'd really like to hear from anybody who had a camp at Pine Lake any time from 1968 to 1972. I remember a guy named Iggy who had a trailer next to ours who was the "life" of the party. Two other family names that I recall from our immediate area are Kirkendall and Coffin. If anybody out there remembers the Zito's, please e-mail me.
Jack Zito
Clinton, NY


I have to thank you so very much for putting together this fantastic website.

My name is Chris and I was born and raised in New Hartford. My Mom was born and raised in Dolgeville. Therefore, all of us kids spent a significant part of our childhoods and growing up spending time with relatives in the "valley" i.e.: Dolgeville, Little Falls. My great Uncle, Charles Dolge, had a camp on Canada Lake that was in our family for so many years until his passing a few years ago. We all spent a lot of time at the camp during summers, and also at Sherman's, and at the attractions Pine Lake used to have. I was last at Sherman's about 5 years ago and what a sentimental, yet sad time that was. The buildings that are still there, brought back great memories but to think so much more used to be on that land and that so many people used to "frequent" all that used to be there.

Thoroughly surfing through this website was very touching and impressive. I had no idea it existed until I chose to search Sherman's and found it. My dad has played golf at Nick Stoner's and as a boy, I remember myself on all of the rides at Sherman's, my favorite being the Whip. Not to mention they had great food.

I'm sure I'm one of few people who are so sentimental about Caroga Lake and Sherman's but I needed to compliment you and thank you for such a great site. This helps to keep great times of the past alive.

Feel free to e-mail in return if you wish.

Chris Sloan






Dear Tony,

I'm sending an attachment of a picture of my Mother (Vera Demarest) at Caroga Lake taken today sitting on the Ferris Wheel. 

As you can see by the smile on her face she was so thrilled to be there. We took a ride up there this afternoon and it brought a lot of memories flooding back to us. 

My Grandfather (my Mother's father) Amasa Smith, used to work for Frank Sherman years and years ago.  She can't remember what he did though, but said she remembers her father working for him. 

 We got an ice-cream and reminisced about the great taste of the Creamy Whip.  We looked at the place where the monkey used to be and could still see him in our minds eye.  Seeing the Ferris Wheel and the Merry-go-round in working order brought back memories of when we were all younger and used to look so forward to going up to Caroga and riding on the bumper cars, trying to catch the ring on the Merry-go-round so we could get a free ride, rocking  the seat of the Ferris Wheel to scare the girls and enjoying the scene from the top when we would stop up there as people were getting off at the end of the ride, leaning in the corner of the Whip thinking that would make it go around the corners faster, the smell of the popcorn and the cotton candy, the hotdogs and the music playing, the beach, so many things that we just strolled around and thought about today. 

How happy we were to see so many cars in the parking area, like the good old days.  And as we walked through the entrance area it was as if we went back in time. 

 Thank you so much for a fantastic website.  We visit it often - it brings back so many memories of the happier carefree times of our younger years.  

Bob & Marlene Duesler


We've been enjoying the Caroga Times and I just found myself in the picture listed as "Willie's at Night"! The picture donated by Pete Mosconi is listed as being in the early 60s. It was actually taken in the early 70s. The people in the photo from left to right are Paul Mosconi, Sheila McIntosh, Karin Fowler, and Pete Mosconi.

I believe that Karin and I worked at Willie's the summers of '71 and '72. I'm sending this from my mother's home and email. Thanks for sharing the Caroga photos!

Sheila McIntosh Nolan


I really enjoyed what you have done with your site.

 I am one of the "Morris" girls... Ron is my dad. I was a little upset  to see my grandpa's and uncle's names mentioned in the "old" Sherman's pictures and stories, but not Dad's. All 6 of us kids grew up at Sherman's. It was our heaven! We had the opportunity to meet and become friends with many wonderful people. Summer's end was always bittersweet, with looking forward to seeing old friends at school and having to say goodbye to new friends.

Keep the pictures and memories coming. It is good to look back!!

Lori (Morris) Weaver


Thank you for the information about Glen Harris, I worked at the Christmas Tree lodge when Nora Harris owned it. It just so happens my last name is Harris also. I was going to Gloversville to pick up supplies one time and driving to fast, a police car going the other way saw my brake lights when he went by, he turned around and pulled me over. When he saw my license he asked are you related to Glenn Harris, I lied I didn't want a ticket, I told him he was my favorite Uncle, he told me just this time I'm going to let you go, slow down and remember if your driving to fast, don't ever hit your brakes when a cop is going in the opposite direction we can see your brake lights.
I saw Glenn Harris about a week after wards and told him what I had done, He just laughed at me and said that's what I like to see from young people You where using your head that day but don't speed anymore you might lose that useful mind of your. He was a very nice man 
Betty Harris


Hi Tony, my name is Bonnie Wiltey Pulis.  I grew up on Meadow St. You may remember my older brother Butch Wiltey. Your site has brought back so many memories of my childhood.  I remember my mother roller skating down the street only to "crash" in front of Marchetti"s.  Joe laughed until he cried!  I was a friend of Ann Marie Precopio and to this day can smell the "Pasta Fazool" in her mothers kitchen.  One day, on my way to Ann Marie's, on the corner of Meadow and Clinton (Marchetti"s) some boys (I don't know who) ambushed me and put a snake down the back of my blouse.  Mr. Precopio ran across the street, got the snake from my blouse and cut it into pieces (my hero!) I was all of eight or nine at the time.  A million years later my son Billy bought Pino's.  You can't imagine the joy we have had looking at the old photographs on your site of Marchetti's, now Pino's. Back in the "Hood"!  I work at Johnson Hall State Historic Site, live in the "Caretakers Cottage" .  A few years ago, visitors were walking into the office, I took one look and said "Oh my God, Ralphie Marchetti!"  He said "Bonnie Wiltey!"  Not bad after what? forty years!  Just a joy to view your site and I thank you. 
Bonnie Wiltey Pulis


Hi Tony,

 My brother just found your wonderful web site and sent it to me at work.  You can imagine not much is getting done here this morning. 

 I just had lunch last week with Cathy Leotta Gage and she told me about the reunion for the 60 year-olds.  It sure sounded like fun.  I will send this address on to her so she can relive those wonderful times at Caroga.

 Next project--how about a St. Patrick's School web site.

 Thanks for the memories.
 Lois Hadley Applegate or


Tony, thank you thank you and thank you again for taking the time to put together these wonderful pictures and thoughts of Caroga Lake and Sherman's.  They sure did float me right back to "the good old years" when life was more simple and it took so little to make us happy.  Being almost 60 years old it is so nice to be able to go back!  Life really was wonderful (and still is I might add!) !  Thank you again, I am going to pass them on to a friend in California!
God Bless

Bette Atty
Gloversville High School Class of ' 61


Just saw the message from my sister, Lois Hadley Applegate. Our oldest sister, Linda, was at my home today and we talked about this web page. I was "shocked" to hear that there was a bar at Caroga that would serve underage minors! Plus she talked about the gambling raid at the place next to the movie theater.
We moved to NJ in '56 so my memory of JTown is limited. I recall names like,Hammond, Noone, Yacabucci, Kane. We lived at 101 Prindle. Nice web page. It made me smile
Bill Hadley


Hello Tony,

My name is Kelli Harris Best – I have attached a better picture of the Christmas Tree Lodge which my parents owned from the late 1950’s till the mid- 1970’S. Your picture of what is left of the Christmas Tree is no long valid. The Christmas Tree in now gone. The town of Caroga received the
land due to a tax sale and have finally gotten rid of the eye sore. They are planning on putting in a park. Please update your picture so that those of us with memories can remember they way it once was. The Christmas Tree was formerly owned by BOTH – Assemblyman Glenn Harris and Norah Avery Harris.

I what to “Thank You” for the links regarding my dad. He love the area and tried his best to make it a better place for all of us.

I am also the daughter-in-law to Pat Best who currently owns Vrooman’s Hotel. She just celebrated the 30 anniversary of ownership of the Hotel. Which her and her late husband Donald Best purchased 30 years ago from the Baker’s.

Thank you for a great site. All of us from the area should be proud that you have done such a site.

Kelli Best <>


Tony - Just received this link from a good friend. It's great! Certainly brings back wonderful memories. I live in Schenectady, NY and my family would take me there several times a year - I loved it and then went back in my early adult years. Used to love the amusements and all the friendly people.

Congratulations on bringing a bright spot to my surfing and to all others lucky enough to find your site and recall visits to this genuine wonderland

Don Marcello



 I'm a native of Gloversville, and a cousin of Frank Sherman's (1st cousin, once removed).

My memories of Sherman's go back to the 1920's , 30's and 40's when my Great uncle Frank was at the popcorn machine, and always stopped to get us the most marvelous tasting ice cream cones. A friend in Gloversville just told me about the web site. What I have seem so far I love. I am pretty emotional right now, actually crying, because so many of my days were spent in and around Sherman's and with my cousins Connie and Beth Sherman, Floyd's girls. In the winter we'd ride our bikes around the Whip track. That  was exciting!

 I moved away from Gloversville in 1946 so have not seen Frank in years. I don't know if
 he's still alive, but I really appreciated the photos of him. I could sure tell it was him.

I will spend many happy hours looking at your site. Thank you!

Marjorie Bacon Giebitz
Crossville, TN


Dear Tony

Great site. My wife and I lived in Little Falls and Caroga Lake was the place to go.  High School picnic's, etc.  We still make sure Pine Lane and Caroga Lake is visited each year. EVERY YEAR!!  We were up there just last week. Wonderful memories, Brought tears to my eyes.  I guess we  really didn't realize what a prize we had when we were growing up. It was a  great era  to grow us  in and a great  place to grow up near.  I  will look through our archives and see if we have anything we can send you. Would love to help you. I will pass this on to other friends from my high school class and maybe they can also.

All the best and thanks

Dave Blovat


Thank you so much for putting this site together.  It has been many years since I've been to the Caroga area and it brought back a flood of wonderful memories.  Being from the Mohawk Valley, it truly was our "Disney" world. 

Don and Judy (Daly) Ropeter

Palm Bay, Florida


Tony, I don't know where to begin, but here goes. My name is John Ryan,
originally from Buffalo, and my parents had a camp on Stoner Lake from
1955 to 1983, next to Ted Farnsworth on Rt. 10. My aunt, Viola Schulte,
who used to reside there at Stoner Lake, used to work at the Wheelerville
school until her death in 1983. That's when my mother finally sold the place.

As a kid (I'm now 57), I was up there each summer since I was two.
And boy, do I wish I could be there right now. I call it my home, even
though I'm really from Buffalo. I remember fishing East, West and Little
Stoner lakes summer after summer, going to Sherman's amusement park
on weekends, Vrooman's Hotel, the original Arietta Hotel (Gus Bartlett
 had it then) before it burned down, Glenn Harris and his wife Nora who
 owned the Snow Drift Lodge in Arietta, and then the Christmas
Tree Lodge in Wheelerville. And hunting and hiking on Rooster Hill
behind our camp. Climbing Tammany mountain in Arietta (or Cane mountain)
when it had a ranger tower. And Avery's hotel up toward Speculator . . .
I could go on and on; the memories are endless.

What is going on up there ? Have things changed much (I sure hope
not). Is Ted Farnsworth still alive - he was a building contractor ?
Do Ed and Irene Scharpou (?) still own the Arietta Hotel ? I've got
 a million questions.

Hoping to hear from you soon, and thanks for your time and patience.

John Ryan
1405 Halkirk Way
Bel Air, Maryland 21015


 Tony, this is just amazing!!  I can hardly keep a dry eye looking at those pictures, and listening to that beautiful music.  I have forwarded it to EVERYBODY.....

Loesje van Tongeren Barnhoorn



What a great site!  I keep finding new sections to read and each one brings a smile!  My family owned the Skakel Camp on Green Lake.  It was originally The Tryon Camp owned by the Johnstown Firefighters, established in 1918.  My grandfather, being one of the firemen owners, bought it as a private camp in the '30s.  He turned it over to my Dad, Ralph Skakel, who turned it over to my sister Cheryl and I a couple of years ago.  Spending summers at the lake was a joy - climbing Kane Mtn [ going up the Green Lake Trail and down the Pine Lake Side, going on the rides and then back along the road]  Wow! We couldn't do that today.  I remember the fishing contests for kids.  Caught lots of sunnies, perch, and bullheads.  Always got a few more than Davey Sponenberg which made my day!  Of course, he wouldn't remember it that way.  I'd write more but there's so much more of your site that I have yet to get to. 
Thanks again! 

Barbara Skakel Plantz


I worked at Sherman's. I painted Sherman's. I loved, laughed, and cried in a little 'camp' called the Gray Gull. I guarded the beach for the Association on East Caroga.  I made doughnuts at Morris' Foodarama and bagged ice until my fingers turned blue in the middle of the summer. I cared for my neighbors, laughed with them aplenty, pitched in when people needed help, fell in love in the starlight on Association beach, and healed myself in solitude in the same place. 

