Paul and Andrea being greeted by Grandma at Nestorest (6/23/03)

My son Paul and his bride, Andrea, were married in California on May 24, 2003, but we "woodchucks" decided it wasn't official until they were married in Caroga and honeymooned at Nestorest!

Note: For those of you who wonder how the name "woodchucks" came about. It's a name that Willie Mosconi called those who were permanent residents of the Town of Caroga, or those who had camps here for over 25 years. It wasn't, necessarily derogative, but who cares! :)

My cousin, Larry D'Alessandris (owner of Nestorest), prepares the couple for the wedding. He made a gorgeous bouquet and veil for Andrea and a woodchuck hat for Paul.


He even had the Town of Caroga blacktop Forrest Ave for the wedding! :)




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