It is unfortunate that you sullied an otherwise enjoyable "visit" to one of my old stomping grounds with your spiteful politics.  Your need for everyone to 'love your politics or leave' (Caroga Helps Out Hollywood) is pathetic. When you speak so hatefully of those who dare to disagree with your politics, how can you then be surprised when they balk at the idea of the world's fate being at your mercy?

How dare you presume to speak for all of upstate New York?  After all, the 'father' of modern liberalism, Franklin Roosevelt, was from?....That's right, upstate New York. Yes, LIBERALISM. Don't choke on it.  How are social security and Medicare for radical ideas?  Are you collecting yet?

I thank you, however, for reminding me of something other than the glossy veneer of that 'neck of the woods' as represented in your pictures and memories.

May we all have enough.

Brian J. Moore Oles


Hey Tony:

You've really done a great job with this website....much expanded since
I was there last. I especially liked the bio on Frank Sherman.

Dave Ackerbauer


I was surfing the net, and found your website. It's fascinating!
For years, we had a camp on Balsam Avenue in the Grove. Our family
spent many wonderful hours at Sherman's, enjoying the facilities.
We have such fond memories of the Adirondacks, especially of places
like Avery's, Sherman's and Piseco.
Just thought I'd say hello,

Bob & Charlotte Wolf, and Karen, Bryan and Erica



Dave Ackerbauer sent me the link to your site.

Boy what memories it has brought back to me. The one memory I have is pulling on my fathers hand so we could cross the road from the parking lot. Once across it was my Disneyland.

Tom Manning

Tracy CA


Hello from J!town: I very much enjoy your web site: It bring back old memories from the past. Keep up the good work, Thank you from the
Louis Wiesner family


Loved your site...Would love to see pictures of Stratford i.e. Stewart Landing, That's where I grew up.  You brought back so many memories. Thanks so much


Hello from Paul Galway.

Great website. Have spent much time scanning through. Would love to hear from you. I'm married & living in Florida. Gail says hello & not to take Rosie's pills & make pizza. Do you have an email address for Brian Yates? If you see him, tell him I would like to hear from him. My email address is



Great nostalgia!  Reminded me of many experiences long forgotten. 

My maternal grandfather, Louis Eppich (he owned the Kingsborough Hotel) built one of the
early camps along Grove Ave.  I spent my childhood summers there (mid-40's to mid-50's),
swimming in a very cold Caroga Lake and fishing at Peck's.  I don't recall Willy's being
there, it was just a vacant lot that the Gloversville folks used when they came out on
the weekend.  Sherman had fenced off "his" part of the beach (you have fonder memories
of him than I do), so to avoid admission fees, the city folks took over "our" part of the
beach...much to the dismay of us locals. 

My uncle had a place on the South Shore (is that big archway still there?), and my paternal
grandfather had a place on the East lake.  Bert Yates was the town's major domo, a real
gentleman.  But time and population has taken its toll on Caroga....I was back there a few
years ago, and it's gone longer the pristine spot it once was.

But thanks for the memories of a better time.

I presume you're aware of the book Caroga, by Barbara McMartin (1976).  It's got some
great old pictures as well.

Chris Witze
Santa Fe, NM



I was born the year 1936 in Mayfield, New York, about 5 miles from
Glovesrville on the way to Northville. My first trip to Caroga Lake was
with my grade school class at the end of the school year. Can't
remember the year but the introduction was everlasting. We never knew
the enjoyment of spending more than an evening or day at Sherman's. As
we reached High School and had a means of transportation, me and all the
guys would head for Caroga Lake on Friday and Saturday night in hopes of
meeting girls from Gloversville, Johnstown and Fonda. I was one of the
few guys that knew how to dance and gave me one up on the others in
meeting the girls. I'm guessing the year was 1952 when the popular
dance step was the "Caroga Crawl" That was back then when you got to
hold the girl close.

All the memories from the Caroga presentation came flooding back and
brought a lump to the throat and tears to the eyes. I never had the
privilege of meeting the owners but I am sure they enjoyed it as much
as we did. Whenever I talk with old friends, the conversation always
includes stories about the great times we had at "Caroga Lake"

Thanks for sharing all the pictures of Sherman's at Caroga Lake......

Gary D. Jones,
Chandler, AZ


hi Tony;
Our family had a camp on east caroga also called Nest o rest! My grandfather
built it in the 30's I believe. His name was Charlie Johns. It was next to a camp
owned by Ronny Wicks. Does that sound familiar?
Andrea Latham
Virginia Beach


Hi Tony:
I just want to congratulate you on a job well done. My son in law
found the sight while surfing the net and told me about it. I can't get
over it. You've given us great memories from great times.
Thanx again.

Dante Marcuccio
Johnstown High School , class of '56
My parents were Carmelo and Angelina Marcuccio
9 Washington St.
Johnstown, NY

The only family I have left in Johnstown Is my first cousin Jack Papa
(the barber)


Hello Mr. Ermie,

I enjoyed your website. We used to go to Sherman’s and Caroga
Lake a lot . I particularly like the pictures of Joe Marchetti and his family.
My wife and I and our children visited Johnstown briefly in January 1979 while
we were traveling from Colorado to New Jersey (McGuire AFB to be exact) en-route
to a new USAF assignment in England. I hadn’t been back in almost 20 years. It
just so happened that we ate dinner in what used to be Joe’s Tavern. One of his
nephews was running the place. He was a friend of my younger brother Mike. I
can’t remember his name now, but he sure remembered Mike who was responsible for
catching another boy who had thrown a knife that stabbed Joe’s nephew in the
leg. This would have been in the late 1950’s. Anyway, as you know, Joe had a
small store adjacent to the tavern where he sold candy etc.. I am ashamed to say
that we sometimes took advantage of Joe, and sometimes took a little more candy
than we bought. That was until Joe caught us one time. I am proud to say that we
(particularly me) learned a valuable lesson that day. I think that Joe made us
promise to never steal again, and he promised not to tell my father. I never
broke that promise and I never stole anything ever again. You probably know that
Joe sometimes got a little snookered and put on quite a show for the
neighborhood (his wife would be chasing him around to get him back in the
tavern). This is when he wasn’t paying very close attention to what was going on
inside the store. Well, I really enjoyed your website. By the way, did you know
any of my family, perhaps my father or grandfather (both Bill Kennedy, Sr. and
Jr.. I am the third)? I believe my uncle, Richard Kennedy, was on the high
school track team in Johnstown. I hope and pray that this message finds you in
good health and spirits. God Bless.....

Bill Kennedy, Converse, Texas.  


Tony I'm not from the lake yet it caught my heart with the attention of my husbands' past.
My husbands name is Jeff Groshans, he has tried to fill me with his memories of his childhood
on the lake and as you know our memories and what we hold of them are truly our own,
Although your sight has very much enlightened my soul with only a portion of what my
husband holds so close to his heart! Thank you for the stroll!  It caught my attention to
when I saw "lil Joe" Hey, Joe!  Love the Harley's Joe! Our son loves colleens' music great
voice Colleen.

Take  Care  To   All   Rony Groshans



My name is Betty Tranowicz, was Betty Becker, I lived in Meco  until I married. These pictures
my sister sent to me via computer and they bring back such great memories. We use to go to
Sherman's all the time. As I am writing you, I can smell the popcorn and hear the merry-go-round..
After I married I moved to Glens Falls, but have brought my children to Sherman's, of course it
wasn't the same, but they got a picture of what I did as a child.


Thank you for these beautiful memories, Betty,



Fantastic Website the best I've seen. I am 20 years old and have spent my childhood and all of
my spare time in Caroga Lake. It is really great to learn the history of the place I love so
much. I Look forward to making many great memories here.
Thanx again.....



My name is Bobby Marchetti and I live in Denver Colorado. I was so impressed with your website,
it reminded me so much of my childhood growing up in Brooklyn New York. I am a singer and would
like to share with you a copy, of my new album titled (What's New) recorded in Denver Colorado
as appreciation for looking at your old wonderful pictures. God bless you all.
If you would like a copy of the CD or copies (no Charge) it would be an honor for me. My website
Thanks for making my day.
Bobby Marchetti



You certainly brought me back a few years.  For better than 20 years our family (30 of us) would
make the pilgrimage to Canada Lake to Ron and Bonnie Buckner's Lakeside Motel.


We would go to Jim Remmington's restaurant for dinner, the guys would play golf at Nick Stoner's.


But the times were never complete without breakfast at Sherman's and countless rides on the bumper
cars, skee ball in the arcade, riding the ferris wheel, and awesome carousel.


That place was magic to me when I was a little kid.  I could not wait to see the whirly gig on
the corner of the popcorn stand as we made our way up to Canada Lake.


I have many many photos of the place in the family archives and will at some point make the
drive home to get then and send them off to you.


Thanks for putting the site together.  It was an awesome ride down memory lane!

Mariann Izzo

Monticello, New York


he sold it to Babe Unger when the "Unger HOUSE" BURNED DOWN. My  BROTHER CLAYTON PEDRICK

When I get home from Florida, I will be searching thru my pictures. I know of several of my
graduating class enjoying good old Sherman's.  I also have pictures of my mother and aunt
taken at Sherman's in the early thirties ,on the beach.


 Many a day I have camped at the state park in the early 1940.1950, and after marriage and
5 sons, camped every summer with my family.                                                                     
My name is NITA  Pedrick      


Tony -
As a youth, in the early '40s, I spent as much time as possible at
the public campsite on E. Caroga and Sherman's on W. Caroga. I lived
in Gloversville from 1929 until 1947 (G.H.S. Class of'47), when I
enlisted in the US Navy, spent 20 years there, and retired to North
Carolina, which is still 'home'. I have a question - what caused the
flooding at Sherman's? Was it ice & snow melt, or heavy rain, or ???
Since W. Caroga is a small lake, I can think of no reason for flooding.
What's the answer?
Thanks so much for "Caroga Times" - you'll never know how much
pleasure you have brought to so many people!

Alan J. (Pete) Schwarz,
 Charlotte, NC -


Tony -
Thanks for keeping me on your emailing list. I just browsed through much of
the pictures and letters you have included from Caroga lovers. It's a real
pleasure using the internet to enjoy a site like this versus jokes, E-bay
and all the other nonsense we waste our time with. I'm sure it has given
many special moments to those of us lucky enough to have Caroga Lake in our
memories. Great job !

Don Marcello

Sherman's was a special place for my whole family.  We have a camp on Canada Lake, as do my cousins,
Bud, Mark, Dionne and Jeff Bates.  There are seven of us Bates'.  The three original Bates brothers
Bill, Rob and Jim have been coming to Caroga Lake since about 1950. (Rob and Jim (my dad) have died)
I remember always begging the parents to take us to Sherman's when we were kids.  Then our kids
begged and it won't be long before the grandkids want to go to Sherman's....what a legacy!!
We were there this past few Julys and enjoyed the fireworks. 
I am looking for a picture of all of us on the Ferris Wheel for a Bates Kids Reunion about
15-20 years ago.  We completely filled up the Ferris Wheel...and as always we were still
afraid that it would roll right out into the lake!  lol
We can't wait to get up there this summer....due to arrive on June 28th.
I live in Atlanta, GA  now, but was born in Gloversville. The rest of the Bates were born in
Albany, NY.
Thanks for the great pictures and the stories that went with them.

Linda Bates Massey


Great site. Brought back a lot of memories.

Ron Baker

Lake Worth, FL



Hello, my name is John Utter. I grew up in Caroga Lake. I currently live in Charlotte,N.C. My
Grandparents owned a camp on Garlock Road @ East Caroga. The name of the camp was " Stumble Inn ".

I remember those days like they were yesterday. I am 32 years old now & still visit Caroga Lake
a couple times every summer. Always on the 4th of July. I never miss a boat parade !

I just wanted to let you know that I really like your website. I will pass it on to the rest
of my family.


Best Regards,

John Utter

What a lovely set of pictures! My earliest memories were  of the campsite where we spent the
summer of  '38, of wanting to hold Trixie, of those little mechanical figures (that I though
 were real little people), canoeing with my parents, feeding chipmunks, the smell of pine.....
thank you


Just read the  Sunday News paper, and now I know who has the beautiful plate with Caroga on it.
I followed you to Caroga last week one day.  I have lived in Caroga Most of my life. My name is
Julie and I am related to the Foster's and Arnst's. My mother's maiden name was Eva Foster. I
 remember allot of the real good old days.

Julie Thompson

What a great site.  I'm originally from Gloversville but married a J'town girl(Anne Stewart)
47 years ago so I spent a lot of time hitch-hiking (you could do it then) back and forth between
 the two cities.  I'll have Anne check through old photos and maybe
we can help add to your site. 
Thanks for the memories....Bernie Frank

Oh, thank you so much for this site.  I grew up in Johnstown (JHS '65) but have been away since
 1966.  I live in Las Vegas now.

My kids can't picture what things used to be like when I was young.  It's hard to visualize the
 lake when you live in the desert and have a pool in the yard.  I have been collecting post cards
of Johnstown and the area to show them I am not lying when I talk about life in a small town.

I appreciate what you have done and thanks for sharing it with others.  God bless.

Nancy Parsons




  I was thinking of my parents (Ted and Shirley Farnsworth) while I was on the computer, and I
don't know why I typed in Caroga Lake.  It brings back so many memories with my family and my
mother and father.  This site is just wonderful.  I can not believe that I just found it.  I
 am going to pass this to my brothers and sisters, and there is 13 of us together and what
fun we had in Caroga Lake.

  Thank you for this site.  What a uplifting it is.  God Bless to you and your family.


Shannon (Farnsworth) Borst

Borst Construction Company
Our Reputation Says it all...





Hi Tony

Don't know if you remember us or not but would like to say Hi and tell you what a wonderful
thing you have done. I was just reading some of the notes people have sent you and my thoughts
are with you also.                                                       
Thank you

                                                        Don & Kathy Ellis Biron


Tony- I was playing golf yesterday with your cousin Jim Ermie and I was mentioning my childhood
days when we vacationed at Caroga Lake from NYC. He directed me to your wonderful web site....
a magnificent accomplishment to say the least.   Your parents gave me a nickname which was
strictly related to Caroga Lake, your family, and all the people who worked at Sherman's
Janet and Bob Kane, The Hoffman's, among others.)  Do you remember it?  I moved to Johnstown
in 1959, when my father retired from the INS (his life long dream to return to Johnstown)  I
feel so fortunate to have met my wife, raised my two children, and spent my entire career in
the Johnstown area.  It is truly a wonderful place with fantastic people and I include all
the surrounding area as well.  I will be visiting your web site often and will be alerting
others of its creation. Best wishes to you and your family. "SALTY"
Michael Mongin


Hi Tony,

     I have tried to write you through your wonderful website but to no avail.  It just wouldn't
go out on the Net so now I'm trying just plain e-mail.  I have been setting for hours just
enjoying every bit of your website.  You probably don't remember me or my family, but my
daughter and son were kids when you and Peter were and we, along with my parents, owned
"O-So-Ko-Z" which was about 4 camps to the left of your camp.  I knew your folks and used
to visit with your mother.  We got the camp in the fall of 1947 and had it until in the
 mid 60's when my dad developed Alzheimer's and my mom didn't want to be out there anymore.
So the place got sold and we bought a truck camper and then a big 5th wheel camper.  My husband,
Dick had the first 70 horse motor on the lake and was the first one to ski on the lake. 
Our first boat was a big wood one which we had tied to our dock out in front and then later we
 traded that in for a classier blue and silver one.  You may remember Dick trying to balance
himself on a wooden disk and then after that, he tried balancing himself on a chair, etc. My
 husband and dad also helped tear down Harmony Lodge and a lot of the lumber that they salvaged
was used in the little camp back beside our garage which we owned and then rented out and we
called it "Lil Kozy".  We have been spending about 6 months in the winter in New Smyrna Beach,
 Fl. for the last 23 years, but still come up by the family for the summer. 

We are now living back in Palatine Bridge, N. Y. where I grew up  One of these days we will
probably sell out in Florida but we are taking each day as it comes.  If I ever get a chance
to see some of my old pictures and slides and if I find anything that I think you might want
to add to your collection, I will definitely send them on to you.

By the way, you had a picture of Charlie and Florence Burkart.  I wanted you to know that
we called on Charlie in the nursing home last Monday.. We were good friends with them all
those years, too.

     We used to go up to Willie's little shack on the corner by Bath Ave, and buy fried clams. 
They cost us 25 cents a bucket and we used to have to scrounge around to get enough money to
go and buy them.  Also, I used to go up to the dances long before I was married and remember
the big guy roping us off of that dance floor so we wouldn't stand a chance of getting in a
 second dance for that dime.  The music was wonderful and such a beautiful spot when it was
 a balmy night and all the shutters were open.  The music echoed down the lake.  Well, I
don't want to bore you with all my recollections but your website has sure jarred a lot
 of my memory and all I can say is Thanks Again For the Trip Down Memory Lane!

Barbara Shults            

P. O. Box 135

Palatine Bridge, N. Y. 13428


This was a fantastic production.


 I relate to Groshan's Park Dance Pavilion at Green Lake where I played trombone nightly
during the summers of 1937 and 1938 in a dance band led by Art Gibbons. I was a GHS grad of 1937.


My memory is a bit hazy now but the other members of the band that I recall were;

    Bob Wiley         piano                             Bill Rigs(?)        trumpet

    Walt Campo      drums                               ?                      "

    Duane Rupert  sax & clarinet                      ?                 base

    Tony...........       "          "

          ?                 "          " 


If anyone can fill in these names or has a photo of this band I would be most appreciative
if I could obtain a copy. I now live near Ocean Shores in WA. My wife succumbed to cancer
 two years ago.


Charlie Smith


GREAT!  I happened on your site as I was looking for "good ole days" - info for a Fall Singles
Retreat.  Thanks so much for sharing.  
Nancy Gillepsie

Thanks for the memories.  I live in North Idaho now but grew up in Little Falls, NY. I spent many
a happy time at Caroga!  My brother and his wife still have a camp there.  You really took me on
a trip down memory lane.  Thanks a million. 
Lois Spacapan


What great memories. we rode up to Caroga Lake on the 4th of July & you could have shot a gun
off on the mid-way and not hit any one. What a change from when we were young. We have so many
fond memories of Sherman's and the good times we had. One memory that is so special to me is the
great dance floor and the big bands. I was about 8 yrs. old and my father would put my feet on
his and we would glide around that big floor. I felt just like a Princess. That was the best
 of times. Thanks for a stroll down memory lane.




Wow! What a fantastic site you have there! I can't wait to go through the whole thing. Brings
back lots of memories.

 Feel free to use my little "history" any way you want. I can give you an original updated
 copy if you wish, rather than taking it from the PLPA site. Up to you.


John Peck
Peck's Lake


Hi Tony, You really hit a spot with the Caroga times on the internet, I grew up in Stratford,
and have many many memories of the Lakes.  Wish I did have pictures, my dad had a band and
often played at the dances.  Mostly in the Pine Lake pavillion.  Keep them coming. 
Thanks  Bill Bradley, I now live in Pittsburgh Pa, and moved around the country San Diego,
 Boston etc.  What memories. Thank you for taking the time to do this. 
Bill Bradley


This is a great site brought back some fond memories. Our class trip was at Caroga Lake

 (class of '56) what class would do that now?? Good to see the lake is making a come back. 
 Was sad to see it when we returned back to J'town (we were in the Navy for 20 yrs). Good
to be back,,we look at all the great photos of the area, back when,,,,great job everyone,,,,,
Raymond & Eileen (Winchell) Spawn


What a thrill and joy to find your web site.  My grandparents took me to Sherman's often
when I was a boy back in the 60's.  Thanks for creating it.  Made my day.


Larry Hinkle

Bradford, Massachusetts


Just came across your site, looking for info on Caroga lake, My family had a house on
the lake, for many many years.  It was sold in the late 80's.  My cousin and I were just
talking about all the wonderful memories of the summer reunions at the lake.

thank you

It is a wonderful site.


Michelle Migliore


Tony, I'm sure you remember my family. We had a camp on the south shore road of West
Caroga. This site is spectacular. Thank you for the memories. I will periodically
return to view any additions added over the months.
Gary Torrisi - Class of 65

A friend at church found I spent all the summers of my youth at Caroga Lake and told me
 your website.  What a joy it was to read about Caroga.  I haven't had time to read the
whole site yet.  I will send you a nice picture take in 1960 when I showed my husband
the lake and our cottage.  We were right across from that big rock that you labeled
 view from the Hogans.

More later.
     Sincerely,  Jeanne Miller


Tony- My cousin Jeanne just told me about your Caroga web site. My grandfather was John
Sherman and his brother Frank. My grandfather owned a house on the shore side. It was a
 two family cottage and shortly after being converted to a beautiful summer home burnt
down along with many other beautiful old homes.  My grandfather rebuilt exactly as it
 had been. My mother spent many summers there and danced her heart away at Sherman's.
The house stayed in the family while I was young and we loved it. When my father
(he also grew up on Caroga Lake) decided we should spend our summers in a more creative
way and sold " Lake Home" we all cried.
 Susan Doty


Thanks for posting this. What a wonderful trip down memory lane. I can
almost smell the popcorn. Although I lived in Gloversville, we used to
go to Caroga Lake every single Sunday. I lived across the street from
Charlie Butler, the guy who use to run "The Whip." Sometimes he would
let me ride for free. I have a memory for you ---- In the Penny Arcade,
there was also a "Boxing Machine," where you had to pull "triggers" to
try to hit the other opponent squarely on the jaw, to knock him out.

Later, as a teenager, I recall spending lots of times at Willie's. It
was run by the Mosconi family, who were really nice people.

I haven't been to Caroga Lake since the middle sixties. Congratulations
for posting one of the coolest links I have ever seen. I can't wait to
forward it so some of my other relatives. Once again, thank you so much
for your efforts.

Bill Race


Thank you for your nostalgic, magical and often hilarious site. I was feeling kind of
low today, missing my late husband, and happened on your site. I found myself smiling,
singing, dancing with my little dog in my computer chair and even laughing until I had
tears rolling down my face. I almost feel like I have been there. It has been
 a wonderful time here with you and I am going to tell my friends to come visit too.
Thank you again.


 Alma Green


Dear Folks --


    What a treat!  While researching Barbara McMartin's long list of books, I discovered your site.  Talk about a rush of great memories! 
We had a family camp on the north shore of West Caroga for 20 years (1967 to 1986).  We were the last occupant of our property's 
80-plus-year-old house, which was demolished when we sold it to make room for a new building.


    I have a treasured copy of Barbara McMartin's  first edition of "Caroga."  Our family was one of its patrons.  We wore out several
copies of her wonderful little "Walks and Waterways" guide, happily tramping through the woods surrounding Caroga.


    The owners of the camp before us represent a real Who's Who of Caroga folks.  From 1897:  Morey, Burr, Miller, Vrooman, Pedrick,
Lake, St. George Cottage Association, Jung, Farhart, Johnson, and ourselves.


    We loved Caroga, and our old camp.  A tiny part of me still haunts that waterfront and hillside.  Wonderful, irreplaceable times.


    Keep up the good work!  I'll be back.

 Lou Raichle

  Barnstead, New Hamp


Tony, thank you so much for allowing me to go back to the good old days and Caroga Lake.  We were you're neighbors on
Fon Claire Street and I knew your Mom and Dad very well.  I have so enjoyed the articles that I have read and surprisingly,
 I remember most of everything you talk about.  Please keep up the good work.  I am now in Florida but I am determined
to go to Sherman's this summer while visiting up there.  Thanks again.


Helene ( Walsh ) Hladik


What a great site!!!   I have never been to your lake or town but we are making a trip this weekend to look for a vacation
 home in the area (03/20/04).

My wife and I have been searching for a long time now and think that we have found a camp/house near the lake.    Makes
me feel good to see all the pictures and read about the history and good times that everyone is and has been having.     
  Keep up the good work!!


Jerry and Jennifer  Rasiak

Long Island , N.Y.


Tony (et al),
I spent a pleasant 2-1/2 hours this morning going thru the Johnstown section of your web site.   CONGRATULATIONS !!
AND WELCOME BACK. I'm an old Johnstonian (twice removed)  and I enjoyed every minute of it.
I have a lot of old photos of J'town and activities circa 1948 - 1951. I also have a lot of pictures of OLD J'town that most people
 would not recognize. MY fathers' uncle was William Kibbie who ran Kibbie Photo Studios back in the late 1800's. At the moment,
most of the pix are buried under a lot of other stuff (having moved up here in 1999 and have not set aside time to sort out and classify
all the artifacts. I'm not sure that you would remember me but, you might be familiar with my brother - Richard Calderwood
who lived in J'town for many years. I would like to contribute to your "collection" in the future with some of the photos.

Donald J. Calderwood, Sr.    (
13 South Park Street
Cambridge, N.Y.   12816


Well, Ernie you did it again brought back the memories and tears. Although I was raised in Arkansas I fell in love with the area
in and around Caroga Lake when I first saw it on a sat. Night in 1957 as a new bride.
Loved the new pictures .

Juanita (Manchester) Booth.
Baytown Texas.


Thanks for the up-date, Tony.  Hope we can meet you this year when you are in Caroga again.  Will look for your electric car!!! 
It looks like a good idea to have one like that with gas prices going higher all the time.


We will be camping in our trailer at Peck's Lake again this summer.  It may not be early in May, though, as we have lots of snow
and it is in the 20 degree range here in Little Falls today.  The calendar says "Spring", but it sure doesn't look like it outdoors yet. 



Marion (Mosher) Keyser


Thanks again. You have done a great job with this. Have sent it on again
to family who spent summers at Canada and Caroga lakes. Keep it up.
Takes me back a few years....I'm 82



I don't respond very often, but looking through the site today brought back some great memories. 
People were kinder and gentler back then.

Was there, or not, a "tilt-a-whirl" at Caroga?  I know I milked all the sympathy I could get from the
 Little Falls girls one summer when I nearly lost a finger in a summer job accident while at RPI. 
 Believe it or not there is a relationship between the injury and the tilt-a-whirl.

How did you come to be in Visalia?  I lived in Lancaster for years and just drove up 99 a few days ago
after attending a Lockheed flight test reunion along with old buddy who now lives in Three Rivers.

Years ago when we frequented Caroga, no one dreamed of moving as far away as we are.  Now we
are spread all over, I in Oregon now.

Jim Fitzgerald


Thanks Tony,

     I enjoyed seeing the new pictures.....
Bill Kennedy (from Johnstown, now in Converse, TX)


My son sent me the link to your web site and I really enjoyed browsing through it.  My husband was Gregg Smith; I believe you
 worked with him at Willie’s and possibly Sherman’s cafeteria.  As you may know, Gregg passed away on 3 Jun 01. 
 Going through your pages brought back many memories  -- Gregg loved Caroga Lake and had so many stories to tell about
his time there as a teen that at times I felt as though I spent those days with him.  While we own a camp on East Caroga,
 I didn’t, meet Gregg until 1962 in NYC.  

Some years ago, as Gregg and I were leaving our camp on Garlock Road, we spotted one of the old bumper cars, resting on
the side of a small out-building on Route 10.  The old rusted car looked forlorn and as though someone had discarded it there as
mere junk.  I took a picture of it because I knew it would make a good subject for a painting.  Since Gregg passed away I have
 pursued my love of painting and one of the first things I painted was that bumper car.  I’ve attached a digital photo of the
painting (watercolor) for you to see.  

Thanks for the engaging web pages – Gregg would have loved the web site.


Irene Smith


Wow Tony, I'm literally oozing nostalgia.  What a great adventure you are sharing with
all of us.  I graduated in 1952 with Connie Ermie...any relation????  Thanks for the
memories!  Warm Regards, Bernie Frank


Denny Vosburgh sent me this web site months ago At the time I only glanced at it.
This morning March 27 04 I went to ebay which comes up on favorites and  volia.

What memories I don't know weather to laugh or cry but at the moment there is a grin on my face oops even a tear . I have
 been talking to Denny Vosburgh as I view these memories. From Time to time I would be invited to stay a day or so at Jim
Hogans Camp. It was always a great time. I'm sure I was told to say thank you Once again thank you Jimmy I don't think
we knew how lucky we were. And thank you for this wonderful web site. My wife Joni and I spent a week at a cabin on Canada Lake .

It was nice but not a fish to be had anywhere and I used to be pretty good with a pole in my hand. It was sad to see what
 had become of Sherman's Willies and even Lake Air. It was great to drink at eighteen Without a doubt we all had guardian
angels on our shoulders. A couple of beers certainly made my dates a lot more enjoyable. Oops.. today we would  be
before Judge Hogan, or worse.

You guys have made it possible to "go home again" for all of us that grew up and loved that region of the world and remember
what it used to be like.

Thanks again
Rick Mansfield
HARVMAN class of 62
Go Sir Bills



The Caroga Times site is a true treasure.  Thanks so much for putting it together and for giving a time to remember to
those of us who cherish memories of Sherman's and summers at the lake.  I attended Ephratah Consolidated School
 and remember our yearly springtime outings to the lake.  It the carousel still in operation?  My wife and I enjoy summer
 trips in our RV.  We would love to camp near the lakes for a wekeend if there is a nearby campground. 
 Do you have any recommendations?


With best regards,

Randall B. Krum

Chair, Division of Science and Technology
Southern Vermont College
982 Mansion Drive
Bennington, VT  05201-6002
Phone/Voice (802) 447-6379

May 18,2004


 What a beautiful site, you have done a fabulous job. I sure enjoy looking ai the various images and reading the stories.

 As a child we would go to Sherman's several times each year, what a treat! I use to love the go carts and of course the
penny arcade. We currently camp at Pine Lake and think (we know) it is our heaven. Thank you for such a treat.

 Art Parmer

 Little Falls, NY




Just wanted to say a quick hello and let you know how much Eric and I enjoyed your website Sunday morning. 
Mom had mentioned it to me a few times so I decided to check it out.  With Eric's career and schedule, he has
rarely had the opportunity to meet anyone from Grams side.  It was nice to be able to point of so many places and
faces that I so often speak of along with the old and new pictures from Caroga Lake.  We are now both looking
forward to visiting this summer.  Rumor has it that you will be spending the summer there too?


Feeling pretty well and knocking down the days until it is all over.  Doctors and professionals have been great along
with my biggest fan, Eric.


Hello to your family and thanks again for the story and pictures.


Be Well,


Deena Ecker



I actually came across your web-site by accident. I have spent the last two hours looking and remembering.  I found myself
consumed in your memories as well as some that I had as a kid.


I grew up in Ilion, NY and many times our family would hop in the car and go to Pine or Caroga Lake for the day.


Some time my dad would just say "I'm hungry for popcorn" and we knew we were on our way to Sherman's.  We always
had a bring an extra set of clothes for my little brother Jeffrey (he's 49 now) because he would get so excited when we
rounded the corner and saw the Ferris wheel he would always "wet himself".  And the monkey?? He was the greatest animal.


I still have the silver coin that was punched out of the machine with our kids name on it!


I am in my fifties now but remember some of my best childhood memories. Swimming in the lake, riding the rides, crack the
whip and tilt a whirl were my favorites and picnicing with homemade fried chicken, and potato salad, on the back of the old
woody station wagon. They think "tailgating" was just invented? I remember being six.


Thanks Tony for taking me back to a happier time, when families took time to talk to each other, eat meals together, play
 games together and just be a family!


Sue Walsh

Albany, NY


A wonderful site,  I’m from Gloversville, but certainly made the trek up 10 and 29, to the Caroga area, I must say I miss those days, 
 after viewing those beautiful pictures, I will need to return , and see how things have change or hopefully stayed the same,   

Matthew J. Goguen
007 Electronics Network

P.O Box 1056
Schenectady, NY 12301
Ph# 518-377-0070
Fax# 518-377-0011


hi -Tony i so much enjoy this web site! - it brings me back to so many great memories of J'town and Caroga lake!!
 I grew up in J'town on Mc Kinley Ave. and spent many hrs. in Caroga lake . After so many it seems so good to hear
 all the familiar names that i grew up with. Thanks more than you can know.
 Kare Brosat Luck

Hi Tony,
Just want you to know I am a child of Lee Hillman's. I spent many a summer at Caroga Lake on visitation with my Dad. I remember
 Sherman's and all the fun. I would like to thank you for the memories. My husband and I just bought a camp on Unger Road, We are
renovating it and all I can do every time we are there is remember the good times I had as a child, at Caroga Lake. My Dad's been
dead for sometime now and so has my Mom. But the memories are wonderful. My Mom lived in Johnstown, on Hillside Ave. Her
name was  Virginia Sweetman. My relatives what are left still live there and some have moved away. I live in Rotterdam, NY. About
1 hour away from Caroga. But I love the area. thank you again for all the memories from this site. Maybe you remember the
Benders from Benders Farm. That's my Aunt Pat and Uncle John.
Well again, Thanks.
Mary Lou Dwyer


Hello Tony: I just came across some of your old time pictures and they brought back many many good memories
of my life in good old Johnstown, every time i see them they mean more and more to me as i am getting older.
Also living across the street from the good old Knox Field and Knox School i have a few pictures of Wiesner's
Store that you may be able to use. How do i get them to you ? I hope to hear from you regarding these some
time soon. You do a great job on your web site, I just love it. Thank you very much for all you efforts.

Thanks again,
Louis Wiesner
11 East First Ave.




I just spent some time looking at your website - it is wonderful - love the music too

Thanks so much for the memories !!!


Joanna Siedlecki Fratangelo 


What an incredible experience finding and viewing this website.  I grew up in Central NY and visited
Caroga/Sherman's with my family often in the 60's as a young boy.  What incredible memories I have
of those visits to Caroga and Pine Lake.  I now live in Dallas, Texas and in mid-July 2004, made a trip
through Caroga region on my way from Saratoga to Utica with my son, who is 10.    I must admit, I had
to rely on my sense of direction and memories to find the right roads from Saratoga to Gloversville
and beyond to Caroga.

I had hoped to be able to share some of the wonderful experiences that I had as a child at Caroga,
but sadly, Sherman's was closed and just a shadow of it's former self.  It was a rainy day and appropriate
 for the mood and what I saw on this journey.    I was pleased, however, to see some parts of Sherman's
 preserved...the Carousel, the Ferris Wheel, the Pavilion, the Ice Cream had been at least 25-30
years since I visited the area.  Our drive to Pine Lake revealed much the same as Caroga...only memories. 
 I was happy to see a school bus of children visiting Pine Lake and enjoying that wonderful sandy beach that
 was my favorite as a child.  Those beautiful mountains on the other side of the lake haven't changed a bit.
 I must say, living in the flat plains and urbanity of North Texas, I now truly have an appreciation for
 the beauty of New York, and particularly the Adirondacks (which I know that I took for granted when I
 live in the area!).  I had to re-create the scene, as I remember it as a child..."that's where the midway
was". and the "slide was over there, on the right side of the beach facing the lake".


Then, I found your website... I can't thank you enough for creating this great site that I will surely visit again
and again.  Thanks to this incredible website and this great collection of photography and memorabili
 I can share with my children the wonderful times and memories I had as a child growing up in CNY.


I appreciate your effort and look forward to visiting the site again soon and hopefully seeing "new" memories.


Mark Carden

Dallas, Texas

AUGUST 28TH-2004




A well done website for a fabulous Adirondack community! Looking forward to your continued updates!




Robin & Peter Fields

124 Lakeview Avenue

Caroga Lake

Thanks for this update, Tony. I loved it; it's a wonderful job; and
brought back a lot of memories.

Adele and I are now in Charleston, WV - slowly making our way "back east"
(maybe to the Caroga Lake area?)

ED Shoop


THANK YOU........



Tony, It's Shirley...first time I've been on your site...LOVE IT.  See ya next weekend

Shirley Florcz



             Thank you for this web-site. I grew up in Caroga Lake. Seeing these pictures floods my memories. I pull u
p the next site and stare at the pictures and I am taken back to childhood and early youth. And I sit at look at the
still pictures and walk the wooded roads, Sherman’s midway, along the beach and smile and let my thoughts drift.

            I grew up on London Bridge Road and I worked at Sherman’s for a few years (I think working at Sherman’s
was a rite of passage. I drank at Vrooman’s and Lake-Aire. I shopped at Groom’s and “Thee” Country Store. I’ve
been down most of the back roads and held branches back from my face as I ventured into the woods where
there was no trail.

            There is so much more, but I would be writing for days in recollection. I now live in Denver, CO. and I take
melancholy trips to your web-site whenever the need arises, which is often.

            I sometimes show fellow workers this web-site and act as tour guide and everyone who listens and
 watches seems to agree that there is something about this place. They find it hard to believe that a place
like this exists in New York of all places. Thank you very much for the journey.

 Garth Unger



I have read a number of Barbara McMartin's books over the years and was thrilled to see the tribute to her on
your web site. Loved your presentation.
The, what appears to be, the beginning of "great camps", etc., was fascinating. It was wonderful to take a
peek inside some of these camps.

A friend sent me the link to your site. I'll be back often.

Carrie Streeter
Los Angeles, CA


Hi Tony,

What a wonderful job you've done with the story on Barbara McMartin. The last page actually brought tears to my eyes.

Thank you,

Victoria Smith
Salt Lake City



Just finished another trip to Caroga Times and wanted to thank you for
all the updates.

I was visiting family this summer in upstate New York and spent quite a
bit of time in Northville, NY, visiting my aunt. Since my aunt lives
close to Mayfield, NY where I grew up I got the chance to visit with
two of my high school friends. Whenever we get together we always
talk about the good old days at Caroga Lake.

About 7:30 on a friday night in July, we decided to find a place to
have dinner and a couple of drinks. My friend John DeGolyer was the
navigator and I was driving. Hugh Bellen was in the back seat. John
told me to turn right at one point and I asked him "where are we
headed"? Then came the reply, "where else, Caroga Lake"...

I have to say, it felt good to be on the Caroga Lake road again. It
had been about 50 years since we had taken the ride together. One
friend who always made the trip with us, Bill Goodwin, was missing.
He passed on a couple of years past.

It was dark of course and we couldn't see a lot of what was familiar,
years past, but it sure felt good to be on the way to Caroga Lake
again. Being thirsty and hungry we found our way to the first
establishment we could find, which happened to be an old Hotel. I
believe the name was Voormans. We managed to find room at the bar and
had a couple of drinks, toasting our good friend Bill who was with us
in spirit. Finally about 10 pm we got a table and ordered Lasagna,
that was either great or we were really hungry.

It was not the same but just being able to say we were on our way to
Caroga Lake was a great feeling.

Thanks again for all the good memories of Caroga Times.....

Gary D. Jones
Born and raised in Mayfield, New York,
Living in Chandler, AZ


Very nice!  We finally had a chance to look at the pictures.
2 corrections!  Our name is spelled wrong in 2 places.  It is Brower, not Blower.

Does anyone know what that white covered pot is to my left in the "1910 parlor"

John and Eveline


Dear Tony,


Thanks for keeping us posted on the goings on.  I love the old photos.  They sure do bring back so many memories. 
 I love it!  Wish the kids could have enjoyed times like we had in this old place.  Alas by the time my little one was ready
for it, the fire had done its damage.  But the memories have spoken volumes themselves.  In any case, thank you for
 sharing yet another treasure.  Keep them coming.


Ruth Corey



I came across your site by accident while searching the web.

What an incredible thrill to see tribute to one of my favorite Adirondack authors, Barbara McMartin, on it. Hopefully,
she's still recovering from her sickness.

While I've never been to Caroga Lake, after spending two hours on your site, it almost felt like home. What, as
you say, a "magical place" you have to call home. Caroga.

Thank you for the glimpse of the magic,
Charlotte Brenheimer


It has been along time since I have been back to Caroga Lake and the Gloversville area, but I am taking a short
trip back soon. I just want to say THANK YOU for doing such a beautiful job on this site. You have brought back
a few tears of joy to this lady of the late 1930's. I will certainly visit your site many more times. The music and
the pictures are so well put together. I have spent many memorable times at Sherman's and the Lake in my youth.
I have lived in Colorado for the past 5 years now and love it, but I miss the lakes and the green grass and the
lovely changing of the seasons as we new them. I could go on and on, but again Thank You for sharing your
memories with us.

Sandy Foley, daughter of Joseph "Sarge" Foley.  


Hi Tony, 

       Don Biron, 308 Wells Street, sent me your web site.  When I came
across the accordion picture I about fell out of my chair.
I’m the second from the right, front row.  My brother Jim is the tall
one in the back row.  I can’t help you with any of the other
names, don’t know. 
Bob Hladik 


Tony: I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed reading the many messages
from people who have "known" Caroga Lake.......
They have brought back so many memories of my time spent in that area as a
child.......I especially remember the magnificent carousel...........I would
ride and ride around, hoping to catch the brass ring so I could have another
free ride.....I remember the music and those beautiful carousel horses, and
the sparkling ceiling mirrors that glistened above as they glided up and

That was long ago, (60 years to be exact!!), and last Spring my husband and
I drove up to the Lake......I had to see if the Carousel was still
there........As we approached the site where it originally stood, my heart
stood still......the horses seemed so small......the carousel itself seemed
miniature compared to the enormity of it as seen thru the eyes of the child
I once was.............

And now, seeing your web site, and reading about the wonderful plans you
have for "Caroga Lake", I look forward to another drive this
Spring.......and I will definitely look for the carousel........maybe there
will be a little child riding one of the beautiful horses, and perhaps
she'll be lucky enough to catch the brass ring too!!!!!

Thank you for this beautiful tribute to the "Lake" all brings back
memories of  a kinder, slower, more simple time......a time before life
became too hectic and fast-paced to appreciate the ordinary things.......

I will continue to watch for news of  "Caroga Times"......and wish you

Carol (Polk) Bruce
Guilderland, N.Y.




Tony,      I want to thank you for an unbelievable trip down memory lane.
Although I am a "youngster" in relation to the times that you write about I
still have more memories than I could use in three lifetimes. I was born in 1970
and from that point forward my family and I spent as much time at Caroga Lake as
possible. My parents bought two lots on East Shore South Caroga Lake Road in
1963. They appropriately called it "howdiyafindit". At the time we became good
friends with our neighbor to the right, Harold and Eileen Thompson, perhaps you
know them. Harold does a lot for  the people there, a true "selfless" person! 
Anyway we put a small trailer in the center of the two lots. The next 15 years
we as a whole family would take turns going up to the lake and enjoying all it
had to offer, we couldn't go up all at once because there just wasn't enough
room. Then next to us moved in Jim Steenburgh and his nice family, of whom we
became good friends with. We then finally purchased a larger, more accommodating
mobile home and split the lot with my aunt who also enjoyed Caroga. She also
bought a mobile home and as it still sits now the two homes face each other
with, of course, a fire pit in the middle for those nightly fires that you
talked about. The 70's, 80's, and the 90's were great times for me and my family
at Caroga. Now between work my family and just life in general I don't get there
as often as I would like but in all my travels I have settled in Rochester, NY
so I am Not far and plan to be there this spring and summer. Hope to maybe meet
you there.        

Thank You again for this web-site!!  Looking and reading all
your stuff actually brings a tear to my eye, a good one! Incidentally, my last
name is D'alessandro, pretty close. I thought that was interesting.          I
would to hear from you. Keep up the good work!
Sincerely yours,    
      Frank D'alessandro
      108 Greenleaf Meadows
      Rochester, NY 14612




 My name is John Lorence Christman. I'm only 19, but I absolutely love Caroga
Lake! I spend all of my free time on our family camp on West Caroga. I'm not
sure if you knew him or knew of him, but my Grandfather was Dick Lorence, and I
know he was quite involved in Caroga. I just wanted to tell you that I loved
looking at all of the pictures on your sight, although it makes me sad that
I'll never be able to experience all of the fun times at Sherman's. I would
love to see the whole area restored!

Thank you for posting all of the pictures, and
feel free to reply, I'd love to talk about the "lake", as we call it!

 Take care,
     John Lorence Christman.



I recently learned of your website from Bill Pollak (former Johnstown mayor).


I spent a good deal of time looking at it and enjoying the pictures, history, and comments.  It was terrific.


I spent a great deal of time at Caroga Lake from the late 50's and early 60's.  My brother Steve Thompson, along with
his partner, Tony Sokol, owned Steve and Tony's, which I guess is now the post office.


Sorry, I have no pictures.


Jim Thompson



     I spent a lot of time at Caroga lake, Shermans, and your parents (Aunt Mary and Uncle Tony's camp when I was
just growing up.  I have many great memories. 

     My mother told me about the website.  It is great!.  Hope all is well1

     David Gutowski



Very nice walk down memory lane - thank you.


My mom and dad were Rosalie (Fernandez) and Harry Paxton of Johnstown/Gloversville.

Mom was the daughter of Frank and Bertha Fernandez of 28 Lexington Ave., Gloversville.

I was born in 1943 and sister Gale was born in 1940 married Don Garguilo and now lives in Los Alimitos, CA.

Brother Chris is 47 and lives in Murietta, CA

Mom and dad came to California in 1963 or so. Dad died in 1970 and mom in 1999.


I married Mozelle Lansing in 1966 in Gloversville. Her mom and dad were Hank & Arlene (Laird) Lansing.

Page 1 of Caroga Times shows Mozelles grand father William Laird (on the motor cycle).

Arlene Laird Lansing is alive and well and lives in Hemet, CA.

Unfortunately Hank Lansing died 2 years ago.


 Mike Paxton



Hi there, Tony,

One day, I was feeling a bit down, and went for a really REALLY long ride. I just drove and drove, not sure where I was headed,
and found myself in this beautiful town. There was an old carousel on the right, and before that, some sort of antique/second hand shop.
If I remember correctly, it was on the left side of the road. It had old wood siding and reminded me somewhat of a barn. It was filled
with lots of old items, from old milk cans to rusted old farming tools, pottery, etc etc. I stopped there and looked about. As I continued
on, I saw a lake to my right, and there were some jet skiers out for a spin. The lake looked beautiful and there was an old carousel
there as well, not too far from the road if I remember. It was about 6 years ago. I stopped, got some ice cream (comfort food for those
feeling a little blue, you know!), and then continued on. I also came to a store with hunting and outdoor gear, and it was a flat kind of
a building, with almost a sidewalk alongside it. There was a little gift shop there as well. Not sure if it was before I got to the lake or
after. I also remember seeing a right hand turn just past the carousel, I believe, that led to the lake or to some campgrounds. Eventually,
I think I ended up way up on route 28, and headed South to return back to Utica.

I have since looked on the internet for this old carousel, and the name of the town I was in, to no avail, until I saw your site tonight. I
think this is where I was! I think I was in Caroga Lake! I have looked and looked for several years until tonight! I wanted to come
back so many times, since it gave me such a calm peace of mind there, and it took the sad feelings that brought me on my long ride,
away. I loved it there.

Do you think I could have been there, at Caroga Lake? Please let me know if you do. Thank you so much!




This is, without doubt, the best web site I ever visited! I was born in Gloversville in 1946,
and spent many great times at Sherman's (1950's and till I moved away 1966). I have been
back a few times over the years. My father (born in 1921) still lives in G'ville; and recalls
his family's camp on Caroga (1930's)  Thanks for the memories,    
 Gary Merrill     
P.S. The music is great, also!



Hi Tony,


Just found your site and love it. Brings back many memories for me.

Back in the early 70's my folks bought a camp up in Pine Lake and we'd send every weekend up there from as soon as the roads cleared till the snow got too deep.

I have many memories of Vooman's buffalo wings, also where I bought my first beer ,  riding the "big" whip at Sherman's and riding the horses at Paradise.

It was the best place in the world for a city kid from Albany to spend his summers.

We had our property right up till the mid 70's. My dad had a heart attack and was forced to sell the place right about the time Bob Lord sold the amusement park
at Pine Lk.


My mom and me returned to the area in '80 for a time, we rented the house next to Putman's store on Rt10. We only stayed there about a year or so before we
had to go back down to the city for financal and work reasons.

I miss them days up there !


I've been living here in Greensboro,NC since 1989 , last time I was up in New York was '99 to lay my mother to rest, wished I had taken the
time to visit the lakes but time was pressing. Sorry to hear the amusement park is no more but I very happy to hear that some of the place has been
saved. Looks like they have a great operation .

Anyway just wanted to say thanks for the trip down memory lane.



Art Chartrand



Dear Tony --


    Your recent tribute to Barbara McMartin was beautifully done.  I'm so glad to have had a glimpse of some of her last days,
at her beloved Canada Lake home.  Congratulations on a tasteful and heartfelt piece.


    During our 20 years at Caroga, Barbara's books inspired us to so many wonderful family hikes through her "gentle wilderness,"
and her "Caroga" book about the town is endlessly fascinating.  She had a huge effect on our enjoyment of our beloved camp.


    Again, thanks for your splendid tribute, and for your continuing efforts with Caroga Times.




                                    Lou Raichle

                                    DeLand, Florida 


Dear Tony,

    This was my first visit to Caroga Times. My Aunt and Uncle Caroline and Orlando who were also your Aunt and Uncle had their camp
at Caroga too.
I spent many wonderful days there with Jim. He told me about your site. It is marvelous Tony. My mom and Caroline were sisters.
She treated me to stays at their camp every summer when I was growing up. I remember being very young and sitting on the corner
behind your parent's camp right across from the lake with a beach blanket while watching the 4th of July fireworks. My uncle
taught me how to waterski on that lake behind his boat. Jim and I would fish early in the morning behind the carousel next to the
little footbridge. We always caught a pail of bullheads too! There was a neighbor next to your parent's camp who would play the
guitar and harmonica for us. What was his name? My goodness Tony this has stirred so many memories
for me. Thanks again! Have a Merry Christmas! My e-mail is .


Joe Inglese




I was listening to the Bob Cudmore's "Focus On History" radio show this morning when, to my surprise, he mentioned he
was having you on later in the show. So I stuck around a little longer to hear you.
Anyway, just wanted to let you know I enjoyed hearing a little more about Sherman's and Caroga. In fact I'm just beginning
your web site right now.
Wow! It certainly looks like everything Bob said it was!

Tom Gilles
Albany, NY



Thanks so much for a wonderful site!  I laughed and cried!  Spent a lot of time at Sherman's as a kid in the fifties.  My dad brought Frank
his Pepsi from Fitzgerald's in Amsterdam- he had a crush on Janet with that blonde hair!

The A. V. Smith's of 2nd Ave were my surrogate grandparents- their son Frank was married to my aunt Norma.  My cousin drowned there
 in the 60's.  Smiths still own the camp.

Will never forget the Tilt-A-Whirl, cotton candy, and the sledge hammer thing where you had to ring the gong.

Thanks again-  I'll be thinking about Caroga all day!

     Marilee Watermann Litwa



Hi, Thanks so much for your wonderful website. My husband  and I are both in our 70's now, but vacationed at Pine Lake, Canada Lake
& Caroga for over 60 years & remember the area well.  We live in Fort Plain but still travel out to the "lakes" every summer.  I must go
back and look at your great pictures now. 
Thanks again - you made my day! 
Kay Bauder



Spent time today looking at Caroga Lake etc.  It sure brought a lot of memory's. Spent lots of summers there.


Really enjoyed got the web sight from the Schenectady Gazette story in today's paper.


Thanks for the memories.

Edith and Theodore Strobeck



I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your website. As a
child I used to beg my father to take my brother and I to Sherman's for a
swim. We would often stop there on a summer Sunday afternoon for an ice
cream. My mother would tease our father about the "Popcorn Lady." I will
always remember her blonde hair.

I remember the arcade, and the fortune teller lady. As a child, I used
to be a little afraid of going by her booth. I think that your fortune
came out in a small little scroll.

Caroga Lake and Shermans will always be a special part of my childhood

I had a math teacher named Isabelle Fliegle, and she had a camp on
Caroga Lake. Just wondered if you remembered her.

Your site about Mr. Sherman was really a wonderful tribute to him

Thank you for all of your hard work. It is really appreciated by so very
many people, I for one.


Thursa Martin




 This site is fantastic!

My grandparents and relatives from Canajoharie always told their stories of a camp on the South Shore and going to Shermans in the early 20’s and 30’s.
I had the great privilege and joy of “going to Sherman’s” in the early 50’s and on.

Your site brought back warm remembrances of a simpler and quieter time… The penny arcade, bumper cars, the whip, and the merry go round are my
fondest memories.

Thank you so much!

Tim Triumpho
Canajoharie, NY



Hi Tony, my 84-year-old mom in Fort Plain, NY just phoned me today with your
website. She saw it in either the Amsterdam or Schenectady paper.  We have
high speed Internet here in VA and I have spent the better part of today
looking through this wonderful look back at summers at Caroga Lake.  This is

Thanks so much for this fantastic look back.  Coming from a family that had
very little money, as many of us came from, we never took vacations.  The
highlight of summer was to go to Caroga or Pine Lake.  My cousin and I would
go with the summer playground program through the Fort Plain School System
every Tues. and Thurs. to Pine Lake swimming via school bus.  We all came
home with those salamanders in the Coke bottle and ate the delightful lake
food at lunch.  Those were the days!!!!

I especially enjoyed the story about the lady at Canada Lake who has
authored several books about the Adirondacks. 

Keep up the good work.  Yes, the lady that sold the popcorn did have hair
that matched the popcorn!!!!  Best popcorn I ever tasted.

Many thanks,

Candice Dingman Weppner
/Fredericksburg, VA/formerly Fort Plain, NY



     This site is the best!!!!  I , too stayed the summer in Caroga Lake mainly in the 60’s  with my family on Garlock Road. 
I worked at Sherman’s for Ray Allen in the cotton candy stand.  I certainly have fond memories of those years and you
have done a wonderful job with this site.  I have it bookmarked now and will revisit it often.  
Thank you so much.

  Taya (Marcellino)  Kardash





My sister Esther (Holdridge) Capece from Oppenheim sent me an email with the link to your website.   I am the former Margaret (Peggy)
Holdridge and I grew up in Oppenheim, NY. I attended Oppenheim-Ephratah Central School so we spent many summers visiting
Sherman's and Pine Lake.   I have so many fond memories from the area.


Thank you for sharing your pictures and stories from Sherman's and the area surrounding Caroga Lake.  It sure brought back many
memories of fun times.


I recently retired and moved back to NYS.   Last summer we went to Caroga Lake and it was sad to see how little is left of Sherman's
but the carousel is still there and we enjoyed walking around and thinking about all the rides and games that we remembered from
the 50's and 60's when things were booming in Caroga Lake and Pine Lake.


Peg (Holdridge) Pinkham



Hi Tony,


I live in northeastern Tennessee , but was raised in Lasselsville and went to school in Oppenheim .

     A very good friend who lives up there sent me this site.

     I have only briefly checked it out, but I KNOW I will spend many hours on it next weekend.

   I can only guess at how much time and thought you put into this, and wanted to let you know it is appreciated.


                                                    Respectfully yours,

                                                     Gary A. Jubar




Nice job, you done on this. My brothers, and I use to go up there on weekends, when
my Mother could get my Father to drive up there, all the way from Amsterdam, at
that time it, with the older cars, and the roads, it was a long ride. That was in
the late 40s early 50s. It brought back memories. Thank you & the other's  that
help to see the old Caroga, like it was.

Paul Jordan


      Hi Tony,
              I got your web site from an article in the Schenectady
Gazette, just lately which was all about the Caroga Lake area. I went to your
web site and couldn't get away from it ,it was so interesting what with the
pictures, words, and music it made you feel as though you were there at the
present time. I spent many days in the Caroga Lake area in my younger
days. Those days were much less stressful and had less temptations then the
children of today have. I have told many people about the site and have
noticed that many people I know have written to you about how much they
enjoyed it.
Keep up the good work, and I'll be watching the site for your up
dates. Thanks again for the wonderful memories and for disproving that old
saying "you can't go home again".
Joseph La Coppola, Jr.
    St. Johnsville, N.Y.         



Thank  you so much for the wonderful stroll down memory lane....

I wanted to mention that on the bar in the upstairs of Sherman's there are thousands of pennies all encased in some kind of clear
lacquer...It's quite unusual. Also, there used to be another bar in Caroga Lake.  We used to go there a lot...One of the owners
and/or bartenders was a midget.  One of the greatest guys!!! Can't think of the name of the bar.

When I was a  young teenager, my mother had the opportunity to buy a two room "Shack" in Shantytown...for $75.00...probably
in 1946 or 1947 ...I'm originally from Fort Plain and several families from there had bought those small shanties too. 
They sure weren't indoor plumbing, no running water...but it was fun to go to the well and pump the pails full of water.
My girlfriends and I absolutely loved Caroga Lake...1946 - 1954.  My husband (of 51 years) and I used to go there on dates
every weekend to dance the night away in the old dance floor upstairs.

I can't remember the name of one of the bands that played there...I think they also played at someplace in Gloversville or
Johnstown too.  They had made a recording...the name of which I can't remember now...perhaps some of your "readers"
remember.  I even think I bought it...the old "45's" but have no idea what became of it.

We married and moved to  Chicago where my husband was attending school.  I think it was while we were there 1955
that Sherman's had the fire.  I was devastated...It was like my youth was washed away ...  But what wonderful memories.

We took a ride there a couple years ago and danced downstairs one Sunday afternoon. It was fun, but not like it was
when we were in our early 20's.

Anyhow, if I can come across any photos of anything of Caroga Lake, I will send them to you.  If you can't use them, that's okay.

Thanks for reading this E Mail...Would enjoy hearing from you.

Sally Peters

E Mail:



Dear Tony;

In my younger days my parents and their cousin owned a camp on the South Shore. My dad was Wendel Fallis
my mom was Doris H. Fallis. I spent parts of my summer on the lake and have just read your article about
Frank Sherman. I agree he certainly was the Walt Disney of Caroga Lake.

Many times we stopped for popcorn and on Friday night we would spend the evening at Sherman's.
Taking in the fun and community there. I remember the go kart track (my first driving lessons). The
merry go round, ferris wheel and arcade  made a few hours seem like a full day.

My many thanks for the enlightenment of the history. I am grateful that you would take the time to document
this mecca of fun in Fulton County. I only wish I could afford to recreate what was for the future.
I guess we are lucky to have what is left. Also I brought my son over a few times he went swimming and we
rode the Merry Go Round.
Again my thanks


Richard H. Fallis





Tony, Just wanted to let you and your viewers know the Royal Mountain Inn will be opening in the spring of 2006. I hope all will come
and enjoy the food and atmosphere.
Richard Pagerie, new owner


Hi Tony,

What a wonderful website and the memories came flooding back.  We used to spend a great deal

of time at my Aunt and Uncles camp on Cozy Cove on West Caroga - Bea and George Edick.  My Mom

and Dad, Clark and Evelyn Young re-located to Caroga Lake from Sammonsville in 1978.  Evelyn, my Mom

was Tax Collector there for years.  I now live in Ohio with my Husband Ed Schlote and he too has several

memories as his family had camps on East Caroga; when we visit Johnstown, we never miss an opportunity

to visit Caroga Lake - it is just incredible. It is indeed a "little slice of heaven.



Gale Young Schlote


JHS Class of 1962 



Hi, Tony. You've created a very good website here. The section on Frank Sherman I find very poignant only because
you are writing about him at the very end of his life. I think it would be important for someone to document the
Sherman family's contributions to the area over the last hundred or so years. I think it would be an interesting

While browsing the Johnstown section, I was transported back in time when I saw the pictures from Fon Claire Street.
In the early fifties we lived right across the street from you, in a two family house. I don't remember the number.
The Prestons lived upstairs. I remember the neighborhood and especially the store. You triggered a memory that I
hadn't had in many years when you mentioned the gum ball machine. I vividly remember pumping pennies into that
thing to possibly get that prized gumball. I also remember emptying out my bank to buy candy from Freddy D for
the neighborhood kids, which made the parents really proud. I also remember your parents as caring, kindly folks
that looked out for all of us that ran wild in the neighborhood.

Caroga Lake, and especially Sherman's Amusement Park carry fond early memories for me also. My grandfather worked
for the Sherman’s and my dad also worked there, mainly in the midway for Don and Tony. When dad took his family
to the park, we were treated extremely well. They all knew us by name and saw that we always had a fun time. A
very impressionable thing for a young kid. We spend a lot of time at the lake. My grandfather built a camp in
Newkirks which is about a mile and a half down the road, toward Johnstown, past the Outlet, on the bend of the
road where the Lane homestead is. The story goes that my grandfather had a choice of a lot on the lake or the
Newkirk's lot. Grandma didn't like the water so he built there instead of on the Lake.

My mother and dad both worked so we spent holidays and weekends at the camp. We often spent the entire day at
the swimming area at Sherman's. I always liked the water and was never afraid of it, but I was never a very
good swimmer. Two weeks out of the summer they would rent a camp on the lake. One year we rented a camp that I
remember as the "Longview". I'm not 100 percent sure (maybe 90) that was the name but it was on the lake road
just down from and on the other side from Hogan's, toward Sherman's, on the bend.

The year had to be mid fifties. I had a problem that year with my foot and could not go in the water so I spent
a lot of time in the rowboat, mainly fishing. I think that may be the time you remember recruiting us for your
"swim around the lake". It's a good thing you were a good strong swimmer, because, looking back, it probably
wasn't the smartest thing to trust your safety to two eight year old kids, and expect them to row straight.
What were you thinking???

I haven't viewed all of the sections of your website as yet but I plan on returning to do just that. I have
enjoyed what I have seen thus far and am looking forward to the rest.

John Gage  



WOW.  This is amazing.  So much good info to absorb and I haven't gone through half of it. 
Really appreciate you thinking of me and hope this message finds you well.

Ed Davidson
Class of 1960




Dear Tony,

Let me first introduce myself. I was Janice Frasier now Janice
Frasier Blowers. I graduated from Johnstown High in 1958. My husband Bill grew
up in Gloversville. He enjoyed it also, especially the music.

 I just loved what you’ve done here. Although I didn’t spend a lot of time at Caroga
I did however go there on special occasions. I sort of knew who you were by your
last name. It just so happens that your mother (Mary) and my mother (Ruth) worked
together in the glove shop for many years.  They were the best of friends. I remember your
mother and where you use to live on (Meadow St.) I think? I’m not sure of the
street name. I know your mother is gone now but I remember her vividly.

I use to go to the parties the ladies would have from the glove shop. My mother is still
going at 90. She still lives in Fultonville. I do have a brother that lives in
Johnstown with his extended family. His name is Paul. I thought you were Mary’s
son when I first saw your last name. Then when I saw the picture of your mother
I knew.

I live in Connecticut now. I think you were younger than I was then. You
did have a brother? You have done such a great job here. It must have taken
hours? Have you ever thought about writing a book about your Caroga memories?
Remember Drums Along The Mohawk? Yours wouldn’t be a story but memories. I’m
sure you have a title already.

 Again, Tony thanks for the memories it was fun.    

Janice Frasier Blowers



I have to tell you how entertaining this web site is. Thanks so much for all the
memories. I graduated from Johnstown class of 59. Spent many a days here.

Your music and pics are wonderful. Keep up the good work as I will share this
with classmates and will be back to this site to visit again soon.

Totally awesome.....
Donna Lee Higel



Hi Tony,

I spoke with my mother and told her about your Carogatimes. She was so excited. I told her she was in a picture at Crescendo.
She spoke of your mother and how when she returned to Johnstown she would stop at my mother’s house for a visit. Unfortunately,
Mom doesn’t have a computer to be able to see the site but we are trying to get in touch with a relative who does and hopefully
they have a lap top and bring it for her to see. Mom would like your mother’s address. It’s been a long time since they have
written each other and apparently she has misplaced it. She was going to call Ceil Jarabek and tell her about Carogatimes
and of course the picture.

I’ll always be excited about this site. I came home from work the other day and went straight to it and realized that after
2 hours I hadn’t even taken my coat off. We just love the music. I love the Great Camps connection and the visit/photos
with Barbara.  Your piece about saying goodbye to summer is a treasure.

Thanks again Tony.    
Janice Frasier Blowers Class of 1958.



Thanks for the great  Caroga Lake  web site.  Went there as a kid with my mom and dad, in the late 1940-1950. 
We come from Amsterdam.  I now live in Dighton . Ma.  Again thanks so much.


Joan Orleanski Ready



As a kid my family and I camped at Pine Lake every summer.  Your site brings back many memories as we often
went to Caroga Lake. 

Thanks for the time that you put into this and best wishes!


Bob Heneka



As usual, nice job Tony. I didn't know Holton, but recall very clearly him in the Cafe. Wished I did know the gent.
The pictures brought back some more memories, piling in the Cafe with my friends before a day of fishing, swimming
 or sailing the lake. They sold breakfast AND bait, what a deal!

Warm regards,

John Rekemeyer



Thanks for sending out the email regarding Holts passing... sad to say I
hadn't thought about him in a long time but your email has brought up many
memories of spending time with him talking about the state parks and where
trails go ect.... The "Thank You" video was touching, great job putting that
My prayers will be with his friends &  family as they adjust to life without
him with us.

Yours in Christ
Art Chartrand


Thanks for there "trip" down memory lane!

 As kids, we camped many summers at Caroga Lake.




Frank Scrima





You did a "GREAT" job honoring Holt.  I don't remember meeting him at all but
reading your tribute and his obituary I wish I would have met him.


Mike Patino




Thanks for that, Tony!  (small tribute to Holton Seeley)

As a proud, active duty member of the United States Air Force Band "Airmen of Note" (a direct descendant
of the Glenn Miller Army Air Corps Dance Band), I had the honor of performing some Glenn Miller favorites
on the main stage at the opening of the WWII Memorial here in Washington, DC. 

You wouldn't believe the sea of people that were on the National Mall that day!  I can't tell you how many
times that day I laid eyes on the faces of men and women who served during that most trying of conflicts. 
I made it my mission to thank each and every one I made eye contact with, and to breathe a prayer of
thanksgiving for those I couldn't speak to that day. 

There were hundreds of thousands of people there.  Some in wheelchairs.  Some without limbs.  Some
widows and widowers came in honor of their spouses who didn't make it to see that day - my fiance's
grandfather among them.  Some just came and cried. 

For many, I knew this trip was a very difficult one to make and would likely be the last great "setting out"
in each of their respective lives.  They had already made the most difficult expedition of their lives, though.
Hadn't they?  I could see that, to them, this long awaited and more than well deserved journey was one
that culminated in the release of many a fear and heartbreak.  There were reunions, smiles, handshakes,
heart-felt embraces, and there was an ocean of tears shed on the Mall that day. 

Today, there is an aura of peace surrounding that monument.  It is an amazing work of art and I know
in my heart that we owe an infinite debt of gratitude to those for whom it stands.

If you haven't seen the WWII National Memorial, please make a point to visit the DC area soon. 
We'd love to have you and I promise you won't regret it!

May the Lord bless you and keep you...


TSgt Paige C Wroble



Hi Tony,


Again I was going through the web page and admiring, remembering many scenes while I was a student at JHS. i.e. The FJ and G line.
 I was originally from Fonda and transferred to JHS in my sophomore year.


I am relatively sure that when I was a senior you sat right behind me in a huge study hall. I made an attempt to play football for Prof
Siedliecki but I was not very good. I did not "play" my senior year. I believe that you were a quarterback and a good one! (The last that
I knew, Prof Siedlecki's son Alex, was the head football coach at Yale University.)


 I was a pole vaulter behind Jim Soulia at JHS, To this day I am a coach at Cannon School in Concord, NC and for 30 years I was a
teacher/coach at Guilderland HS..Many times, I took our boy's team to JHS for the track and field invitational. Fred Maderic was a
great coach and friend.


Very soon it will be year #50 for the class of '57. Has there been any news that you may know of with regard to a reunion?
(I realize that you graduated in '60).


Keep up the great work with regard to the website re:  Caroga Lake, Johnstown and vicinity..


Bill Drake





      Thanks for sending me this GREAT website. Good job. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into this GEM.

Doug Sager



Tony -

    Just got a brand-new computer, and for the first

time I'm able to hear the tunes that go with each

picture  -  what a revelation! I now have 512 MB of

RAM, instead of 40 MB for the old one, and I also

have DSL  - 

 I'm really seeing Caroga Times for the first time,
as it should be!  It's just as much fun as it was the
first time I saw it.

Again, many thanks

for taking us back to "the (really) good old days!"

Keep up the great work!

Pete Schwarz  -



Hi Tony,


I came across your website, and thought I could add to some of the modern pictures in the links.  I picked these pictures because it shows some great scenery
in the background of East Caroga on the south shore.  These were taken last July 4th.  Although I am fairly young, (27),

I can remember Sherman's amusement park, and I also remember the Jammer (not that I went there), but I didn't recall anyone mentioning that place, and it still
sits there along with many of the old abandoned buildings.  I have spent every summer on Caroga Lake, and every summer carries unique memories and our
own little traditions.  Specifically my neighbors have an egg toss on July 4th that brings neighbors on each side of us.  The boat parade is a great memory
that still goes on, which is also something that I don't think was mentioned, although I read through the pages quickly and could have missed its mention. 

My camp is rich in its own memories and traditions, specifically the family memories of which it has been passed down through the years.  I was sad to hear
hat I missed the car races last weekend, also a tradition that I have fond memories of as a child.  Unfortunately, I do no have a picture of my camp, but you
can see what a view I have of the Adirondack mountains on the lake. 


Your site is something that I will revisit over and over again, whenever "winter blues" sets in.


Greg Jones

Frankfort, NY



Wonderful memories!  I wish we could live them all over again.  My family owned a camp on west Caroga, South Shore, right across
from Sherman's'. I remember family parties, bats in the camp at night, going to bed when Sherman's' lights went out, and the smell
of the freshly oiled roads in the spring. Rainy days, which were few, we played games on the porch, blueberry picking in the woods,
the potato chip guy who came to sell them door to door, and how about those fresh donuts that melted in your mouth! 

My best memories are of my Dad, Jesse Eacker, and I dancing to the polka music upstairs after a delicious roast-beef dinner
in the brightly colored booths. They truly were the best days of my life. Thank you for a wonderful site to go to remember!!!

Cher Eacker Briggs



Hi Tony:


   First I would like to say how much I have enjoyed Caroga Times. My name is Gary Champagne and I was born and raised in
Gloversville and Meco. I left in 1959 for a short time and never made it back home. I have been sick and confined to the house
so I am learning to use the net and staying away from the TV. I found your site through the "Johnstown.Com"site. I would spend
 my summers at Sherman's in the early 1950,s I stayed in a trailer in between the bumper cars ride and the merry-go-round my
Aunt and Uncle were Buster and Bill Ostrom and they owned the games on the midway (shooting gallery,mouse in the hole game,
ball pitch at bean bag dolls, I think there was a dart with balloons game too.) I have been looking at the pictures and it brings back
lots of those good memories of being out in the wooden row boat with a old Johnson kicker going around the lake or if they
wanted to slow me down a bit I would end up on the Farris Wheel for hours it seemed looking out over the lake, I enjoyed
that at night the most it was so beautiful with the reflections on the water.In the late 1950,s I had a Uncle Albert Ostrom that
had a shooting gallery next to Sherman's going North I think it was called Voormans Restaurant. I sold snow cones one summer
 for a man and had to crush the ice by hand ,taught me a lot about working and people that summer. Those were the greatest
years but when you are young you tend to be always looking for more out in this big world.


Thank you again,

Gary Champagne



Loved your site!!  keep up the good work!

Nick Gale (a member of the "Healey/Rohrs clan" of Canada Lake by marriage to the 4th generation)







Mark Giovannini

 Rapid Rivet & Fastener Corp.
121 Toledo Street
Farmingdale, NY 11735
Toll free:1-800-727-4378



Tony,   My name is David Fudger, My Mother is   Kathleen  Groshans daughter of  Eugene and  Catherine Groshans.  
We  used to work the midway  for Bob Kane in the  late 50ties and early  sixties. 
 I am  having a   wonderful time looking at all the historical  pictures of my past relatives. 
Thanks for a  great gift  to all.



Thanks for giving us a trip back in time and the great website.  My wife Janet and I both spent many hours at Sherman's in
the 50's  and early 60"s enjoying the bands and the atmosphere of the park. Many of our friends from Mayfield and
Northville went there and remember .  We now live in Northville in the summer and in Florida for the winter. I always think
of the rope that took you off the floor after each set. A wonderful job.  Bob Venner put me wise to your site. 
Thanks again Bob..

Bob and Janet Eschler



Hi Tony


Wow I couldn't agree with you more,  I was honored to display the U.S. flag in my front yard, the strange part is I am a Canadian
and a proud neighbor to  the U.S.A. I am the woman who created the FDNY/ angel snow sculpture you have up on your site, and gee whiz that didn't offend anyone in my country.
Keep up the fight for your rights, there have been too many lives sacrificed for our freedom.


Darlene Racicot


Hi Tony

Your site is wonderful. I grew up going to both Caroga and Pine Lake, As a small kid we went there all the time, for
picnics, and just a day at the beach and ridding the rides. Later on in life when I had kids, We rented a camp for a
couple weeks, my mom went with us, It was so wonderful for me to be back, my kids didn't seem to know what
they were doing there, they were bored, said they had nothing to do. They never seemed to get the excitement I had.
When I was in grade school. We use to take a bus and go to Pine Lake every week,

Bonnie Buck Taylor



Hi Tony!

My name is Maggie Clark and I live in Gloversville.  I'm sure you probably won't remember me, but I graduated from
JHS in 1959.  I was so amazed when I looked at the Caroga Times website last night.  I loved all the old pictures!!
By any chance do you have a picture of the old Warren St. School?  I am searching for one and am hoping someone
would have one.  I noticed you mentioned my Uncle Henri Causse (cop) in your story about the fire alarm box.
He meant business!!     Thanks for any help you can give me on the picture.  Keep up the good work with the
old pictures and memories!!

Maggie (Earl) Clark   (we lived on the farm out on West State St. Extension)



i live year round in caroga lake and just love it i just want you let you know what a wonderful thing you did
making this website keep up the fine work and thank you  john kayea  108 mac ave caroga lake ny



Great pics Tony. I sit at my PC and become real home sick. I was in Johnstown last spring, had a good visit with my
friends, Bill Fioravanti, Fred Volpp, Don Biron, Carl Siligato, John Alfano, we were only a couple of years ahead of you.

Thanks again for the great work.

                      Sincerely.. Ray Bishop



This is Joe Precopia from Cayadutta St. I keep an eye on Johnstown thru the Leader Herald and clicked into your web site.
It is very well done and a a real tribute to the community.  I also work with many Chambers and one is Fulton County. Wally Hart
is the Executive Director and  I am forwarding the site address to him .

Nice Job




Hello,   Memories of Caroga and Canada Lake.    As a deputy sheriff for Fulton County,  I spent Summers on lake patrol at Caroga and Canada lakes. I worked for Sheriff John Brown and Under sheriff  Bob Wandel.   In the other months I patrolled the county in a vehicle.    Remember the Bears at the dump up in Bleecker?   This was in 1967/69.     Anyone remember Tod Hunter and Phoebe Ballard on Canada Lake?   They were writers of Western stories like Zane Grey?    I also used to help out directing traffic at Caroga Lake.  And, yes,  I remember the amusement park so well.   I live in Mesa, Arizona and often think of this area.   Heard that Sherman's would reopen in 2000!    Did that happen?  
   Mercer Weiskotten   E-Mail





















Judi Bachner Dunn



This is a most beautiful site,I am a relative of the Conte family. They had a summer home here.  I have not been here since I was four years old.Today I am sixty one. However, I have never forgotten the natural beauty of this place, even though I haven't seen it since then. Believe it or not.

          When I see these wonderful photos, especially of Sherman's it is like I was there only yesterday. I don't know why, but I remember every detail of some of these photos as if it was
yesterday. Mom and Dad used to take us here every summer till we were four years old. Then, sadly, I have never seen Caroga Lake again.

I knew someday I would look up this beautiful place again though. I hope to someday come back there  for a visit, or perhaps two.

          Thank you so much for your wonderful site.



 Richard J Glass Jr.



Hi Tony, I love the way you describe things, places.....yes I can close my eyes an be on the camp porch looking across the lake to the mountains splashed with the fall colors palette reflecting in the still mirror of Canada Lake. Maybe the call of a loon will interrupt my reverie and break my dreamy stare, or the irritating squawk of a nearby jay jolt me back to reality..... The inherent peace and tranquility of just 'lake watching' was so soporific and it was a time when one though the you could hear God in the stillness of the scene. The magical mountains with the mist rising..... As I grow older I love being able to distill the memories and thoughts of today into a treasure chest of what is really important to me, before and now. I believe it
is a very good thing that in our youth, misspent or not, we never had too many serious thoughts! This rumination is best left to the golden agers! I feel so happy knowing I grew up in a kinder and gentler time and place... with unlocked doors, not much tv, no game boys, play outside after dark, double features by ourselves on Saturdays, and the sense of safety and security our homes and hometowns gave us. How lucky were we?

Judi Bachner Dunn



Hi Tony,

It was good to see you this summer tootlin' around the lakes in your electric car!


I just want to thank you for the hard work you have put into creating and maintaining this site.  It has brought immeasurable pleasure to so many of us!   THANKS!!


Ky (Carolyn Suffern) Johnson



Hello Tony,


My name is Bill Kollar.  I am originally from Johnstown but my wife and I currently live in the Town Of Caroga on the Beechridge Road near Royal Mountain.


I love the additions to your site.  I had visited it a few years back and enjoyed it very much then also.  I'm so glad that I took the time to visit it again.  What memories ! ! !


By any chance do you have any pictures of the "Old" Pine Lake Park that include shots of their midway and arcades?  I would love to see a few.


Thanks and keep up the good work. 



Ever Wonder ?






Tony may not know of me Jim Race class of '66 J.H.S. but I learned about this web site thru my mother Frances Lyons (Race)
and she learned about it at the senior citizens center at a computer class. The computer she swore up and down she didn't need.
Now I can't get her off of it at age 78 but keeps her mind active.  Anyway since I looked at the site I've passed it on to several
people including the class of '66/ Joey Caruso at WIZR who I hope will get the word out about your great web site. 

Thank you for sharing your knowledge so I could remember my past.   RACEY!!!!!    

P.S. used to deliver to Sherman's= Coca Cola
as well as Willies when I'd stop for lunch for hot dogs and a coke, never paid for the coke because Pete gave me a cold one if I
gave him a warm one off the truck. Also the roads to Piesco were dirt back then. Thanks again for the memories I have a ton.

Jim Race





I'm glad you keep adding to the Caroga Times....I just saw the
expanded bit on Sherman's, and it was really great....brings back a
ton of memories.

My grandparents (Louis and Mary Eppich) owned the camp at 5 Grove
Street (where Forest ends).  I spent all my childhood summers there,
in the late '40's thru the mid 50's.

Trixy, the monkey, was a fixture, as was Janet at the popcorn
stand.  There was a ride next to the carousel called "Snap-the-Whip"
that tore your teeth out, and the bumper cars were always fun.  And
the Penny Arcade, with the "money changer", was a good place to
hangout if someone left money (or some extra time) on the games.

Many thanks....

Chris Witze
Santa Fe, NM 



Hi Tony: I don't know where to start so I'll tell you that I was born on Clinton St. in 1922.  Moved to Frasier Ave. in 1928 then back down to Meadow St. In
1942 when I married.  I remember the Ermies, Costas, Marchettis Cocos, Vroomans. Burns, Joyces, Malatinos, Lucks,  Johannes, Mullins,  etc.

My parents (Ben and Gertrude Pierson) had a camp on the South Shore of W. Caroga so I am very familiar  with everything on your web-site. 


My brother Ben still lives on the South Shore road.  My husband (Bob Baker) and I moved away in1956 but came back to Johnstown and the lake
every year for many years. Thank you for the wonderful memories. 

Sincerely, Virginia Pierson Baker

PS:  I now live in Gulfport, Fl.




Thanks for the wonderful trip through memory lane!  I too used to enjoy Sherman's with my family as a child and straight through until I was around 18.  I recently drove there and got out of my car and strolled around with my two dogs at my side.  We had the whole place to ourselves -- it was very eerie.  Although the grounds were maintained, on this past Memorial Day not a soul was around.  The last I heard, George Abdella bought the place, but wasn't able to revive it to any successful extent.  Do you have any updated information on Sherman's as of 2008?  Do you know if anyone uses it for anything during the summer?  I would really enjoy hearing about it.


Thanks for your time,


Carol Blanchard Grzybowski



WOW   the best web site  I have ever been on. You took me through a remarkable journey , bringing to life some of the warmest childhood memories I've hade .  Now that most of my family  are gone I have only  the vague memories of summers at Caroga Lake .  My mom and her folks lived in Scotia and we would spend many  summers at Caroga Lake  in the early  sixties.  We had a decent sized house off a black tar rode that led to the lake.   Off of the main road I remember a grocery  store where we would buy  fresh doughnuts  .  Then  as we walked towards the Lake on the tar road  if you went left facing the lake I recall another grocery  store   .


We went to a part of the Lake with a nice beach  and a raft  quite far out there.  At 4  I was so proud of myself to be able to swim out there.  I hate to say  it but we would bring soap  down to the lake and take a bath  every now and then. 


Nights at Sherman's  .  I also remember on the way from Scotia  we stopped in Johnstown  at a diner type restaurant for strawberry shortcake  made with biscuits.


Wow   -  u triggered so many  good memories  .  I have to get back up there this fall.  Even remember my  grandmother having a small jar of skippies peanut butter on the small kitchen table  at camp .   Such a small jar  seemed to last  soooo long.


Thanks again  and if there were awards for web sites,  you'd  have my  vote.  Loved it


Chris Freudenrich


Mom  and grandparents  were Heidlauff. 



All I can say is wow.  The latest photo of the Grave Stone was so moving.  You are correct, the stone was beautiful and so touching.


Joe Chizek, Jr.




I've been looking at your site for about an hour now. You have my grandma and grampa on there a couple times, Millie and Bruce Busch. Also my dad, Harold Busch is a friend of Lil Joe...he is a nutty guy. I like the site, reminds me of home. Good job, and keep it up..I miss Caroga.
~Barbi Busch



I knew my grandma was in the post office, but when I read your site, I didn't know they actually owned the coffee shop. I thought that was pretty neat, and I also never knew Frank Sherman,

but I read that story, and it was good. I absolutely love Caroga, though I moved to Montana with my mom when I was 10, so I lived most of my childhood there, and it's so gorgeous, almost brought tears to see everything actually on the internet. It was unexpected to see Lil Joe there, I never knew he was into motorcycles, though I was boyfriend loves the old Indian, so I'm sure he and Joe would get along, ha. Thanks for putting up the site, I'll be sure to visit it again.



I am Steven Baird my father who just passed away in Saratoga Springs last month at age 87 William E Baird. Was born in Gloversville his father was President Of The Fulton Bank in Gloversville Leon Baird.


The Baird family has had a place on East Caroga right on the water next to the old Blackmon place (recently sold) . They were our next store neighbors.

 I remember the merry go round at  Sherman's as a child as I am 57 now . I remember hearing the Strauss waltzes being played while it was turning and looking out at the lake as it turned .I will take that memory to my grave. Leon provided the money to build that little amusement park at Pine Lake that is now just a memory. I  also remember the popcorn and the dance hall fondly.

It is sad that all good things turn to memories.

 Steve Baird



Went to school at Wheelerville back in the 50"s with Floyd.  Have some great memories of Caroga Lake.  We lived there on Fisher Road and I went through the 5th grade at Wheelerville before moving to Gloversville to be with my grandfather after my Grandmother died.

Henry Born




My name is Theo Maas. I am a cousin of Loesje. My father & Loesje's mother were brother and sister. When I came over from Holland in 1963, I stayed with my aunt & the family until I went to California. I am now living in Peekskill, New York.

Over the years I have thought about her often. When we were young in Holland, Loesje & I used to spend alot of time together with our oma in Amsterdam. Oma lived 2 streets away from my school & always wanted me to come over after school.

Last night I had a dream about Loesje & my wife went on the computer to see if she could find her and here we found your site and all the photos from the past. It touched my heart to see the old photos, it brought back such warm memories. I remember that her husband Henk was in the restaurant business before he managed the golf course. 

Is it possible to get in contact with Loesje? Or can you forward this message to her. I would very much like to get in touch with her and would deeply appreciate it if you could help.


Theo Maas





Hi Tony,


Just re-read your writings of Barbara McMartin and her husband.  What a fabulous job you did on this.

I never really got to know Barbara personally but did have the opportunity to talk with her when she was

writing a Town of Caroga book. There is a story in one of her Caroga books that speaks of my father and

a couple other men building a toboggan run at Green Lake years ago. It is sad that she had to leave so soon-

she possessed such talent.


You certainly have a knack for writing, Tony.  It didn't take long after getting into the story of Barbara, along

with the music and pictures, to know that this story very well belonged to Caroga Times. You probably haven't

given much thought to the numerous hours of pleasure you have given to so many people all over the country

that have a piece of Caroga in their hearts. It is a very sentimental and heartwarming journey to go back in

time through your stories of Caroga Times again and again. 


Thank you.





Hi Tony; I visit  your Web Site very often. I did not have a lot of exposure to Caroga , but enjoyed the time i did. Have a cousin Doris Gage  who has lives in North Bush for over 50 years. In  the early 50 I would visit her and her sisters at the state camp site. Around 1969 i would ride the Ferris Wheel  With a girl named Linda at night. I would give the operator some money and we would ride for 15 to 30 minutes in the moon light. I grew up on a dairy farm in Mayfield and was in the class of 1955.

Thanks Tony;

Donald Blowers Longwood Fl.




Tony......this is Jack Papa and I don't know if you remember me or not!....I had been told about your CAROGA LAKE TIMES many years ago. However, for whatever reason - I never got to view your great site.

 Just want you to know that I have a deep passion for Caoga Lake and sooo many fond memories of the late forties and early fifties up there. I still paddle east & west Caroga Lakes, and ride by on my bicycle, and pass by when going to do some cross country skiing. And I never am up there without a tear in my eye as I pass by - after all of these years. GGGGRRRREEEEAAATTTT memories.


And BTW - I not only enjoyed "ALL" the pics. but also the great music. Thank you for all of that. I will return to this site often....

Jack Papa


Hi Tony
I have writeen before every so often I go into the site to remember summers on the lake if I can find it I will share a photo with you of where our camp used to be. I love the fall picture thank yo for that since I did not get up that way this year. I hope to get up that way this winter which will be a first, since I was carried in by my great uncle to our camp to watch my dad and uncle shovel off the roofs of  the camp and garage. I remember Brownie I think I remember an old Jeep Wagon before the Scout. I could have the wrong person this person was at the begining of the South Shore Road on the left as you face the arch. I truly wish that someone could bring some of the old magic back. It was a magical place from the store to Sherman's. I remember the baker delivering some of the best chocolate half & half cookies I have ever had. The friendships that were made in those days last forever in your mind. Maybe not the face but what happened or an "adventure". As I said before we had a camp on South Shore Road aboutr half way down next to Meinhhold's camp. All the sign said was Fallis Yeates it was on a trout painted by my uncle who built the garage or should l say the second garage. The first one was built by Woodcraft from I believe Albany and it collapased during the first winter. My uncle built the one still standing. It is about 50 years old. So many memories so little time. Take care
Rick Falls
P.S. I can't find the picture I will send it as soon as I find it.


Hi, Tony --
Just checkin' in after a couple of years' absence. You and Caroga Times are a priceless resource, and I hope you're well and enjoying life. Our family enjoyed the Caroga area from the '60s through the '80s.
I've been corresponding recently with Richard Nilsen, the Town's new co-historian -- the subject being the photos and other materials that Barbara McMartin turned over to the Town after the completion of the "Caroga" book's update. I was mainly interested in any photos or other materials that might have been considered but unused in the "Artists and Writers Colony" segment of the book, which I find particularly interesting. He suggested that I check with you, as you probably used many of the same sources in putting together "Caroga Times" that Barbara did. Did you uncover any photos of that interesting bunch of people that didn't get into the book?
Thanks, and best regards.
Lou Raichle
DeLand, FL

I just received this incredible production from my cousin Dave Conant in California, who lived in Amsterdam and of course, knew that our whole family was smitten with Caroga Lake and environs during the 50's and 60's and beyond. We grew up in Johnstown and,the McMartin family was in our lives. My brother Luther has purchased almost all of Barbara's well as hiked her trails etc. Thank you so much for the memories...I haven't devoured this whole site yet, but will, and will keep it 'bookmarked'.!!
Sue (Conant) Young
Hobe Sound, Florida


I was born in Gloversville NY and went to Caroga Lake at a child; it was great. I also went to Pine Lake.
Thanks for keeping this place alive.
Mary Jaworski


Thanks for sharing such wonderful memories! They were great memories for me too! God bless!

  Arlene Knapp from Stratford, NY


Hi Tony,

Your site was sent to me several years ago. While I have “gone down memory lane’” several times, none so memorable as of today. I reside out of state, but return to the Finger Lakes each summer. While in NY, my sister and I visit our family graves in Gloversville each June. This past week, we took a ride to Caroga Lake, and were so sad to see the “for sale” sign on Sherman’s, and the poor condition of the buildings and beach areas. Being born in Gloversville, we spent almost every weekend during the summer at the lake, starting at Sherman’s for pancakes and chocolate milk, then on to popcorn and cotton candy. Sitting in our car, I swear I could still smell the aroma. I guess I must have been four or five, riding the merry-go-round, hanging on the pole of the horse, reaching for that ring. We moved to CT when I started school, so the age must have been pretty accurate. I could just imagine a child of that age being allowed today to even be on the horse, much less alone, reaching for the ring. We moved back to Schenectady in later years, and still begged our parents to go to Caroga Lake rather than Lake George, where our father wanted to go because he said the sun never shone in Gloversville. If we won, we had to put up with his complaining about the weather the entire time. It was worth it.

I will always treasure the fact that I can come back here from time to time. What a wonderful place for a child to have been able to experience, and what wonderful memories for this 68 year old woman to remember. Many thanks .

Bonnie Keck Walsh


Hi, Just revisited your site and will always remember the good times spent at Caroga Lake back in the 40’s and 50’s.
Family picnics, going on the rides and skating at the roller rink. You have done an amazing job bringing back all the memories of Caroga Lake!
Carole Gritzbach Jobe
Melbourne, Fl. (Formally from Schenectady)

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